Clinique Chubby Stick 'Voluptuous Violet'

Is what I am wearing above and has been my favourite and by that I mean I-will-not-wear-anything-but-this on my lips kinda favourite since the past week. 

They Chubby Sticks are addictive I tell you. Just like Coke and Starbucks. One you have one, you want to try more. Because it's termed as a lip balm as well and it is super hydrating I have to admit, you don't feel guilty or vain topping it up all day. 

Especially as it only adds a tint of colour, I have managed to apply it mirror-less quite a few times without drawing all over my face!

I am not sure what's with this particular colour to be honest. I am definitely not a purple-lip kinda girl at all. But this isn't full on purple as you can probably tell. It's a blue toned berry pink with a dash of purple shot through it for that stained effect. 

Winter's also helping me pull of it off quite comfortably and to love it even more. I am hugging it right now believe you me. 

I wouldn't say it's very long lasting but as I said the result is a glossy, hydrated lip with a deep berry stain that's fresh and perfect for this season. It wears off nicely too leaving a uniform hint of colour behind. 

My verdict: Get it now. You have no idea what you're missing!


NATorigin Loose Powder Foundation in Dune

I usually don't get on with Powder Foundations, especially loose mineral formula's at all. Their coverage does nothing for me, they enlarge my pores and dry out the skin. I have to admit however that I was a huge mineral powder foundation fan when I started out with make-up initially and this does bring back memories.

The NATorigin Powder Foundation comes in 4 shades which I believe should cater a vast variety of skin tones. I am the darkest shade available in their range namely Dune. However I could have gotten away with a few shades lighter as this is a tad bit tanned for my NC30 skin tone at present.

It's a gorgeous dusky shade if you're looking to recreate that warm glow from the summer. Regarding pigmentation, it provides just the right amount of colour to make you feel you have your face on when you leave home. Having said that, it feels almost non-existent on the skin without any sign of cakiness at all.

I like how it's satin finish leaves a glow on the face alongside curbing the oily areas at the same time. Due to is hydrating ability, mattifying the oily t-zone is not its speciality as I found oil does seem to peep out at the end of the day hence requiring a touch up.

The good news is that its suitable for sensitive skin with allergies so it hasn't broken us (me and my sister have been giving this a go!) out at all.

Due to its moisturising and soothing properties that deliver a slightly dewy finish, I'd say its more suitable for those with dry to normal skin types who either like a light to medium finish or want that 'no make-up' make-up look.

Especially as winter's almost here (Hello Starbucks red cups!), you'd want to incorporate such hydrating products in your make-up regime that are good for conditioning the skin.



Bare Minerals 'Ready Luminizer' launches today

Available in 2 shades namely a shimmering yellow and a warm nude pink, the innovative cold pressed, baked mineral Illuminator/Highlighter is the latest offering from Bare Minerals, all set to hit the counters in stores today.

From what I can understand, it contains ingredients such as positively charged sea minerals, antioxidants and kiwi seed oil which makes it extremely hydrating and soothing for the skin, particularly in the winter months or if you are one of those people who cannot seem to get on with chalky powders that exaggerate pores. 

The formula of this is almost creamy hence its ability to blend into the skin is beautiful. It doesn't sit on top of the skin but instead absorbs in like a foundation, radiating a candle lit glow from within. I however found fingers to be the best way to melt the product into the skin. 

Having said that, its equally pigmented and quite high in the glam factor making a versatile product to build on for night out as well as for subtle use during the day. 

Bare Minerals describe it as a shimmering warm nude pink. It is that of course but I like to call it a rose gold shade for simplicity. It is warm yet feminine and perfect for those who dislike overtly silvery or stark white Illuminators.

Kudos to the brand for skipping on such unnatural shades and introducing ones that will actually flatter real skin tones.

Retailing for £26, it is a tonne of product hiding under that slim compact and surely worth trying out if you have been looking for a warm pink, hydrating highlighter.



Amie Skincare - for young, oily/combination skin

The skincare created by a mother especially for complicated, teenage skin just cannot go wrong! It is obviously free from all the harsh chemical nasties and is naturally sourced where possible, making it as simple as it can be for skin that's changing constantly.

I quite like how the range is priced so sensibly and quite reasonably than other skincare giants in drugstores. Being in school, college or at your very first internship, no one wants to spend a fortune on skin care, I know I sure didn't. I have tried drugstores own brand products as well which are priced reasonably but found this worked better in comparison.

Claiming that its particularly formulated for oily-combination skin type is a huge claim in its own as it reduces the task of trial and error. The two Moisturisers in Amie are simply all one needs, one for slightly more mature skin the 20's with the added SPF and all that jazz and a matte finish one with anti bacterial properties for young skin in teens. Both of them sink into the skin providing just the right amount of hydration, keeping oil and bay and leaving skin velvety soft without any greasy residue.

