Get yourself a good Body Lotion this winter!

Is not the most innovative title is it?

But it's straight to the point and that's what matters. Well at least sometimes when I am not feeling rather sarcastic.

Now I have very dry skin be it Summer or Winter. However in the Summer, if I use a lot of heavy duty moisturisers, my skin tends to break out so its only when the chilly wind hits town, can I soak my body into luxurious body lotions and potions.

My current favourite is the Ahava Mineral Body Lotion. As you can perhaps read on the bottle itself, it has ingredients sourced directly from the Deadsea which are apparently miraculous for the beautification and nourishment of the skin.

I personally love to slather this over freshly shaved arms and legs and it works a treat over sensitive skin as well. The hydration it provides is deeply nourishing however without any tacky residue or stickiness, just a nice sheen of moisturised skin is what can be seen all day.

Oh and not to forget it softens those poor, ignored knees, heels and elbows quite well too. I like how its moisture holding capacity is long lasting so you don't need to reapply often.

The scent of this is quite light making it a family favourite. Would make a perfect stocking filler or a naughty treat for yourself although it's quite reasonably priced at £22 for 250ml.



Jane (Now Milla) Maddern Skincare

Now called Mila Maddern, I have some gorgeous Bath & Body things from her range that remind me so much of Liz Earle products that I have tried previously.

Clean and light in formula, they are nicely hydrating, work effectively at cleansing and foaming and smell absolutely delicious with hints of warm and comforting orange blossom.

My favourites from what I have tried out are the Vitality Body Wash and the Harmony Hand Cream. The Hand Cream because it has Sandalwood and Manuka Honey, two of my favourite ingredients in it. The Body Wash on the other hand is quite the opposite. With its lively scent of fresh Jasmine and Bergamot, it's just what I need to get me up and running after a hot shower in the morning.

The balance of Lavender and Geranium in the Sensuality Body Cream is very relaxing on a stressed day as it works at easing off the stress and calming and unwinding the sense. I quite like to keep this one on the bed side and use it during evening and before bed as that's what it works best for me.

The Sensuality Handwash is another of their products that scores a perfect ten mostly due to its charming scent. This one's more a woody, rose scent that is not too sickening and sweet. Something that most women will find feminine and pleasing to the hands and the senses.

Overall, I love the Milla Maddern range of Bath & Body products just as much as my Liz Earle ones. I believe these are slightly reasonably priced than Liz Earle so you might want to give this a go if you're looking for a good British brand, products from whom smell like a spa or aromatherapy and are hydrating and packed with the goodness of Manuka Honey.


Love bath time?

Me too!

Then you'll love these products.

I have been indulging in some pampering, 'me time' via some lovely warm baths recently and I have to say it works miraculously relaxing stressed muscles and rejuvenating the senses. Plus, baths and winter go together somehow don't they?

Anyhoo, my favourite combination of products to use during a bath are the Shiffa Energising Body Oil, Lush Christmas Wonder and Rituals Calming Bed & Body Mist.

Coming to Christmas Wonder by Lush first, it's meant to be used as a pre party prep I believe and I absolutely love the colour it turns my bath into, an ocean blue with golden shimmers however the scent of this is quite crisp and fresh for a product that has the name 'Christmas' in it. 

Besides that, it is superbly moisturising and you get away without a proper shower after indulging in this. It is so moisturising and left my skin velvety soft. Not the best out there from Lush but do check it out. 

Aaah this is made for spoiling the body as it's warm and peppery scent is sure to lift up any mood. A little goes a long way from this pricey gem of a bottle and again, it's superbly hydrating, calming and energising. 

It defies the purpose of the bath when the tub smells delicious and anything outside it smells of you know what I mean, a typical bathroom, damp. Spraying this generously all over while the water is running makes sure to turn the bathroom into a Rituals spa room. The scent actually reminds me of spas and it cannot get better can it?

A room mist would do to if you don't have this but it's an important step in creating a comforting environment.

