Love animal print?

Then you'll love this Safari Chic collection by Japonesque.

Japonesque is an increasingly popular range of beauty tools and are know to make particular good quality and pro MUA brushes. Now I haven't used their pro brushes before but these travel sized brushes give an indication of how lovely they must be.

I am not an animal print lover to clear things up hence I just cannot be biased towards these. But I just cannot understand how anyone can hate this print on brush hairs? It's just so cutely and strategically done that it doesn't look over the top. The uniqueness of it ticks all the boxes for me as I don't have any coloured bristles in my brush collection until I got my hands on this one.

Even if we keep the print aside which is something very subjective, the quality of these is fabulous considering they are travel sized. The hairs are densely packed and so lush on the skin, you won't stop touching them. There is very little shedding but I am not really bothered about that. 

As for application, I keep the tiny powder brush in my make-up bag that I carry around with me everyday. It's great for powder and blusher touch ups and not to forget, for flaunting amongst the ladies who'll keep staring at it with awe! 

The eye brushes work well for eye shadows as well as concealing. My favourite however is the bronzer brush aka the kabuki. It's softer than any brush you must have ever tried and gives the MAC one a run for its money retailing at £20.

Available at HQ Hair, I'd definitely recommend checking them out for their sheer cuteness!


Sponsored Video: Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks

Who loves Kate Moss? *both hands up*

I don't know much about the Lady besides that her roots are in Croydon, UK and the first Lipstick she ever used was from Rimmel. Well, whose wasn't eh? I remember loving one particular shade from their range that I never shared with anyone (you're not supposed to anyway!) and was shattered when it ran out as I couldn't trace it anywhere.

Apart from that I am always mesmerised by how the now 38 year model has been dominating the cover pages of beauty magazines since the 90's when she was a rage. Her innocent and ageless face with those seductive eyes and pout create a never ending aura around her.

Just for the Winter, the puppy eyed supermodel has collaborated with high street favourite Rimmel yet again to create 5 beautiful striking matte shades with slick red packaging flaunting her signature in black. This September apparently also marked 10 years of Rimmel and Kate Moss working together!

Coming back to the lip shades, I have my eyes on two gorgeous shades for the winter, a rich magenta with a hint of purple dashed through it and a dusky nude mauve. I haven't tried the previous one's from the range but I have heard a lot of people raving about how deliciously smooth and velvety they are on the lips.

Considering how I'm so into lipsticks right now, these surely deserve a try for £5.49 each and as they are easily available at almost all high street retailers since 3rd October, it's also hard not to resist seeing them pop up everywhere. If you're on a budget and want to update your make-up for the Autumn/Winter, lippies are the way to go. I'd suggest opting for the darkest purple and a bright orange from this range as that way you can experiment with bolder shades without breaking the bank.

Would like to get your hands on these beauts? Glamour Magazine will be running a competition from 19th on their website where they'll be giving away £150 worth of goodies to one freaking lucking winner, who I'll be really envious of. Fingers crossed it's me as I'll be entering for sure.

*This post has been sponsored by Rimmel. Ramblings are my own. 


Winter Fragrances: Liz Earle No 15

This one's a special one. I absolutely adored the first fragrance Liz Earle came up with. It was so alive and fresh, albeit citrusy which is not one of my favourite scents, it was still so different and likable. I reserve that one for the Summer however. 

This one's completely different and on the other end of the spectrum. All things sweet, sexy, feminine, musky and woody can be associated with it. It's apparently meant to mimic the scent of the skin, when you naturally smell nice. I wouldn't say it's exactly like skin but it's quite sexy. Having said that, it's not overpowering or heady that one would reserve it for the evenings. It's an elegant and grown up fragrance for those who like notes like Vanilla, Sandalwood, Rose, Patchouli, Cedarwood and so on. 

The packaging is simply stunning. I like how Liz has kept it classy and white. The texture of the bottle is so smooth and velvety, it's hard to put a finger on what material it is. It comes housed in a sturdy cardboard box which tells the reader a little bit about the fragrance, what its meant to represent and the number of ingredients and notes that it's made up of. 

If you are someone who likes to strike a balance between elegant and sexy, feminine and girly, sweet and musky, then this is it. It's one of those scents that's universally likeable and something no one will dislike.

Besides that, it's also eco friendly as 90% of its ingredients are derived naturally. Its earthy, warm and comforting aura makes it a perfect candidate for the coming Winter months or even as a treat for someone during the holiday season!

It is slightly pricey at £45 for 50ml but honestly worth every penny spent.


