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LDN Skins - The best gradual tan out there!

This one's new on the market I suppose and is made by a UK based company. We recently had a mini heatwave in the UK which I absolutely dreaded but it reminded me of this product hiding in my vanity.

Unlike many instant tans out there, this one's a more grown up version of its counterparts hence called the Gradual tan. What it means is that it takes its time to develop on the skin until you can actually see the colour peeping through - say about a day or so.

It develops into a gorgeous caramel colour and its well worth the wait. No hint of orange, just a light caramel bronze with brown undertones to it. As you may have already conjured, it's suitable for the paler ladies out there or those who prefer a natural, healthy looking glow instead of a sun kissed, full-on bronze goddess look.

What makes it different?

- Non tacky formula, absorbs easily
- Does not clog pores
- Organic, paraben free ingredients
- Transfer resistant 
- Smells lovely!

Has a lovely floral scent to it unlike other offensive smelling ones in the market. I love the mitt that it comes with. Now you'd say how can one love a mitt. But this is larger and more velvety that your usual drugstore one, ensuring a flawless application and a streak-free finish.

A gradual tan I discovered is a foolproof option if you don't want to look like an oompa-loompa. It's moisturising formula is more forgiving on dry areas, although exfoliating is a must. The staying power of this makes is suitable for 3-4 days wear however it is recommend on the bottle to top up every 2-3 days for the tan to develop fully and last longer.

A 200ml slick black bottle retails for £22 and should last a while. I have to say though that it is easy to overuse especially if you do an entire body self tan, as it as it's quite subtle.



'That's a lot for £10!'

(Or £12.50 including Mr postman's fee. But that just wouldn't make a catchy title)

Is the first thing that I said to myself when I ripped open this month's July 'Festival' Glossybox. Now I don't say this every time do I and am usually a bit 'meh' about the contents inside but what I received this time around impressed me completely as I doubt any of these products are going to go waste (or to friends & family!). They're ALL mine. I wish Glossybox would encourage such possessive feelings in consumers more often. Nonetheless, a pat on the back to the person from the Glossybox team who choose the contents for this month. Be this awesome every time will ya?

Can you brace yourself, take a deep breath and appreciate these three, almost full sized products please. This time they are not only full size but also exciting! The Paul Mitchell Moisture Mist can be used on the hair as well as the FACE. What?! I tried it on my hair and it's delicious.

Monu is an underrated brand for Skincare. I have some bits from them which are fab and this Eye Gel is no exception. It hydrates adequately but isn't overtly greasy or heavy. This isn't travel sized either. All my eye creams were smaller in size that this.

Here's the super exiting bit for make-up lovers who doze off on hearing the word 'skincare'. Lip Frosting by Jelly Pong Pong. I have always secretly wanted to try their childish, cupcake inspired products and here it was in my Glossybox. It's a shimmering watermelon shade that looks gorgeous on the lips but even better on the cheeks for that 'glow from within'.

*excuse the foundation-less face*

Phew. Enough of my raving. You get the point? Two thumbs up! 


Naked Skincare - Cleanse & Tone

I have tried some Haircare from Naked previously which I loved so here's some more natural goodness for the face as well. I have been trying to keep my skincare simple recently, especially for the humid days of summer. This being made up of 97% natural ingredients is just perfect. 

All their products are suitable for sensitive skin prone to allergies and redness and unlike other brands that have jumped onto the 'all natural' bandwagon with their ingredients telling a different story, this is the brand to trust.  

The Perfect Getaway Cream Cleanser contains aloe vera and cocoa butter to hydrate and ginseng, which is apparently quite popular these days in skincare for it's brightening properties. A huge 200ml bottle comes for under a fiver and I love how it's easily accessible at all local drugstores. As for the product itself, it smells nice, does what it says without stinging the eyes and gets skin squeaky clean with just one cotton pad. 

The Up Tone Toner contains witch hazel and smells quite fresh and citrusy on application. Now of course we all know how Toner is more of an extravaganza really but in the present era of face mists and 'beauty elixirs', I quite prefer the good old toner with some cotton wool. It works well as a part of my cleansing ritual and if you're like me and like to switch between toners, this one's worth a try for just £4.49.

Available to purchase at Boots or at www.nakedbodycare.co.uk.

