*New* Clinique Chubby Stick 'Intense' - Plushest Punch

As of mid November, the cult-favourite lip staple in every other girl's wardrobe shall be available in 8 new 'Intense' shades. Quite a clever move considering that people tend to opt for more pigmented shades in the colder months as it's easier to get away in the dark than the glaring sunlight!

Plus the festive season definitely calls for new lip shades every day and with these easy to smack on range of colours, it makes the task a tad bit easier. I can also see them being very appropriate for the office as although the shade range leans a bit towards deeper pinks and rich reds, they are much more comfortable to wear than regular lipsticks, smudging less and requiring fewer touch ups.

I have 'Plushest Punch' in my grubby little hands which I feel is not that much of a unique colour. Quite been there done that shade of a warm yet bright pink with a slight hint of red shot through it. I like the fact that for a change it does not have blue under tones to it as I was kind of sick of sporting them. 

It's easy to wear, quite feminine and festive yet prominent on the lips. I however have my eyes on a deep dusky rose and a caramely shade from these new formulations. They look so beautiful, you have to check them out!

As expected, the intense formulation calls for more pigmentation. It's actually more pigmented than I expected really and one can get away with just a tint of it on the lips during daytime or a full on application from the bullet for the evening. 

The formula glides on dreamily, feels lush on the lips and has a nice glossy finish to it. Not in your face glossy but as if your lips are thoroughly hydrated.

Retailing for the same price tag of £16 as the original Chubby Sticks, I'd recommend investing in these if you want more value for money. Having said that, liking my lips to look understated, I'd still prefer the original Chubby Sticks for their sheer finish and the super fun shades that you just cannot go wrong with. 


Living Nature Illuminating Tint

Is my Illuminator of choice this season. Now that winter's here and the central heating is on 24/7, it is very likely to suck all the moisture of the skin but worry not as to banish those winter blues, Soft lights Illuminating Tint works like a cupcake on a bad day :)

It's so soft and dreamy to blend. I adore its modern texture, quite like a foundation really. Initially I thought it resembled MAC's Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation but then I changed my mind as that's a bit thicker than this.

The texture of this is silky and quite watery which makes it highlight and brighten the skin naturally. It resembles Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter to quite an extent. Perhaps like a mix of the shades Opal and Topaz. The shade I have namely 'Evening Glow' would suit anyone darker than NC30 or otherwise its likely to make you look slightly tanned.

The liquid appears a tanned golden colour on dispensing from the bottle but once patted into the skin and blended well, it's a striking champagne shade with very finely milled silver particles that reflect light beautifully bouncing back a gorgeous sheen.

Another reason I love this more compared to my other highlighters is how it blends so well without disturbing
any product under it. Also, you cannot tell where it starts and ends which is another sign of a good illuminator.

Overall, two thumbs up!

It's the perfectly formulated modern 21st century highlighter and is versatile enough to be used under foundation, mixed with moisturiser or mixed with foundation for that candle light glow.

I have used this on its own over moisturiser as well and the effects are just as stunning.



Teary eyed? NATorigin's 98.5% natural Mascara is the answer

I was recently doing make-up for my aunt whilst she hurriedly got ready for a wedding, when her eyes started watering like there was no end! We tried tilting the head back and sniffing and a heap of tissues and cotton buds later, the tearing finally stopped leaving her face with runny mascara smudges and her lovely eye liner ruined as well.

Moral of the story? The Mascara I used on her wasn't bad. I love it in fact. It's the newest one that GOSH has brought out and whenever I wear it I always get compliments on how I'm wearing false lashes. The point is one size doesn't suit all when it comes to Mascara's especially as it is one product that is applied ever so close to the delicate eye area.

For all those of you who tear by the thought of Mascara, NATOrigin has brought out a Lengthening One. What's brilliant is that the brand swears by abiding to the highest possible standards to beat sensitivity to cosmetic products hence the Mascara is made up of 98.5% natural ingredients and is the only brand approved by Allergy UK.

The Mascara tube itself is very slim and slick looking, nothing fancy. But I do like the skinny brush it comes with as it's just perfect for application.

When you think of natural Mascara, a very wet formula comes in mind with a natural application. This on the other hand delivers substantially darker and longer lashes. It dries out to a slightly crisp finish, albeit not flaky. Although the formula is wet and buildable, it holds the curl quite well as you can see in the pictures.

For me, the Mascara darkens, curls and lengthens enough to be daytime favourite.

If you have any other products that are great for sensitive eyes, do let me know in the comments below.

Available in brown, blue and green, the Lengthening Mascara is available for £13.50 from natorigin.co.uk.


Like masculine scents? This one's for you!

Molton Brown Pink Pepper Eau Fraiche starts off warm, woody and citrusy

After a minute or so, the citrusy notes of tangerine are still prominent but not as sharp as they start warming up with the spicy ginger (my favourite scent!) and the sweet cistus flower

The dry down in fact has no hint of citrusy notes at all, at which point it slowly shifts to the masculine fragrance category, in a good way. The very last hint of 'girliness' shall we say seems to have evaporated leaving a spicy and musky yet sensual scent lingering around.

