Winter Fragrances: DSquared2 Potion for Women

Colder months call for warm, fuzzy and comforting scents surrounding us in our snoods and jumpers with a hot cuppa. I love to play around with scents during this time of the year and layering becomes inevitable when you have a good collection in your possession. The Winter Fragrance series on the blog shall introduce a brand new winter fragrance to you every week, that I absolutely adore.

Potion for Women by Dsquared2 is the counterpart to last years release of Potion for Men which was a super hit amongst people as far I can recall. This scent's all about seduction and being sultry hence I already expected smooth and strong notes, quite like in the line of Tom Ford's Black Orchid. 

Coming from a fashion house, I have to say it strikes full marks on packaging. the luxe, heavy gold packaging is a stunner with 'for woman' printed on a protruding tab for extra dimension and detail. It's simple yet so effortlessly classy. Nothing can really beat packaging and design by a fashion house. Oh how they know how to lure us!

Notes included are of bergamot, violet, blackberry, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, rhubarb, black and white musk, black amber, patchouli and vanilla. 

What I can clearly sniff on spraying initially are notes that are slightly citrusy and slightly floral. On drying down after a minute or so, warm and woody notes of musk, jasmine, pachouli and vanilla dominate and that's what is left lingering around for the rest of the day. It's primarily musky and woody, which I quite like but it is balanced by the right amount of freshness to avoid it from being heady and manly.

If this is meant to smell like a seductive girl, it's a friendly, homely one who returns home after a few drinks rather than an uptight, spoilt brat who parties till the wee hours of the morning and comes home with smudged make-up. It's elegant, classy and mature. A universally commercial scent that is going to tick the right boxes in every women's perfume criterion. 

Have you tried Dsquared2 Potion for Men? Let me know if you have and if I should try it out. 


MAC Marilyn Monroe feat Scarlet Ibis

I love everything about Marilyn.

I don't care if she was slightly flirtatious, overly insecure or debatedly depressed.

I love the women for her curvacious figure, mysterious pale skin, innocent way of acting seductive on screen and ethereal yet natural beauty. You can call me obsessed with her lately.
Obsessed with bright lippies lately, I ran for my life to get myself a collectible item from the quickly selling out collection. Not so surprisingly, one of the biggest MAC counters in UK i.e. Selfridges, London had only 4 Lipsticks remaining in the shade 'Scarlet Ibis'. It was my last choice from all the shades in the collection. I still had to get it!

Now I am not sure how brave I am to wear it outside home but I do love how it peps me up immediately. I guess a dab of it patted on the lips lightly woudn't hurt to get out in the daylight. Having said that, it's unexpected quite flattering on my skintone I believe. It's not too cool, nor to warm, I just cannot identify clearly the undertones it has.
It is brightly pigmented and it is orange is what I can tell for sure. It's a reddish orange which makes it wearable but I am inclined to believe it has a tiny bit of pink shot through to it as well making it flattering.

A comfortable matte shade, I cannot see it slipping it off my lips or making them dry, crack or peel. It would look great glossed up too but I prefer it as a muted terracotta stain applied effortlessly.

I have my eyes on 'Love Goddess' now from the collection. Fingers crossed it's in stock when am in a store next time. The blushers were unfortunately so meh that I couldn't snap them up even for the packaging.


Stila Lip Glaze - Maraca, Pinata & Kitten

I am really into lip products recently if you can tell.

I feel so OVER eye shadows and that gives me the space and freedom to play around with lip shades of my choice.

My latest love has been these gorgeous lip glosses or should I say 'glazes' by Stila. The shades I have are Maraca, Pinata and Kitten respectively and I just cant seem to hate anything about them.

They have the right amount of pigmentation and just the perfect consistency albeit some would find them overtly sticky. I like the fact that is glues onto the lips and stays put and if the stickiness helps in doing that, then it might as well.

Maraca is the most beautiful, dusky toned down medium pink with warm beige undertones to it. It is super opaque with absolutely no glitter or shimmer in it at all. It's very much like Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer by NARS. Would look natural on fair toned girls and make a sexy pout on the tanned ladies out there.

