Peptalash - It really does work!

Now I know many of  you who haven't tried this product are sceptical about it and perceive it to be gimmicky whereas others who have tried it have found it to do almost nothing to their lashes hence doubting its effectiveness.

I did not write about it previously when my mum used up a bottle as I am sure there are many other great reviews out there but recently I received another one which reminded me about it. I am sure this one's going to get all scraped out as well as we hit the bottom.

Don't expect before/after pictures here because I just don't do that. Nah I am kidding. I just didn't bother clicking a before of mum's short and stubby, poker straight lashes months ago. She didn't have a problem with fuller lashes but more of a struggle with length and consequently the lift and curl. 

She applied it on her top lashes for about two weeks and spotted a difference. The lashes looked significantly longer and to test it out we tried applying Mascara which previously used to never catch lashes. This time it did with much ease and we could even curl the lashes due to the length of them.

Customer reviews on the Boots website suggest that the lashes get back to normal one you stop using PeptaLash. I doubt that was the case with mum at all. The lashes stayed the same after she stopped using the product however I can accept the fact that it wont grow even longer once you stop using it. Hence for continuous and substantial results, a few months trial is required.

It is pricey at £24.99 for 5ml but because you only need a tiny amount (think invisible eye liner!) its likely to last you a good few months until you'll need a repurchase. As usual, it is from Indeed Labs whose products I am a huge fan of any way.

I doubt this would work on already long lashes but if you have short, spiky and poker straight lashes that are a pain to curl or apply Mascara onto, then this is worth giving a try. It's cheaper than eye lash extensions as well!

Let me know if you have tried it out. I am sure we have conflicting opinions out there.


One night wear - Gosh Holographic Hero

Is what Gosh very modestly is advertising their re-release as. The controversy's child yet everyone's favourite for a night-out namely Gosh Holographic.

Now called 'Holographic Hero', it comes with an improved formula I believe. That's not what they claim but what I found from playing around it. It's goes on very smooth, not gritty at all and delivers an even and opaque finish in one-two coats.

But that's not what this beauty is a cult-favourite for. It's because of its multicoloured brilliance that no OPI or China Glaze can mimic till date. Now I am not a fan of holographic nail paints to be honest as they don't compliment my tanned skin quite well however this one is surely a keeper in my collection for when I feel like I want a super glamorous manicure.

Excuse the blinding flash pictures but this baby reflects back in full glory when light hits.

It lasted for two days on my nails without chipping or fading. Releasing for £4.99 this August at Superdrug, will you be giving it another chance?


The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach Collection

You know I cannot resist myself a new collection from The Body Shop hence the heads up. This time they have turned it all fresh and peachy for late Summer-early Autumn in September to remind us of the tropical holiday season.

The limited edition collection concentrates on 24 hour hydration with the inclusion of Peach Kernal Oil and a delicious scent, which seems like an aromatic treat for the dry skin ladies out there.

Consisting of a Body Butter, Body Scrub, Shower Gel and Body lotion, I think I'll be getting my hands on the Body Butter and the Shower Gel as these products from TBS never fail, plus I have an ever growing collection of their Body Butters any way which this would easily blend into.

Gosh Volume Lip Shine - Swatches

These are quite similar to some of the MAC one's I have tried previously hence I thought were worth a mention. I have three shades which I believe should be a staple in every girls vanity. They would compliment almost every lipstick and you wouldn't need more than a pink, peach and red. 

I like how they are not so overpowering and opaque so as to cover the base lip shade entirely. Otherwise it defies the purpose of wearing a gloss in my opinion. Having said that, you can wear this on its on if you have pale lips but for someone like me who already has pigmented lips, these glosses won't translate exactly how they appear in the tube. 

As for the consistency and texture, they are very sticky in a good way in the sense that they stay put for long, do not slip around or feather. However not so much in a gloopy way that they feel irritatingly sticky and you want to take it off. 

I personally am not a lip gloss girl but I couldn't feel I was wearing these for hours and totally forgot about them. As you'll see below, they are called 'Volume' Lip Shine's for a reason. A blindingly glossy pout is what you can expect. 