Complexion enhancers

Best yet underated complexion enhancers, Moisturiser. Exfoliator. Primer. Illuminator.

What do they do? Improve or better 'enhance' the appearance of the skins texture and colour. Great for bad skin days in particular. I find my skin kinda 'loses it' when moving between seasons and exactly that has been happening recently when it's dry, flaky, dehydrated and lustre lacking.

1. Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser for Dry Skin. It could have broke me out considering that I have combination skin but it didn't. I guess it's more to do with the time of the year when my skin's more normal/dry than the opposite. Regardless, I find Organic Surge's Moisturiser's are always toned down a little that what it says on the box. They always play it safe. For instance, it it's for very dry skin, it will still absorb straight into the skin without feeling heavy or looking tacky. It's a lush, cold cream like texture in a heavy glass jar and for the price, something I am likely to repurchase. Give it a try to balance out parched skin without overloading it with product.

2. Glamglow Exfoliating Mudmask. It is overpriced but it's surely not overhyped. It is a very abrasive yet effective exfoliator and you see it actually resurfacing the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells. That's half the work done when you have fresh skin that's radiant and glowing. The exfoliating particles it has in it are quite chunky and rough which I believe make sure they give a thorough cleanse to the skin. Containing volcanic ash, crushed green tea leaves and french sea clay, it is a stunner at leaving skin velvety soft and pores like they have been photoshopped. 

3. So once I have my skin all brand new and radiant after using the above two gems, I resort to my favourite primers of all times, Smashbox Photo Finish Light. This one's 60% water based and completely oil free meaning it's perfect for combination/oily skin types. Having said that, it doesn't leave my skin tight and absolutely matte is what I love about it. It leaves skin natural, like how it's meant to be, soft and supple just more smoothed out and blurring out imperfections. It's oil absorbers work beautifully as I don't see any shine peeping throughout the day. It's bizarrely hydrating at the right places and mattifying in the t-zone. I love the tube and it's perfect for travel with so much product squeezed into it. I did not believe in primers before trying this out to be honest and have my eyes on the hydrating primer from their range now. Must try!

4. MeMeMe Angels with Halos Skin Illuminator is my favourite skin highlighter recently. It's one of the very few liquid illuminators out there that glide on to the foundation without disturbing it at all. It's a champagne peach shade which is a refreshing and flattering change from the deep golden or the stark silver ones. The shade mimics the shade of my skin without looking fake. It hasn't got golden or silver iridescence to it, in fact a multi coloured one that changes based on how and where light hits it. It can be comfortably worn before foundation as well to give the complexion a kick and because it's nicely hydrating and easily blendable, I can get away with it without it turning out patchy. A huge tube for the price it retails at and another great product by MeMeMe. 

I'd love to know if you have any special products that save your complexion when moving between seasons. 


September Glossybox - Fit for the runway then?

So Septembers Glossybox was apparently inspired by the London Fashion Week going on at that time and to give a heads up to new and upcoming brands and products that were fit for a glossy mane and radiant skin, all you need to look fabulous on the ramp.

I like how it's not make-up focused as colour is subjective based on what the designer has in mind and what's considered 'in' for the season by them. The box concentrated on hair and skin which I quite like.

My favourite product has to be the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. It's nice and moisturising and it's always great to try out eye creams without having to spend a fortune on the full size which might not work for you.

The Argan Oil treatment by Maghrabian Oil is my second favourite in the box. It's so delicious to use slathered all over the hair, without making it greasy or limpy. I'd however reserve it as an overnight treatment,  so I can work more product into the hair without any worry. I can feel it penetrating through the hair and making them stronger and healthier instead of just giving an overlay of shine.

In fact I wasn't very impressed with the samples popped into the box, purely because I didn't seem to get along with them due to personal choice. The Rodial Mask was rubbish. Firstly too little product to cover my entire face and secondly it didn't do much for my skin at all. Was simply average.

I am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan but the perfume was a disappointment to me. It doesn't smell bad or offensive but quite like a lot of fragrances lingering around in the Selfridges beauty hall. Coming from the wackiest women of all times and all the hoopla surrounding it, I'd expect it to be nothing but different. On the other hand, it's merely an evening fragrance that most people would like. Not quite a Gaga trait is that?

The Vichy illuminating and hydrating, baby pink moisturiser is another one that you should check out. It's so fluffy and soft and works beautifully with mostly all skin types. Vichy products are never a fail!

My only complaint. Lots of other people received humongous bottles of the latest 'oil' by L'oreal in their boxes. Where's mine! :( Besides that, the team seem to have done a good job at creating a runway inspired box.