I particularly liked the Exfoliator and the Creamy Face Wash though. This is a soap free, moisturising one with cocoa butter and almond oil to restore stripped skin of its moisture alongside elderflower and orange blossom to decongest and tone the skin. The thick texture is reminiscent of the hot cloth cleanser formulas but is less heavy than them and is great for a morning pick me up. The Radiant Dawn Exfoliator is absolutely refreshing with Blueberry seed and non abrasive micro beads that get rid of all the make-up in the evening and leave skin supple and refreshed.

I cannot stand oily cleansers for the eyes so the Bright Eyes one by Amie is my current favourite. It gets everything off without much hassle, be it eye liner, mascara of eye shadow. I found it didn't work very well with water proof mascara but that's mascara's for you!

Overall, I'm impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of Amie Skincare and you shall be seeing these products in monthly favourite posts to come as well.



Burberry Beauty 'Vintage Gold' Christmas Collection

I think this is my favourite Christmas collection amongst all Beauty brands hands down. I have a soft spot for Burberry any way as no matter how much of an alter-ego diva I might think I am, it's only chic neutrals that I sport on a daily basis. Albeit on the pricier side, it's amazing how much use I get out of Burberry products as they are so easy to wear with such wonderful formulas.

Their 'Vintage Gold' Christmas collection unlike the over the top Dior one is quite subtle yet festive at the same time. Featuring the Beauty Charm in Cameo Pink (LE), Lip Glow in Vintage Gold (LE) and six Complete Eye Palettes, the collection is actually something that's worth wearing during the festive season without looking like a clown!

The Complete Eye Palettes, especially the ones in the bottom row are absolutely drool worthy don't you think? The soft khaki's, rich burgundy's and dreamy hues of caramel make my heart melt. Available in stores from November, are you all set to ready, steady, go? 


Charles Worthington 'Salon Secrets' at home

Can you see light bouncing off my hair? 

Well, that's exactly what these products have done to it. I am a convert! 

I have put to test two products from the newly launched Charles Worthington Salon at Home products namely the Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer and the Diamond Shine Gloss Treatment to test for the past two weeks and have been more than satisfied with the results achieved. 

Starting with my favourite of the two, the Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer which is an overnight, deep conditioning hair treatment that works at strengthening and reinforcing the structure of damaged hair and split ends and making them look all lush after a quick wash in the morning. What I loved about the product was how it was absolutely non sticky which not only helped keep the pillows stain free but also allowed me to keep the product in my hair for longer without it feeling all weighed down. 

The end result was drastically effective as after one use, the ends of my hair felt more 'alive' and reinforced instead of dead and just hanging down there without any bounce and structure. There was definitely more shine and strength in them, as if I had just had a hair cut. I love my thicker ends and shall surely be using this once weekly to see how the results are in a few months time. 

The Diamond Shine Gloss Treatment on the other hand I am not quite sure about to be honest. It's meant to replicate like one of those gloss treatments you have for £30 or so at the salon where they massage a 'secretive' product in your hair for a few minutes, dry it with a blow dryer so it penetrates the hair properly and then wash it off within 10-15 minutes. 

First of all, it felt slightly tacky when applied to the hair. Of course this shouldn't be a problem if applied in the shower but I guess I tried to apply it as a leave in conditioner and it made my hair a bit starchy. The end result as well wasn't significant enough in my opinion or perhaps the Overnight Hair Healer's brilliancy is clouding my judgement on this. Nonetheless, a decent product if you are looking to infuse back shine into lifeless, very dry hair and it's surely more affordable than a trip to the salon!

I'd highly recommend checking out other products from CW's salon at home 'Intensive' range as they are definitely high quality products living up to their claim. Available to view at the Charles Worthington website and can be purchased at Boots. 


I Heart Fall: Nails

Now that everyone's doing these cute little tags every where on YouTube, I thought I'll do a little version of my own but instead of one long post, it will be divided in different parts such as my favourite fall nail polishes, drinks, accessories and so on.

Not sure why but I decided to start with Nails! I took this picture a couple of days before when I was deciding what to paint my nails with and very obviously these are the Autumnal shades of my choice.

Of course the typical pattern of deep plums, sumptuous purples and vampy reds dominate with an exception of a gloomy grey, taupe and indigo amongst it.

My two very contrasting favourites in the season of crisp yellow leaves and delicious Starbucks drinks is this shimmery, blackened aubergine number by Zoya and Orly's Decoded that reflects the coming winter months in London just perfectly! 

Jokes apart, these two are gorgeous if you can get your hands on them. The Orly one, albeit an unusual choice for Autumn, is quite a chic option for when you don't want to wear red or plums. 

Another lush looking nail paint that contains Autumn and this entire period of coziness, festivities, comfort and beautiful weather all in one is this creamy plumish-purple by Star Gazer. It applies so well and is a very flattering shade too. 

What are your fall favourites when it comes to nails? I'd love to know so I can have a reason to indulge in more.