Molton Brown describes this as spicy, humid and sensual. I would say it's all that and energising and comforting at the same time. Its not long lasting at all but the reasonably priced bottle leaves scope for another purchase without the thought of it making a hole in the wallet. 

It's definitely not a generic scent that's going to be universally loved so not something you would pick up as a present for someone who you're not sure will like it.

But if you are tired of sickly, sweet, floral scents and want a seasonal upgrade or more variety in your fragrance wardrobe, surely check out the Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod range where Molton Brown have introduced three new products namely the Eau Fraiche, a Body Scrub and a Scented Candle. Umm I already have my eyes on the delicious sounding candle!

Hello Kitty at Superdrug! Look. Gasp. Faint.

Since when has this collection been in Superdrug? How did I ONLY see it today? Answer me someone!

If you guys cannot understand my melodrama its because you're not a Hello Kitty fan and a resident of the UK at the same time. Those of you who don't know, we hardly get any Hello Kitty beauty 'things' in this country at all compared to other Asian countries as well as the USA.

Apparently Superdrug has taken the task to banish the non-existence of Hello Kitty by introducing an exclusive collection to the store for the winter. I am not lying but I have my eyes on literally every single thing besides the eye lashes perhaps as I am not brilliant at applying them.

The Mascara, Lipsticks and Nail Paints are on the top of my wish list and with the affordable price they are retailing at, I think I need my grubby little hands on them very, very soon. You can rub your overpriced and always out of stock Hello Kitty collection all over you face MAC. This one's in fact more classier with its white packaging.


Batiste Graffiti

It's not the best brand of dry shampoo out there to be honest. There's Fish, Tresemme and Boots that do better ones apparently without leaving a white haze but I don't care as Batiste is the only one I have got along with since the past few years. The others I find overtly strong or just too mild for my liking. Even with the added task of brushing away those white bits, I'd prefer Batiste over any other simply because it's so accessible, cheaper than chips (well not chips but say a burger?) and does the effort of bringing to us delicious new scents every month alongside funky packaging. The Graffiti one as the name suggests is quite cool and edgy looking and I've always been a fan of such prints so it's a staple on my dresser currently. Secondly, the scent is a perfect amalgamation of fruity and woody notes that aren't too overpowering to leave you in a sneezing fit each morning (Hello Fish Dry Shampoo!).

Especially as the colder months arrive, constantly washing of hair can be damaging to the roots causing the skin on the scalp to dry out and flake as well the ends, leading to more split ends. If you're obsessed with squeaky clean and voluminous hair like me, learn to fake it with Batiste.



Ted Baker Nail Duo's

Named quite cutely as the Blue Moon, Cherry Bomb and Golden Girl respectively, I have seem to fallen instantly in love at first sight with these Nail Duo sets by Ted Baker that we shall soon see spread across all Boots and Ted Baker stores retailing at £8.50 each for the party season. 

With the complicated cracking, magnetic and velvet manicure trends dominating the industry at present, I quite like myself the sweet and simple shades like these that will never go out of trend. Just add a splash of glitter on top for that oomph factor!



Sienna X Cream to Powder Bronzer & Illuminator

Tell me there's at least a few of us on the planet who haven't bought the Chanel Bronze Universal or whatever fancy name it's called yet?

If you're the sensible one who didn't cave into an unreasonably huge pot of glass with a dark cream foundation poured into it, then there's good news for you as Sienna X, the king of self tanning, have just bought out a very decent cream bronzer that also comes along with an illuminator and retails for around £20.

There you go Chanel. More product, less money. In. Your. Classy. Face.

The packaging looks more beautiful in person. The swivel top just won my heart. It's just so chic looking and compact that I want to carry it out with me but don't have a reason to. Who top's up bronzer and illuminator mid day eh?

If you are done drooling on the packaging, then there's more to it then its looks. The formulation of the product itself is quite dry and as the name suggests, with an intention of turning to a powder finish on coming in contact with the skin. Having said that, it's perfectly emollient to allow effortless blending, quite comparable to that of its Chanel counterpart.

I like how it sets to a powder finish however as that way there's no need to set it with powder. A matte finish makes sure it lasts longer and doesn't budge which is exactly what it does.

Regarding the shades themselves, I quite like the iridescent champagne highlighter as it lights up areas of the face quite effectively. I just wished it was a tad bit more creamier so it could reflect light better.

As for the Bronzer shade, it has slight red/chocolately undertones to it which also makes it a gorgeous, subtle blusher for the winter to mimic a winter tan. Besides the undertones, it brings out cheekbones and slims down the face just like the Bronze Universal, albeit more prominently. 

Just because the two are stacked together, I any day prefer this for its sheer convenience and as I don't have a cream bronzer I love more. 

Available at sienna-x.co.uk for £25, I definitely recommend checking it out especially if you feel powders are drying for the colder months about to greet us.