Neom Tranquillity Bath Foam

It's something that is very likely to turn bath time into fun and if you're just a shower person, then to convert you to take a chill pill, lie down and relax and rewind in a hot tub with a good book (I recommend 'I Love' series by Lindlsey Kelk), music (from a Smartphone app of course!) and a scented candle (Neom 'Restore' is delicious). Without these added elements, there's simply no point of opting for a bath instead of a shower really. There have to be products that make you drag your lazy self into the bathroom to create a spa like environment for yourself after a never-ending, tiring week at work.

I believe this Bath Foam is free of nasty chemicals and contains 100% essential oils, with a good mix of natural and organic ingredients. On opening the luxurious, heavy glass bottle (which is not very travel friendly as it can leak) immediately dispenses notes of English Lavender and Sweet Basil. I can smell some citrusy, orangey notes too somehow. It's warm and citrusy yet nicely smoked out with prominent inclusion of Lavender and also bubbles up quite well leaving the gorgeous scent lingering in the bathroom for long. If you have ever used Neom products, you'd know they are known for their distinctive scents and this product lives up to the expectations of the brand and delivers an aromatic, sensory experience which none of my other bath and body products can beat.

The 200ml bottle is available from their website for £20. Quite worth it if you like your baths, especially as winter's arriving and baths and winter just go together don't they?


A haul. Finally.

I love Body Mists. I can go ahead to say I'm obsessed about them so I collect one from every brand. I'd heard so much about the Victoria's Secret one which I couldn't for the life of me spot in UK (besides the ones on ebay that charged the price of a bottle in shipping!) and surprisingly found it in a random lingerie shop in India for exactly the price that it retails in USA, i.e. $12. Not a bad price at all but such a mediocre product is what I and whoever sniffed it exclaimed. 

Yes I know it has fans worldwide so I'd say each to its own but if you were thinking of paying atrocious shipping for it, make sure you sniff it before making a purchase. If you love it, you're super lucky as the bottle is humongous. Having said that, I will of course use it up as its not offensive at all but it's not a sexy vanilla scent that I was expecting. Its quite musky and not very sickening at all. The other scents in the range smelled like concentrated fruit drinks to me (think Ribena!) and this was the only one bearable hence the purchase. 

What in fact was better value for my money however is the Forest Essentials Rose & Cardamom Body Mist. Yes it is sickly sweet yet fresh, warm and energising at the same time. The dash of cardamom shot through it manages to mellow the sweetness down slightly yet allows the scent to remain crisp, sweet and feminine. It's quite strong and noticeable which makes it different to the rest and I really want more from the range now.

Another winning product from Forest Essentials that I got is their 'Facial Ubtan' which apparently means a concoction of old ayurvedic recipe created at home for beautification of the skin. It is marketed as a Face Wash apparently which I found too cool to be true as I had never come across a powder face wash before. As suggested I mix it with some softly whipped greek yogurt to create a nice fluffy mix. Albeit gentle, it leaves skin squeaky clean and balanced. This one in particular is for combination/oily skin and will make a great face mask for bad skin days I suppose.

Finally, the Ecotools Bamboo Buffing brush that I got to replace my ELF powder brush which has apparently become a cult favourite thing now. I wouldn't say this is significantly better. It's pretty much the same besides the fact that its made more sturdily and the ferrule won't start swivelling after a few washes. As for the application, it delivers exactly like ELF's powder brush besides that it's a tiny bit smaller in diameter hence covers less area at a time. If your everyday flat top foundation brush is on it's last legs and you cannot find a replacement that's not overpriced Sigma or cheaply made ELF, give this one a try :)

The Lipstick is of course MAC's Lickable from the previous post so I will not ramble any more. I am however excited about its Marilyn Monroe Collection and want some of the Lipstick and Blushes so badly but its all frustratingly out of stock on their website!


Hungry much?

As you can probably tell, my trip to India was mostly dominated by retauranting.

I had the most delicious cottage cheese (Paneer) at a restaurant called Zaffran in India and with its beautiful decors, it deserves a visit. Also, Hometown Cafe in Mumbai do the most beautifully steamed Dumplings and other Malaysian food ever, especially if you are a vegetarian like myself.

Being a coffee addict, I soon found alternatives to Starbucks there as well and the winners were Moshe's, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Lavazza.

