Fairy Dance

Is Anna Sui's latest fragrance. It's quite a surprise seeing her 'goth' inspired take on fashion. Apparently rose is her favourite flower hence this sparkling, very feminine scent is primarily inspired by it. 

I cannot go ahead without raving about the gorgeous bottle. It has such intricate detail on it that one can keep looking at it for ages. The miniature fairy placed so beautifully on the cap of the bottle is carved in the most detailed way possible. I usually find such over the top, chunky fragrance bottles a bit trashy but this is a perfect example of how it can be done in a tasteful manner. 

The Eau De Toilette when initially sprayed, releases subtle fruity notes, not citrusy and sharp but rather delicious and fresh like that of raspberry, mango, tangerine and pink pepper. Mango and raspberry can be quite prominently sniffed and the others blend with these two quite well.

Give it a few seconds to settle on your skin and warm floral scents of rose and peony start to surround you and the entire room, so I've been told! I want to emphasise on warm as opposed to sugary sweet notes that most of us feel sickened by. 

The dry down of this or the so called 'base notes' are a complimentary concoction of bamboo, sandalwood and vanilla, giving it a 'woody' kick and taking attention away from the fruity notes altogether, with the floral notes still prevailing lightly.

There couldn't be a better time for this to launch in the market than late summer/Autumn for those long summer nights and the feeling of freshly arrived Autumn as it seems made for that transition in particular. The gist of the perfume is playful yet magical, seductive yet fresh. Not overpowering at all but surely not one to go unnoticed either. 


Modern Smokey Eye feat. Burberry

I have one official reason as to why I am liking a Smokey Eye in the Summer. Because it's not Summer. *rolls eyes*. It's almost Autumn here in the UK and it's as if we missed the entire Summer somehow. Apparently there's a 'heat wave' predicted for next week. I will be waiting. 

Until then, here's a contemporary, not so dramatic Smokey Eye to move into fall. I opted for a charcoal brown this time instead of black or blue so it's more wearable. Plus using only one eye shadow for the entire look is what it makes it modern in my opinion. Products in general these days should be versatile and adhere to the 'less is more' mantra. 

I promise it's just the British daylight that plays all weird in the pictures washing them out. Also, it's not my mirror that's dirty, it's just a funny reflection that I cannot figure out.

I find it really difficult to pull off a nude lip. Does that happen to anyone? I opted for a cool toned, retro-esque peachy-pink shade from MAC on the lips. It's depotted and I don't have a name for it sadly. A pastel peach blusher from GOSH is what automatically went with the look quite well.

Burberry's Sheer Eye Shadow in 'Dark Sable' however is the star of the look. Can you see how it works so well as a transition colour in the crease as well as on the bottom lashline?

My intention was to literally 'smoke' out the shadow without any harsh edges peeping through. 

GOSH's Cream Blush in Peachy Rush is light and fluffy unlike other cream products. It's neither sticky nor difficult to blend. The consistency is somewhere in between NARS and Topshop Cream blushers. I usually cannot stand Peachy blushers as they don't flatter me at all but the texture of this makes it lovely to slap on. It delivers a dewy, radiant flush and is moderately pigmented. Get it now!

If you have always found it difficult to create and more importantly love wearing a smokey eye, you have to try out a naturally flattering shade from Burberry's Sheer Eye Shadows. The texture of this is super velvety and smooths on the eye like a buttery cream shadow.

Is it sheer? No freaking way. It's super pigmented and just touching the shadow lightly coats my finger generously with product. Another reason it makes it super easy to create dramatic looks with this is because it's traceless in texture when applied on the lids. You can only see pigments and depth being injected slowly but absolutely no powdery texture at all which is ingenious. Perhaps that's what they meant by sheer!

The underplayed chocolatey-coffee neutral is a dream to blend taking into consideration that it's primarily a matte finish. Having said that, once I completed creating a look with it, the end result has a slight sheen to it but no obvious shimmer at all.

Pure love. Must have. Enough said.

These have been my smokey eye favourites recently. Let me know what yours are?


Walk in wardrobe: Body/Face Oils

I love myself some Body Oil. Used to hate the sticky, slippery feeling before but now it's more like aromatherapy, especially as we see these 'multitasking', essential oils these days which are superbly dry yet hydrating in consistency and can penetrate the skin better, dissolving the benefits of the oil in the blood stream. 

Below are my favourite ones that I usually am spoilt for choice to choose from when I feel like I need some self pampering. Plus most of them smell so energising, therapeutic and calming, creating a spa like atmosphere at home.

If you have always preferred Body and Face Creams to Oils, it's high time you try out some of the new ones in the market as their molecular structure is very small, making them absorb into the skin better. Try applying it after a hot shower when blood flow is increased and absorption at its optimum. It will feel great too, I promise!

