Invigorate with Neom

Another latest addition to Neom's Invigorate range of products is their luxurious home candle. This one has has 3 wicks for extra burning time and vegetable wax to make sure you don't inhale any toxic fumes. Back in the days when I used to get cheapy candles, it was easy to see the ceiling being stained by the black fume but it's definitely worth paying for the quality with these.

Now if you have tried any Neom products in the past, you may already have a favourite scent from their various range of products. My favourite is 'Complete Bliss' which is Moroccan Rose. 'Invigorate' however is dominated by citrusy notes, releasing a fresh and crisp scent, perfect for dreamy Summer evenings.

All their products have a holistic approach to them which tend to nurture not only the physical aspects of the body but also help energize, revive and uplift the senses. Works as a great pick me up for me!

I love the fact that I am sure everyone in my home is breathing in natural oils instead of synthetic fragrances and also the fact that this home candle is supposed to burn for 50 hours (I think more!) relieves me from hunting down another one for a long long time.

Their candles are really popular amongst fans so do try out a travel size before jumping onto the humongous one :)


Hair saviours

Yes I know hair stuff is boring but if the end result it worth it, I thought why not!

To cut the long story short, I have naturally dry, slightly thick and wavy hair which I trim myself and have been through a traumatic dip-dye-gone-bad-hence-reversed experience. 

No I won't chop off 3 inches to reveal fresh, thick hair. Instead I shall continue trying to mend the already dead protein until one day it grows as long as Rumpenzel's and then I can probably take a few inches off. Coz that's how I do it you see.

In my never-ending hair saga, I have recently come across a few that have become my favourite. Plus they are cheap and cheerful :)

Normal Conditioner is useless. Period.

It just superficially and temporarily provides soft hair and accelerates my dry scalp issues. Hence I have shifted towards using hair masks and deep treatments as conditioner instead. It says recommended for use once in a week and a pea sized amount but I just pile it on whenever I wash my hair.

The above two are my favourite. 

Andrew Barton's The Frizz Tamer can be found at Asda for around a fiver and is huge pot of delicious food for the hair. This contains rice bran oil which is apparently used by the Japanese for their enviable poker straight, super smooth hair. It smooths the hair cuticles amazingly and leaves hair softer and much more manageable. 

Aussie's 3 minute miracle for coloured hair is even more fabulous that it's original version and is reformulated to be slightly less thicker and easier to work with. This is however still thicker than the above and consequently more 'stronger' hence I reserve this for the lower ends of the hair from the chin onwards. 

Once a week, I slather on both of them together and it's truly an unreplicable concoction. 

To finish any style and once hair is dry, the Spray Gloss by OCS is an all natural high-shine spray that I like to spray on generously as hair tools usually tend to take away hair's natural shine.This contains Calendula Oil and green tea extracts as anti-oxidants. It's surprisingly very light and I can hardly feel it on the hair however it very subtly separates tangles, makes hair soft and naturally healthy looking and glossy. 

I recently was trying out heated rollers by Enrapture and sprayed this all over the curls while they were still in the rollers and the curls came out to be so bouncy and shiny! 


All-In-One BB Cream by The Body Shop

When you thought the never ending era of BB Creams was just about to end, another one's always standing around the corner waiting for you, quite excitedly to reveal it's dominance in the market and prove you wrong once again isn't it?

I haven't been very successful in any that I have tried till date. They usually seem catered for paler skin tones to be precise and for those with already great skin, without any imperfections. However that's what these so called 'BB' creams were originally made for right? For healing and covering blemishes, acne and scars post surgery alongside providing minimal coverage and nourishing the skin at the same time.

In my opinion, the UK market is simply over-flooded with dare I say 'gimmicks' of this authentic Asian innovation and the drugstores offer nothing more than a tinted moisturiser. I have a winner to report about however and it is from none other the very loved high-street brand The Body Shop.

