Cheap & cheerful Eye Creams: Anatomicals

I don't have much experience with Anatomicals as a brand besides indulging in some of their self tan lotion last summer and reading the rather hilarious text they have their products covered in. You've got to love a brand with a sense of humour. It works quite well at distracting consumers from the usual money hungry corporate image. 

Anyhow, we're talking about Eye Creams today because 

a) You NEED them. No matter how much you deny. No matter what your age. The area under the eyes does not naturally produce any oils at oil which means it's your responsibility to keep it loaded with product 24/7.

b) They're usually pretty pricey and darn hard to find a decent one in drugstores. 

I usually find it quite tricky to find a good eye cream that will hydrate the under eye area for under a tenner. Hence my absolute favourites being Origins GinZing and Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream which are both heavy on the pocket.

These two from Anatomicals however come for under a fiver each. Not only do they look super cute, come jam packed with a tonne of product but they also work decently to calm down puffy eyes, dark circles and provide a good moist base for me to slap on some concealer over it, without that area feeling taut. 

Both have a light gel like formula, great for those of you who cannot stand heavy, greasy eye creams. Having said that, I quite like the fact that besides being light in texture, they work so well as moisturising the area so it looks plump and fresh.

Get the blue one if you suffer from late nights, dark circles and puffiness all around the eyes. If you like your eye creams to target wrinkles, fine lines and to have more of a moisturising quality, then the hot pink one's your best bet.

For some reason they are available at a tonne of varied prices all over the net. I know for sure that you can get them at Selfridges, Boots and ASOS online.


New coloured Eye Liners

I love coloured Eye Liners. Period.

Without sounding smug, I have somehow accumulated a Muji acrylic drawer worth of them over the past few years. Why not pencil holders? Because I need more than one which defies the purpose and secondly it's hard to pick and choose a colour when they are all crammed up. Spread them out ladies!

Any how, my recent love have been these NATorigin ones. I don't have a favourite brand when it comes to Eye Pencils as it varies greatly but my strict criteria is super pigmented shades, smooth texture and longevity. If it ticks all those boxes, I'll even line my eyes with pink.

Fortunately this time I am playing safe and have a staple black, an occasional purple and an obscure grey. You don't see many ladies wearing a grey eye liner now do you? I wonder why. It looks gorgeous on green eyes and makes a refreshing change from the black and purple. In this case, I am more inclined towards it as it's the most pigmented out of these three from NATorigin, blends like a dream and lasts for an entire working day.

The Black and the Purple are not bad either. The purple rubs off easily if I try to smudge it hence a crisp, sharp line is what it is good for. The Black on the other hand is darker than it seems in the swatches and glides on like paint on the waterline and lashline. Much better than the infamous MAC one that smudges like crazy.

I am wearing all of them above so you can have a good idea as to how they look whilst on.

I wore the grey out recently and adore it to bits! You have to try it out from their website for a reasonable £7.05.


DKNY Women EDT (Limited Edition)

Is the latest release by DKNY that should be hitting stores any time next week. A Boots exclusive, this fresh new release is summer in a bottle. I don't quite get why it's released in autumnal August. Perhaps to remind us of the scanty heat wave in London? Possibly.

I am a huge fan of Golden Delicious by DKNY and their scents in general. I feel there's always a huge variety and something for everyone. As again, they have outdone themselves and have mastered the simple-yet-chic packaging when it comes to fragrances by surprising us with a gobsmackingly detailed skyline depicting New York on a humongous 100ml bottle.

In a sentence, the fragrance is primarily dominated by citrusy scents, with a few floral notes lingering here and there in the dry down. If you like the smell of freshly cut grass, oranges and the outdoors, you will love this! How this is different from the original version is that it includes vanilla to tone down the sharp, citrusy notes but you probably won't be able to spot it amongst other dominating notes.

I personally love it to kick start the day when I'm feeling low. It's sharp, fresh and energising. If that's what you're looking for in a fragrance, you should jump on its release next week and bag this super cool transparent tote that comes along as a gift with purchase.

A 100ml will retail for £36 (not bad right considering I pay a bomb for Angel) and shall remain exclusive to Boots (helloo advantage card!).


Dread Lipstick? *Me too!*

I am aware I am in a minority here in the blogosphere but I really do dread wearing Lipsticks. Hence you won't see very many Lipstick related posts here at all. If you do, then you really know that Lipstick is freaking brilliant as nothing else suits my dry, chapped lips better. 

Yes I exfoliate and take good care of them but lipsticks just fill in those not so glamorous cracks, most of them tend to be super drying on me, gather at the corners, bleed or feather - you name it. I much prefer lip glosses as they are totally like chalk and cheese aren't they?

For the middle option, my BFF are products like chubby sticks and tinted lip balms, one of which I am featuring today. I have tried Miners Tin o Tints in other shades before and have loved them. You can see my post on them here. These however are fresh shades for this season and I am so excited about them. 

Basically if I ever want a barbie pink lip or even a caramel nude for instance, this gives just the right amount of colour to the lips without adding much texture at all because they are so light. Good enough to complete a smokey eye or a classic pin up look without spending ages on lipsticks, especially if they wear out on you easily.

They are moisturising on the lips and have a deliciously juicy finish to them. As for pigmentation, its just a pop of colour, perfect for those who shy away from bold lips. 

Retailing for £2.99 each, I seriously think you should need no more convincing. I would suggest trying out the previously released shades too as I feel they were more pigmented.



Surprise Sundays (pssst...it's a giveaway!)

Pardon me for not coming up with an innovative title but Surprise Sundays from now on will be weekly Giveaway on Get Gawjus! that should help you get through dreary afternoons.

Just pop by to have a look what I'm giving away each week as an assortment of make-up, tools, skin care and hair is what I can promise :-) Why surprise? Coz you never know what's up for grabs!

I thought why not start off with some funky make-up tools/accessories that most of us usually ignore. 

Up for grabs today is a set of voluminious lashes from Superdrug, a funky set of nail files from Urbanista and a set of perfectly polished french manicure nails from Nailene. 

Just comment below with your name and email address to be in a chance to win. The giveaway will end next Saturday at 12pm GMT and a randomly chosen winner will be announced in the next Surprise Sunday post so keep your eyes peeled. 

It's open worldwide peeps.