The Nelson's Bath & Massage oil is cheap as chips yet manages to smell citrusy and woody. It is one of those sticky oils though designed for movement over the body during a massage so don't expect anything but slippery from this. Great if you indulge in at home DIY body massage. 

The Superdrug Restoring Skin Care Oil is pretty much like Bio Oil but cheaper and you get more product for your money's worth. It indeed is great if you indulge in a bit of exercise here and there, like to use body scrubs to get rid of cellulite as this works nicely in sync with all of that to promote toning, especially around the thigh and the hip area. 

I am slightly biased towards the Shiffa Energising Body Oil due to its zesty peppermint, warm black pepper and tingling ginger scent. If that's not enough to wake up your senses, there's an added dash of lemon and lime shot through it. It's like a whole new punch of energy packed in a bottle. I usually opt for this for a quick shoulder and back massage.
Enough of my oil talk for today. All this talking is making me want to soak in these gorgeous oils in a bath. Pure bliss. Off I go!


Sleek Be Beautiful BB Cream - Review, swatches & FOTD

The much awaited BB Cream by Sleek is in my grubby little hands and here’s a post overloaded with pictures of myself wearing it throughout the day. Yes every single one was necessary, thanks for asking.

This is an excited, impulse review based on my first thoughts hence I’ll mainly comment on the texture, consistency, finish and all that jazz and let you guys be the judge of its longevity etc.

First thought on squeezing out the product from the tube is that it is pretty much in line with Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser. Yes, the thick cream does mimic the original eastern BB creams but the coverage is much fuller than that believe it or not. I shall let the photos do the talking. 

The shade 'Light' resembles MAC NC25 with mostly neutral and slightly yellow undertones in my opinion and 'Medium' is more in the line of NC/NW 45 with strong reddish undertones to it.

I can see people complaining about the lack of shades. Something in between 'light' and 'medium' would be great to see further down the line.

I applied it with a flat top Kabuki brush and saw it immediately covering my slightly uneven skin tone, redness and faded blemish marks. Impressive. I can actually walk out of the house wearing this and not feel ‘naked’.

Being the foundation geek I am, I piled on two layers to see how it works and it is considerably buildable increasing the coverage as you slap on more. The finish of this is fairly moisturising so I can see it being a big hit amongst you lot with dry skin types. I personally have combination skin and it did need blotting mid day, especially in the t-zone as it is a dewy finish. 

I am wearing just the BB cream in the pictures below. The variations in my skin tone is due to Britain's stupid day light, not photoshop. 

I also noticed how it very slightly oxidised during the day hence I’d suggest opting for a shade lighter than you would think you are to be on the safe side. Now I would think I am a ‘Medium’ but in fact ‘Light’ is more suitable for me as even if it oxidises, it turns to a NC35 maximum which  I don’t mind.

As you can probably tell, I am going to enjoy using this baby for now without getting into the hoopla about the 'authentic-BB-cream-or-not' as for me, it functions as a good moisturising, dewy finish, medium coverage, balm-like foundation and that's what matters. 

How it turns out in the long run is something I shall make sure to update here before it launches in Superdrug on 29th August.


Mmm…Turkish delight. I mean Organic Surge Face Wash

Yes I know you lot here don't find Face Wash interesting. I do to be honest and always had a soft spot for skincare in general hence here's what I have been loving recently. 

As the name suggests, the brand is an all-natural organic brand which has no nasty chemicals in its contents that strip the skin off it's moisture, disrupt its PH level and overall are responsible for causing skin imbalance. Despite being organic, it surprisingly lathers quite well which has a satisfying feel on its own doesn't it? It doesn't smell of harsh soap when lathering but rather sweetly of geranium - deliciously floral (think turkish delight). 

An unusual claim to make, this one's suitable for all skin types and even those sensitive ladies amongst you. Containing aloe vera that has calming properties, glycerin to promote hydration and rose geranium essential oil for brighter skin and to improve circulation.

You can use it in the morning as a fresh pick-me-up or as a relaxed evening alternative to remove make-up (yes it actually does!). I personally can't wait to use it every morning primarily because of how gorgeous its smells and really wakes me up. 

Unlikely as it sounds coming from something that's an alternative to soap, it has fairly moisturising properties as well, which means you can go about doing you daily chores in the morning without skin feeling tight. Having said that, a moisturiser afterwards is obviously needed but not so 'immediately' if you know what I mean.

Priced at an unreasonably good £5.19 for a huge 200ml bottle, I think it's quite an irresistible bargain. Am off to look at the other bits they have to offer. Till next time, good night y'all.