H&M 'Most Wanted' EOTD

A recent obsession with a colour scheme in the line of burgundy, aubergine, bright peachy pinks, sable and taupe has hit me these days. In particular, an unhealthy obsession with the colour burgundy - be it in dresses, bags, shoes, cardis etc. 

I thought an eye look translating my fixation was inevitable and here it is. Not quite as beeeeautiful as H&M's Most Wanted collection but just a fun take as if I'd be doing make-up for the campaign. Hah, one can wish endlessly. 

No that's not premature ageing you see there, I was simply cringing for a snappy picture than usual. 

I am not going to bother listing what eye shadows I used here because they were literally endless palettes of Sleek sitting on my dresser whilst I layered crazily like a make-up scientist. Although the end result captured by my camera is as if it was all one colour. *sigh*  Oh DSLR, when will you come in my life?

But I will show you the lashes I used here by Japonesque as I absolutely am in love with them. They are the Demi Flair Black I believe, a wispy half set which makes them super easy to apply. I do wish the band was a little thinner so it would be easier to disguise it with a liner. Except that, it is super fluttery and romantic besides being quite long at the ends. Definitely wearable for night outs or occasions, especially if you're looking for interesting lashes with a bit of a twist.

Regardless of whether you like my look or not, do check out H&M's collection as you NEED to own at least one piece of burgundy this Autumn (yes, Summer's almost ended Brits!). I have my browser bookmarked the checked trench coat and the burgundy boyfriend cardigan. 

Will you be getting something from here? What's you colour of choice this Autumn?


Sleek does BB Cream!

Launching 29th August for £8.99. Excited much? Review coming soon.



You've heard enough rambling about BB creams I am sure but it's summer you see and I like them during the season - so you will NOT be spared by my BB ramblings for now.

Do you remember I gave away one of these pre-release last week? It came to my mind that I had not reviewed it on the blog at all. 

First things first, it is the most pigmented BB Cream I have tried till date. Why is this so important? Because most of us are usually complaining how 'bare' the skin feels wearing such products. It's good for skin to feel bare but as most of us who don't have flawless skin  look for some coverage at least and this is what it provides. 

It is very hydrating as well, as it says on the tin. I am not sure about how it would work as a Primer though. Although it is hydrating, it syncs quite well with oily/combination skin types without sliding off or breaking out. 

Provides light to medium coverage and evens out skin tone as you can probably tell. I am only wearing the GOSH BB Cream in the picture below, without any concealer and I felt it does a pretty decent job with my uneven Asian skin tone with pigmentation. It's fairly buildable as well. As for the formula itself, it's a gel like consistency, not too thick neither too watery - just perfect.

I choose the second lightest shade, 02 Beige which is neutral with slightly rosy undertones. I feel it brightens my sallow complexion well. .

My favourite way to use it is to freshen up foundation. Trust me, you can carry this in your bag for touch ups and if you have dry skin, this is much better than a cakey powder and will add that luminous glow where needed without disrupting any make-up underneath. Make sure to blot any oily patches before!

Verdict? Currently the best BB cream in the drugstore in my opinion and at £9.99 a pop and 5 shades to choose from (that run darker than usual!), there is no reason not to give it a try.

p.s. lost pictures of the swatches somehow. Please forgive!


Top 5 Pink Blushers

Why 5? Because a girl just cannot have enough pink blush you see.

These are my favourite picks from my collection till date that are gorgeous in texture, application, finish and colour. As you can tell, I have a variety of undertones and hues of pink going on here but 'variety is the spice of life' as they (I always wonder who!) very rightly say and if you have such shades in your vanity that cover almost every spectrum of the pink colour family, you need not any more.

Must-have shades of pink:

- Dusky mauve, grown-up pink with brown undertones
- A delicate and foolproof, slap-on-whenever, true baby pink with beige undertones
- A bright but light, Kim Kardashian barbie pink for those high cheekbones and a 'glow from within'
- A trendy fuchsia pink with cool undertones for night outs and when you're feeling brave
- A reddish pink with warm undertones. This one's the only cream blush I have shockingly!

I love all of them equally but a special mention goes out to the Mii Uplifting Cheek Colour in Bloom. It literally melts into the skin and only disperses pure pigment with no trace of texture on the surface of the skin. The shade is of course a gorgeous winter tan colour and I just cannot get enough of it these days.

Tell me what your top pink blushes are so I have a reason to hoard more.


Enrapture Heated Rollers - for that 70's look!

The result it a very 70's, Farrah Fawcett hair. You know the one that's just poofy and tousled, the curls are huge in diameter and wispy but you can easily run your fingers through them? Yeah, that kind. 

I still haven't figured out which direction to put the rollers in to ensure they curl the hair in a certain manner. I like to go with the flow and just put the rollers wherever I can, until the cover every single strand of hair. Regardless of whether I set the rollers strategically or not, the curls always come out so glamorous, that I cannot complain. 

I leave mine in for 20 minutes as I do find the rollers to be slightly flimsy and sometimes dropping down due to their weight. It can be my fault for not arranging them patiently though. Plus, the longer you leave them in, the more defined and tighter the curls are. I find 15-20 minutes to be the perfect time for me as my hair turns out quite short if I leave it in for longer.

I love how the curls stay in place conveniently for 2-3 days, dropping and loosening down eventually. Just like other Enrapture heated tools, this leaves hair super smooth and glossy somehow. 

I didn't have much luck with heated rollers in the past (hello Babyliss!) where I started to dislike them for their sheer inconvenience of use and futile results. I always wondered how people got their hair so gorgeously voluminous with these but I guess it's all on what product you use at the end of the day. 

You only have to heat them for 5 minutes until they are ready to go into your hair. The secure clips surely help as it removes the hassle of bobby pins and all that jazz. The rollers are obviously hot so handling them with caution is a must, although being the clumsy me I still didn't manage to get burnt even once. 

Reading this post, you might find them to be a tad bit daunting to use and I won't lie, they were difficult to a get a hang of the first time but that's it, all you need is one trial with it and you'll master the art in the next go. The results are hassle-free as compared to curling tongs, wands et al and I particularly found them fool-proof for occasions, where hair done with tongs usually falls down in an hour, quite unimpressively! 

Great for those who usually have 20 minutes in total (for hair + make-up) to get ready each morning. It's like having a personal hairdresser doing your hair, whilst you build up that mascara and sip your coffee. 

How has your experienced been with heated rollers? 


Givenchy Summer 2012 Make-Up

I usually don't bother much with press releases but this particular one caught my attention for two reasons.

1. It's Givenchy whose products I absolutely love.
2. It's all about the 'nudes'. 

The highlight of the collection are these two iridescent cream eye shadows of course as they seem to highly resemble the ones Chanel brought out recently. Having seem a few of their swatches, I believe they are more soft and mousse-like compared to Chanel's, with a sprinkle of fine silver shimmer injected through them. 
Aah yes, the 'magic' Eye Kajal that can be used almost everywhere on the face, not only in the lower waterline and the inner corner of the eyes to brighten but also as a lip liner, illuminator and eye shadow primer. Now we know how the product formula for each of these products varies significantly so we'll have to see how it lives up to the claim. I have my eyes glued on this baby!
I have recently been more into grown up nail shades and this glossy but intriguing concoction of coffee and chocolate brown should look pretty classy I believe, on my tanned olive skin tone. 

Will you be picking up anything from this collection?