As for restaurants, Zaffran, Hometown Cafe and Barbeque Nation should be on your list to visit. If you are  street food junkie like myself, you'll see stalls selling a wrap called 'Frankie' in India, which is a burst of spicy ingredients usually accompanied with potatoes and onions. Doesn't sound tempting but you'll thank me for trying it :)


Lickable...quite literally!

I hate Lipsticks and you know that.

A random back-to-MAC trip to Selfridges led me to the most confusing task in my life - to choose a Lipstick from MAC that I like.

I have a MUFE palette depotted of their lipsticks and dread wearing them. They work fine for my mum though. There's just something in MAC Lipsticks that my lips hate and cannot stand. They'll peel and crack and look hideous in minutes.

The only one I ever loved from them was 'Jubilee' which is a must-have if you haven't tried it out yet. This is second one that has reignited my interest since then and has very quietly managed to sneak into my make-up bag.

Also, I have to mention how this was bought by mistake. I had an eye on a lippy that I read about on a blog but on reaching the counter, completely blanked out. It was like a brain fart situation where I was like, 'The name begins with a L'. Bless the poor MUA who actually found me one starting with 'L' which was pretty similar to what I wanted.

It's a cremesheen formula and I guess that's what helping me love it. It stays on my lips miraculously, does not fade and keeps them hydrated and glossy.

The colour is a bizarre mix of magenta, plum and fuchsia  It is quite deep which makes it uber flattering on tanned skin tones  I honestly am biased towards it as its a blue toned pink and I love anything 'cool' on my lips as opposed to warmer shades.

For some reason, I don't even care how trampy it looks on me at times. It's got a modern runway streak to it that makes it different to other bright pinks.

Can you tell I'm in love? Do you have similar recommendations so I have a reason to head over to Bond Street and collect myself more of MAC lippies?


My travel Beauty essentials

Is this too much for the sake of vanity on a two week holiday? 

Nah. I don't think so. I have been good as it's got all of my hair, skin care and make-up must haves that I could not live without. I mean I could but just not as happily. 

So my trip to India was fantabulous. I have never really enjoyed so much there as I did this time. I wish I could travel all over the country though. This time however I was only glued to Mumbai which is a country in its own really! The weather was gorgeous as well and I couldn't ask for more. It fluctuated happily between high twenties and thirty degree celsius, with mild breeze always accompanying it. My made up face did not melt as presumed and the weather in fact gave me a gorgeous glow.

My trusted Foundations in the humid climate there were Clinique Stay Matte Oil-Free Foundation that helped keep my skin blemish free and provided a demi matte finish and Cover FX Cream Foundation that gave me super full coverage in minutes whilst looking natural and although dried to a dewy finish, did not end up looking greasy at all. 

Yes I like to ditch my contact lenses on a holiday as you can tell. But I did enjoy flaunting my slightly geeky Michael Kors glasses a lot!

A special mention goes out to these skincare products that kept my skin blemish free, hydrated and basically well balanced throughout. 

The Shiffa Healing Blam worked wonders as a mask, heavy duty moisturiser and gave a gorgeous glow to the skin without breaking it out. My two new cheaper than chips moisturisers from Superdrug also came in handy without making a hole in the wallet. A facial spay is a must have on a holiday and I highly recommend the LP Skin Therapy one for combination skin as it's not sticky or greasy at all. The OCS Spray gloss worked great for keeping my locks tame and glossy in the humidity so two thumbs up to it for that. 

And for the most exciting part, well at least for me as I spent hours trying to strategically and logically select products for my bag that I would take with me in the airplane. Ensuring it consisted of all my hair, skin care and make-up essentials, whilst staying within the liquid restrictions and without being too heavy, I think I did a pretty decent job. 

I chose to carry my Cover FX Cream Foundation that I cannot praise enough. A Le Metier De Beaute concealer that costs a bomb for around £60 but is a life saver and an island must-have so do check it out. For a pop of colour, my trusty Jemma Kidd Lip & Cheek tint with its beetroot like colour never fails to give a just-jogged look. MAC's Lickable Lipstick is a new addition to my vanity which I chose to carry along with Pixi's Magic Lip Tint that is the best combination of lipbalm, lipstick and lipgloss all in one.

Shiffa's Healing Balm is what I used as a face mask to keep my skin out of contact with the cabin air and I have to say I had such beautifully glowing skin on landing, which I never see in the UK! The Dermalogica Power Recovery Face Mask was a bit of a disappointment as it didn't hydrate well and broke me out. 

What are your airplane/holiday must-haves? I am planning to head over to Paris or Spain sometime in December-January so any tips would be great!