I don't like myself candles in the bath, not sure why hence they're not included in this post. A glass of non-alcoholic malt and a good rom-com read by Lindsey Kelk is a must :)


Liz Earle Signature Foundation 'Biscuit'

I have been using this baby since a week now and loved how its texture is so silky and lightly whipped that I had to let you guys know.

It reminds of my uber favourite Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 hour minus the breakouts it causes me. It's not as full coverage as Teint Idole but it's still buildable and the ease of blendability is just like Lancome.

Use your fingers, a standard foundation brush, flat top buffing brush or a beauty blender, its fool proof and you just cannot go wrong with it!

It provides a natural, skin like glow on initial application, then drying off to a comfortably velvety matte finish that stays on for longer. 

It's more suitable for those with Combination/Oily skin type rather than very dry. Having said that, those with Normal/Dry skin can easily pull it off without it feeling like mask on the skin. 

I have the shades No.4 Almond and No. 5 Biscuit in my possession, unfortunately both too tanned for my NC30 pale winter skin tone. I think No.3 Nude would be perfect if you're NC30 and want to purchase this. No.4 Almond I found to be a NC35ish with slightly cooler undertones like pink and No. 5 Biscuit was NC35/40 with warmer, golden undertones. 

Regardless, it's going to be a staple in my holiday travel bag (I'm going Spain in a few days!) due to its ease of application, light weight feel on the skin and the beautiful golden tones shot through it. Great for battling the winter blues eh?

Unlike other brands, Liz Earle has made surely me happy by going darker and catering for women of colour in the nine foundation shades that she has brought out but if you're pale, I cannot see anything besides the first three shades suiting you. 

Just for that matter, Liz Earle offers free return of their Foundation via post if you're not happy with the colour or in store and that too hassle free, without annoying questions. 


Neom Sensuous Reed Diffuser

I love the recent trend of diffusers that have overtaken brands since a while. I never use to care about them before and preferred my trusty Neom scented candle or room mists but these Reed Diffusers by Neom are gorgeous when you have kids around, want to avoid mishaps or just want something scenting the room continuously and naturally without worrying about it at all.

Especially for places like a office, work station at home or a spacious bathroom, these are the perfect alternative to other fragrance diffusers that need constant refilling. If you have ever wondered how these work without igniting them is because reed is a porous substance with many other straw like sticks between every single stick, absorbing liquid through their numerous nodes from the bottom to the top and then releasing it gradually in the room.

What's particularly great is that the essential oils in Neom's Reed Diffusers are of the highest quality and all natural hence absorbing better into the sticks and last much longer than synthetic fragrances. This particular one namely 'Sensuous' is quite a rich and warm blend, comfortably apt for the Autumn/Winter, relaxing and romantic at the same time, without being too overpowering.

It goes without saying that the beautiful glass bottle makes a nice home decor item on its own, killing two birds with one stone! I have tried placing a few of these reed sticks in my wardrobe as well and the scent there is delicious as it stays closed for longer.


Winter Fragrances: DKNY Golden Delicious Intense

It has to be a Golden Delicious day for me to wear to this baby.

It's a warmer, more intense version of the original one and I seem to like it much more for this time of the year besides its upbeat and crisp aura. Without doubt it leans more towards the floral and fruity (hence the name) side of things than the musky, woody notes.

I can smell the refreshing apple and orange blossom notes quite prominently on initial application after which it dries down to a dreamy mix of sweet fruity and earthy, woody scent.

Top Notes: Orange Flower Water, Mirabelle, Golden Delicious Apple 
Heart Notes: White Rose, Casablanca Lily, Vanilla Orchid 
Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Teakwood

If you have difficulty in finding a new scent for this season and if all smell the same to you, give this a sniff as it surely stands out in the crowd. Unlike other winter fragrances, it smells clean and fresh, reminding one of the long summer days yet is sensual and warm, to adapt appropriately amidst the bitter cold and hot chocolate.

It's one of those scents that's not overpowering but still manages to gather compliments. It's quite pleasant and yummy and something you'd want to keep reapplying through out the day.

As you can see, I have nothing negative to say about this fragrance as DKNY has got everything spot on with this one from the classy bottle to the scent that many can call their signature one in a jiffy.