Beauty & Skincare Weekly Favourites

Hola amigos! I hope everyone's having a lovely week so far. Mine has been great with so much work and so much happening around me. But in all honesty, I do love life to be a bit hectic now and then. It keeps me going :)

So I loved the make-up a receptionist was wearing at this certain salon and she told me how she always opts for warmer tones, even slightly warmer than her natural skin shade to brighten up her complexion. Also, luminous skin does not always equals oily is what I learnt. 

Ditching my trusty Clinique Stay Matte Foundation, I came back to my all time favourite MAC Face & Body which I had been ignoring since months. For more coverage on the top, I tried dabbing Cover FX Cream Foundation in M60 which is such a tanned, olive colour for me and voila, the combination looked just my skin but photoshopped, not to forget amazingly dewy NOT oily skin. I think they will accompany me for my trip to India for sure. 

You guys really need to check out this cream foundation if you haven't already. 

I hate traditional liquid liners. Period.

Especially the ones that come with a thin and flimsy brush that is difficult to manoeuvre around the eye. This one by Natio however somehow manages to give me a thin, crisp line. It's really not me. My hands are still as shaky as a jelly. I guess the super fine and long tip does help in keeping it neat and thin. 

Plus the colour is the darkest black I have ever seen. It dries matte and lasts all day without cracking, flaking or peeling. Two thumbs up!

Whenever I wear the Boombastic Mascara by GOSH, I always get asked if I am wearing falsies or what is it that I am wearing on the lashes. I doubt the super chunky brush is the key here. The formula is fantastic itself. As soon as it touches any lashes, be it short and spiky, it coats them carbon black in seconds, curls them and makes sure the curls hold in place for the entire day. 

Ingenious. The only con - if you have a small eye area, this is likely to get all over your lids. Keep a cotton bud soaked in make-up remover ready. 

Coming to the slightly boring but equally loved Skincare. I am still sticking to what usually works for my skin besides the odd Moisturiser as we all know how quickly our skin drinks it up. My current favourite is Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser. It's meant for normal skin but I have to point out how great this will be for those with oily/combination skin. 

It is deliciously soft and mushy regarding texture but once in contact with skin, absorbs within seconds, leaving skin plumped and hydrated. How it's different is that it leaves no greasy, oily or tacky residue at all and leaves skin matte. Perfect to keep oil at bay and still keeping skin soft and supple. 

I love hand lotions on my dresser especially those that come in a pump dispenser bottle and smell of roses. This one inspired from the garden at Sissinghurst castle smells like a full bloom garden! It has a soft and romantic scent to it, nothing too sickly or offensive. Besides the beautiful floral packaging and the delicious scent, it's also superbly hydrating for the Autumn/Winter. If you're looking for a new skincare addition for your dresser, this is a bargain for £9 from Boots. 

I am off to India for two weeks from 8th September. I am not sure how I feel about it. I have a love hate relationship with the country so hoping for the best this time. On that note, I am quite excited to do a post on make-up, skin care and hair stuff that I will be travelling with. I have already started filling in some bits and bobs in my travel bag, so that should be up soon.


Illamasqua Generation Q: My top picks

Gleam and Sophie without doubt.

Gleam in Aurora without doubt is the most beautiful champagne highlighter till date. Why? Because it's not yellow, its not pink, it's not golden or silver. It's a pure champagne shade with a subtle yet noticeable pearly radiance and somehow manages to mimic the texture and colour of your skin, when it glows naturally. Ingenious isn't it? I have NEVER been a fan of highlighters. They come and go in my life occasionally and depending on my mood however this one I have been using religiously every single day without fail.

I would give the credit to its flawless application and formula in this matter. Because it's so foolproof to apply  without disrupting your foundation underneath and gives the exact same, stunning results every single time, it's almost inevitable not to wear it.

It needs to be pointed out that the formula although a cream, is quite thin and nicely movable as opposed to thick, sticky and slippery if that makes any sense, making it melt on contact with the skin, delivering an angelic glow. You have to try it to believe it. It's  currently available to purchase as a pre-release on the Illamasqua website and I can see it giving Dior Amber Diamond and NARS Albatross a run for their money.

Coming to my second favourite from the collection, Powder Blusher in SOPHIE. I can see this being a favourite of mine especially in the coming months to combat winter blues. It's the most gorgeous, bright and perky, medium toned coral with a handful of golden shimmer dashed through it. The sheer satin finish that hardly needs any blending at all does help in making it a likeable shade.

You guys know I am not a fan of peachy blushers as well and that I love my barbie pinks but this baby is a universally flattering shade and one that just cannot be disliked. It brightens my sallow, yellow-golden skin tone so beautifully and makes me look alive and polished immediately. I would however reserve it for the evenings.

Are you excited about Illamasqua's Generation Q collection? I personally feels its the most dynamic collection they have come up with since their launch. The Eye shadow palettes also seem to be a big hit amongst those who have tried it, so you might want to check them out as well.


Neom Harmonise - A butt kicker for sure!

There's no need to introduce these brilliant NEOM candles all over again. You all know these are made of natural, organic ingredients and how they don't release toxic fumes and are super healthy to inhale.

If you haven't experienced burning a NEOM candle before you must be unaware of how delicious they smell before and after burning. I simply opened the box and it filled my room with its relaxing scent in a few minutes. Burning the candle of course intensifies the fragrance much more and makes sure it lasts long in air, creating an aromatic, spa like environment.

More than a candle, with NEOM its more of a similar experience as that with perfumed skin care or a fragrance. Harmonise, the latest addition to its ever increasing range of candles contains pine, cedarwood and eucalyptus - so much like an enchanting forest. Regarding notes, I'd say its more woody and heady and geared towards enhancing concentration and focus abilities, helping one think clearly and creatively.

It has a sharp menthol like scent to it at its base that just cannot let you be sluggish and cosy and helps kick butts for sure, promoting clarity of thought! Back to University this Autumn? If you're going be writing December exams, you know how time flies and if I'd be you, this would make a sound investment from that student loan you'll be splurging around in Selfridges (We're all guilty, it's okay!).

From all the Neom candles I have tried till date, I'd say this one is distinctively unique and has a very strong scent to it. If you are not a fan of sharp, energising scents, you'd want to try out others from their range. I am more of a soft rose and vanilla kinda girl as well but surprisingly this fits my bill just fine for those dull days.



Surprise Sunday #3

Hello my lovelies.

I'm back again with another Surprise Sunday post.

What do we have here today? The much awaited Sleek BB Cream in Medium which as you all know is full coverage and overall amazing, Aussie's Miracle Moist Conditioner which I absolutely love, Naked Skin Soothing Eye Gel as you cannot ignore those peepers and a gorgeous hair treatment mask by Andrew Barton to revive the colour in your mane.

It's more geared towards skin and hair isn't it? I thought I should keep some variety to appeal to everyone.

The winner for last weeks Surprise Sunday is Emmie (emmie.kjellberg@gmail.com). Congratulations! :)

Don't forget, the giveaway is open Internationally and is super simple to enter. Simply leave your name and email address in the comments below for a chance to win.