With The Body Shop comes trust and credibility that I and I believe most of us have personally experienced through their products since years. It makes me immediately inclined to believe it will be superior to the rest of its kind as firstly the brand provides brilliant skin care and secondly, they have revamped their make-up line triumphantly recently.
Available in three shades thankfully and with shades running slightly darker than usual, it's a relief I won't be looking pasty white again waiting for a one-shade-fits-all to 'blend' into my skin tone.

I have shade 2, which as you will see in the pictures below is a gorgeous golden tan shade that can give those expensive beach holidays a run for their money. Please don't butcher the poor thing just because it's thin and liquidy in consistency. It's a pain in the backside trying to work with those thick creams!

A white liquid when initially squeezed out, it turns into more or less exactly my skin colour (NC35 for the Summer) on rubbing it into the skin for a few seconds. 

The glow it imparts is seriously equivalent to a high-end spa trip. An added bonus is that it smells like honey and roses. I kept sniffing it for a good few minutes to figure out why on earth was it so delicious. 

As expected, the coverage is light to medium depending on how much you build it up. A little bit of concealing and a good skin day can make you fall in love with this. I also think this would make a great buy for those with dehydrated, dull skin or the mature ladies out there due to the Community Fair Trade Marula Oil for 24 hour hydration. 

I personally did not find it sticky or tacky at all, despite having combination-oily skin. My favourite way of using this is mixing it with a heavy foundation, to reduce it's cakiness, coverage or to add a glow (tut tut Illamasqua Rich Skin Foundation!).

Following the BB Cream, there is an entire 'All-in-one' range including a Face Base, Blusher and a Concealer that will release alongside this in August, with this particular product available for purchase for £12.


Comfortable & Healthy Eyes: Hypoallergenic Make-up

For women who wear makeup around their eyes on a regular basis, the idea of eye irritation or infection is always relevant. Needless to say, getting a significant amount of makeup in your eye can lead to some pain and discomfort, but in fact even slight issues with regard to your eye makeup can prove quite problematic. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid putting makeup on in close proximity to your eyes. Rather, it simply means you have to take steps to ensure your eye comfort and to use products that are less likely to cause significant irritation or actual medical issues.

The first step is to make your eyes as comfortable as they can possibly be. Keeping your eyes moist and comfortable throughout the day makes it less likely that you will rub or touch them, which in turn makes it less likely that you push makeup or other irritants into your eyes. If you have strong natural vision and do not use corrective lenses or contacts, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, if you do use contacts, you should make sure that you browse the various types of lenses available at contact lens providers like Acuvue, so that you can be certain that the lenses you are using are the most comfortable ones for your specific eyes.

When you have taken steps to be sure that your eyes are as comfortable as they can be, you will have decreased the likelihood of irritating issues. However, these issues are still popular, particularly with regard to your makeup, which means that it is still important to find products that are less likely to cause serious issues. This is where hypoallergenic makeup comes into play, as it is specifically designed for exactly this reason.

If you either wear makeup often, wear it near your eyes, or already know of a particular cosmetic-related allergy you have, then hypoallergenic makeup can be a great help to you. Basically, though there are no guarantees, hypoallergenic makeup products are designed from materials that are proven to be less likely to cause allergic reactions in your body. This means that if you should be unfortunate enough as to end up with makeup in your eyes, while there will be some irritation, there should not be any sort of lasting issue or malady. Depending on the sorts of products you typically use, there are numerous online sources that can point you toward the best hypoallergenic makeup products for your own use. Whether or not you have had problems in the past with allergic reactions or irritation, it is a good idea to transition to these safer products if possible.

If you are wondering where to look for your next purchase, here are a few brands that I have discovered overtime to be hypoallergenic namely Clinique, NATorigin, Almay, Neutrogina, Physicians Formula to name a few.If you are someone who usually suffers from sore or irritated eyes from wearing make-up, then it’s worth investing in brands that cater for this particular need. Do let me know if you know of any such brands!