Summery DIY Face Mask

The scorching heat here in London is making me do all sorts of things from wearing less make-up than usual to trying out DIY face masks.

I have been spending more time with Skincare recently as I felt it's so much better in the Summer to do so as opposed trying to conceal spots with tonnes of foundation, which on melting reveals blemishes and spots.

What you'll need:

3 tbsp rice flour
3 tbsp brewed green tea
1 tbsp mayonnaise 
1 tbsp honey

The quantity mentioned above creates a nice thick paste that can be easily applied with any make-up brush or even better, fingers!

The green tea has antioxidant benefits, mayonnaise and honey hydrate the skin and rice flour to exfoliate, brighten, protect from the sun as well as for anti ageing. Rice flour has uncountable benefits for the skin and has been used in Asian skincare since centuries. Did you know you can even use it as a translucent loose powder for a soft focus finish? 

Depending on what skin concerns you are suffering from you can add some lemon, yogurt, aspirin, sugar and so on. 

I left it on for 20 minutes and it made my skin super soft and bright, like it had a glow from within. If your combination skin is going bonkers in this heat, do try this out as it's perfect at balancing dry and oily areas appropriately.


Sponsored Video: 17's Blow Out Mascara

‘Tonight We’re Going Out Out’ has been created by the singer Mercedes especially for 17's Blow Out Mascara. I quite like the restro-esque song as it's peppy and perfect for playing the background when I am getting ready for a night-out or just generally doing my make-up. I am not sure about you guys but I definitely do not need a reason to get excited for make-up and it's surely not reserved for nights out only. 

I haven't tried out the Mascara as of yet but reviews and pictures floating around the web do suggest it is pretty good! Apparently it contains Argan Oil and Vitamin E to condition the lashes. I have heard of Mascara's containing Vitamin E however Argan Oil is definitely a first. As the name goes, the Mascara's forte is to provide glamorous voluminous and long lashes however the addition of Argan Oil means that the formula conditions alongside, avoiding the dreadful flaking that we usually suffer from. 

A little birdie from the blogosphere tells me the formula is glossy and the consistency of this is easy to work with. It needs a good few coats to build up to the desired intensity however the 'oomph' it provides in the end is glamorous yet not too over the top. Right up my street as I absolutely despise crusty, spidery lashes. Who doesn't eh? If you want to see it in action, check out Lisa Eldridge's Retro 80's Make Up Look. If it's good enough for Lisa, its good enough to try out, especially if your Mascara is on its flaky last legs and crumbles on application. Yup, that should be the sign it needs disposing off.

Currently on sale at Boots with a free Eye Liner as a gift with purchase, will you be trying it out, especially after 17 has proved itself after the fabulous Peep Show Mascara that we all loved?

*Sponsored post. But I do love 17 as a brand, really. 


Dove Colour Radiance

Haven't tried out their new range of Colour Radiance hair products yet but being an advert lover, I had to post this one if you haven't seen it yet.

Call me abnormal but I repeatedly watch ads that I love. My dad had got me a video tape of my favourite adverts made when I was little so I could put it on when bored!

My coloured hair is starting to look a bit of a mess come Summer and seeing that these products are out in stores and reasonably priced from £2.39, I might get myself a few bits to try out :)
If you have already, do let me know which one's a must-have. Oh and also, do you have a favourite advert?


Gosh Smokey Eyes EOTD + Giveaway! *CLOSED*

I was playing around with the Gosh Smoky Eyes Palette and create a typical smoky eye with it to see how pigmented the shades were and how they worked in combination with each other.

Although it sounds gimmicky and some might say it goes without saying but the I personally like kits created specifically for a smoky eye as then I don't have to rummage around my entire vanity looking for shades that might compliment each other.

It's nothing special, just your usual classic smoky eye. This is how I like to do mine for a night out.

I am giving away a few GOSH goodies as shown in the picture below to one lucky winner because you guys are absolutely fantastic! To enter, simply comment below with your email address and anything you'd like to say.

The giveaway contains:

Gosh BB Cream in 02. Universally flattering shade I found. Hasn't released yet!
Gosh Extreme Liquid Eye Liner in shimmering grey
Gosh Intense Eye Liner Pen in Dark Green
Gosh Smokey eye palette in Brown

The giveaway will end on Friday 27th July 12pm GMT. It is open worldwide and the winner will be announced next weekend. Good luck :-)