My favourite shade is Red Stiletto as it's the most pigmented and flatters my skin tone the best. The baby pink and peach would suit paler skin tones better. 

These are already available to purchase at Superdrug. 


3 products. 20 minutes. Model Skin.

I tried this yesterday as I was seriously in need of a pick-me-up and this worked quite well.

First of all what you'll need is an exfoliator, you know the abrasive kinds. Just to get rid of the dead skin cells and to reveal a fresh new supple layer underneath it. In my experience, you don't have to invest in a really expensive one as almost any works well, as long as it's not too harsh or too gentle. 

Including warm water and a muslin cloth in this step is optional but works better.

Once your skin is squeaky clean and no longer flaky, you'll want to massage it for around 5 minutes to boost blood circulation. A soft cold cream is what works best for this as it will have a 'slip' to it and will make sure your fingers move on the skin better. 

Try not to use your everyday moisturiser in this step as your skin is already used to it and won't react as well.  Depending on your skin type then, you might want to leave on the cream on your skin or wipe it off with a cotton wool and some water based cleanser. 

Last but definitely the most important part is the mask. I usually use something like a clay mask by Liz Earle or so however I read somewhere that the Shiffa healing balm I have can be used as a Face Mask by leaving it on the skin for 10 minutes and removing the excess with a cotton pad, letting the rest to soak in. Plus it repairs skin like no other ready made masks.

You can use anything of a face balm texture you have in your skin care kit for this including the good old Vaseline. The key is to slather it on in layers all over the skin until it's covered in it. Trust me, it might seem too greasy when initially applied but the result is baby soft skin that glows like an expensive facial!

The regime will work well with Dry/Mature/Sensitive/Combination skin types besides Oily.

Give it a go!


Tempting Purple & Green Valley EOTD

Remember the Quattro Eye shadow palettes I showed you in the previous GOSH A/W post? Whilst playing around with them, here's what I came up with. I thought using shades from both the palettes will give you an idea regarding their texture and finish.

I used to not think much about the GOSH eye shadows I have tried previously as some lacked pigmentation but all of these shades have a shimmery finish to them, which makes them so much easier to apply and nicely pigmented as well. By shimmery I mean, subtle enough to wear during day time without looking like you just had an accident with a glitter truck.

Excuse the atrociously unruly brows please. I have been told to 'grow' them for an effective threading session and I am not so good at photoshop as you can tell.

Oh and that's the GOSH Boombastic XXL Volume Mascara I am wearing here. Stunning is the word.

The quad's I am wearing here are 'Tempting Purple' and 'Green Valley'.


GOSH Autumn/Winter 2012

I recently attended a press day for GOSH A/W 2012 and I have to say I am more impressed with the brand than I was ever before.

I am not just saying that for the sake of it. If you have been an old reader of the blog, you will know that I love my Gosh Liquid Eye Liners and I have almost every shade. They are worth every penny and you need to try them out if you haven't yet.

What's new for GOSH in the coming months is their much awaited BB cream, Boombastic XXL Volume Mascara, Catchy Eyes Mascara, Smokey Eye Palettes, Quattro Eye Shadow and some new Nail Lacquers including the very popular holographic one.

The rest of the stuff you see here is already in stores I believe. Just from testing them out once, I would say the Volume Lip Shine's are very similar to MAC minus the stickiness involved. They stay glued to the lips and are deliciously glossy!

One of the make-up artists at the press day applied the Boombastic Mascara on me (on top of my mascara!) and not only did it not clump, it made them 5 times thicker and darker. A few girls around me asked if I was wearing falsies. 

Aah yes, the BB Cream deserves a review of its own. The one I have currently is a tad bit darker for me so I'll be giving it away soon. I am just waiting for my correct shade to arrive. The MUA applied a bit of the BB Cream on top of my foundation and powder to refresh and hydrate my make-up and it was amazing how it did not budge my foundation at all. Cool stuff!

Keep your eyes peeled for the GOSH giveaway girls in the next few days.

What product/s from the above do you want to see featured next?