Pinata is again a warm toned, reddish coral with tiny but abundant flecks of gold shimmer shot through it. This is my favourite without doubt as it comes in my comfort zone and gives cherry like lips that I usually opt for. A universally flattering shade, this one's a must try! It looks ordinary in the tube but is versatile.

Last but not the least, the cult favourite shade by Stila namely Kitten. An unoffensive and easy to wear champagne-bronze colour with very finely milled silver shimmer. I don't like how this looks on its own and would suggest wearing it on top of matte lipsticks to add some dimension and oomph as well as over pale, cool lip shades to warm it up.

The skimpy tubes look pricey for £15 each but considering that all the shades are equally opaque and long lasting, these Lip Glaze are well worth the money.

These Lip Glaze however are a part of the Fiesta Lip Glaze set that retails for £12 on Stila's UK website where they're currently offering free shipping so definitely check it out.


My favourite Lip Balms

Yes a girl can have six favourite Lip Balms, thanks for asking.

Lips are the most ignored part of the face in my opinion and it's not our fault as a blogger or consumer as even brands tend to ignore them most often by not introducing a variety of products geared towards their treatment. I mean you hardly come across a mask for the lips or a SPF geared just for it. Hence the only way I can pamper them is via Lip Balms of all sorts, textures and finishes.

1. Glam Balm Lip by Rodial - This one smells the best out of them all - of roses, honey and almonds. Containing Rose wax, Shea butter and Vitamin E, this atrociously expensive pot also promises to inject fillers on to the lips to make them appear fuller. My lips do appear fuller and seem to have more of a pout after using this but I can't tell if its due to the 'fillers' or the extremely glossy nature of this. It is very slightly tinted and works brilliantly as a lip gloss too. If left overnight, this is intensely hydrating and penetrates right into the skin.

2. Barbara Daly Luscious Lip Balm 'Cutie' - Under the deceivingly boring and plain white lid is a medium toned coral lip balm that tints the lips very slightly in a warm shade, perfect for the beach and to compliment neutral, day make-up. Its not tacky or sticky and does a decent job at keeping lips supple during hot and humid months. Not intense enough for the winter but cheaper than chips, available at Tesco's and doubles up as tint - what's not to like!

3. Rouge Bunny Rouge Kiss Lip Elixir - Containing Macadamia, Jojoba and Avocado oils, this luxe treatment is again an investment like the first one but totally worth the price if you want a super hydrating treatment for extremely chapped, flaked and cracked lips. This literally treats them overnight and that's what I love about it. It apparently does not contain water hence stays on the lips like glue and doesn't dry them out, preventing that lip licking habit. It smells like honey and peppermint, is very slightly tingly on the lips and tastes not bad at all. Again, an extremely glossy product in nature which some may find sticky but totally worth it if you are a lip biter in stressful situations.

4. Vaseline - I am featuring the super cute 'Pink Bubbly' version here because that's what I am going through at present and its inevitable that it's much better looking that the original tin. This one's supposedly slightly tinted and even appears a translucent baby pink in the pot but is clear when applied. It smells better than the original one, i.e. not of petroleum jelly. It's also somehow less sticky and quite light on the lips. I don't find these extremely hydrating but in fact great for a treatment when I apply these over the lips, pat it with my fingers to absorb well and then brush it off with a muslin cloth as an exfoliating treatment. Because it's so light in texture, it works best to remove dead skin and as a travel friendly option.

5. Figs & Rouge Pepperment & Tea Tree - This one's the most therapeutic of them all as it seems to contain antibacterial ingredients and smells herbal as well. Because it's a grainy, balm like texture, it works best when melted between fingers on which it converts to an oil, making it easier to absorb into the lips. It's also light like the Vaseline in texture but once absorbed, it treats and heals lips and I can literally tell it's doing that which is great.

6. Carmex Moisture Plus - I hate the normal, plain, unscented Carmex. It's just bleugh. This one's not only convenient as it comes in a lipstick like twist up format but is not minty, tingly and has a decent scent and taste. It's a nicely pigmented shade of cool pink for a lip balm and gives a lovely colour and shine to the lips as well. Not the most moisturising product in the world but great to pop in the bag for on the go lip emergencies and it surely helps that it's tinted!

What are you favourite Lip Balms? I would love to try out some lesser known brands with chic packaging.