Loving this week

1. Naked More Volume  Body Building Mousse. This one's free of any silicones and chemicals, which is quite a shocker when it comes to hair products. They are usually overflowing with chemicals that we aren't even aware of. Hence an all-natural hair care range is always welcome.

Unlike other sticky and hard to pump out mousse, this one has a much better pump dispenser and is not sticky at all. I usually like to work with a mousse at the ends of my hair but this is perfect for naturally lifted hair around the crown area. I like to use it on wet-damn hair so it soaks it in well and then blow dry it. Would work wonders even with thick, wavy hair.

2. LP Skin Therapy Uplifting Facial Water. A range by Dr Linda Papadopolous, with a holistic approach to treating skin taking into account the body and minds internal factors as well. This particular toner contains Aloe Vera and Hibiscus Extract and is great for sensitive skin that is prone to blemishes.

Having said that, it mildly hydrates as well but is more geared towards anti-ageing properties, calming and reviving the skin. With a fresh oragey scent to it, it's just perfect for this sunny season. In the line of Caudalie's Beauty Elixir I thought.

The Balancing Face Wash is another great addition to use prior to using the Facial Water. Again, it's geared towards promoting an even skin tone and reducing fine lines however I found it be more of a sensitive face wash that helps reduce blemishes and does not over hydrate skin.

3. MeMeMe Shimmer Stack. This one's in Gold. If you're like me and cannot stand over the top glittery highlighters (tut tut Dior Amber Diamond and Nars Albatross), then this one's more of a natural, healthy-skin sheen and comparably more wearable during the day time. 

It reflects light just as beautifully minus the frosty, chunky glitter finish. It has a finely milled silky texture and the case as well as the powder reminds me so much of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. Because it retails for a fraction of the price, it is consequently a little less pigmented but on the whole, worth the money. 

4. Illamasqua Precision Ink in Wisdom. I have been loving wearing this since I got this at the A/W Generation Q collection launch. It's the most beautifully unique olive green, almost blackened with multi coloured flecks of finely milled glitter particles, mostly dominated by a strong golden sheen.

Quite long wearing this one is and needs a good eye make-up remover to get it off.

It reflects light a bit too much but fits perfectly with the Generation Q collection and ethos that regardless of age, one shouldn't be afraid of a little bit of glitter and glam.
5. Beauty Blender. Technically TQ Blend & Define Precision sponge. The only affordable beauty blender alternative that I could find in the UK. I ignored it for months letting it gather dust at the bottom of my train case but have recently discovered it to blend out Illamasqua's Rich Liquid Foundation and I haven't looked back.

It's not as soft and bouncy as the original beauty blender but works just as effectively if not better. I am not fond of the grip and the dent it has in the middle as it obstructs blending seamlessly. However if you don't want to fork out more than a tenner on a sponge then this one fits the bill retailing for a fiver. 



Inspired by the front cover of Make up International Magazine that I was given at the Charles Fox Masterclass, I tried to do something similar of that sort. Of course, it didn't turn out any closer to the actual image and I am going to blame the lack of Kryolan eye shadows in my collection. 

But here's my drugstore rendition of it using Sleek i-Divine palettes. 

The magazine has many other brilliant looks which I shall take a pictures of and upload here for you guys to have a look at. They are absolutely fantastic and imaginative. I wish I could subscribe to this magazine. It seems to originate from the US stating USD 10 as it's price on the cover.

Let me know if anyone knows where I can get this from.


DIY Magnetic Palette: Blusher

I have been having storage issues regarding my overflowing make-up these days and wanted to try and make the containers as compact as possible by storing them in one magnetic palette. After browsing through a handful of suppliers such as Z palette, Unii, Yaby, Japonesque, Make Up For Ever and so on, I found them to be quite expensive considering they were all around £20. 

I guess it might be value for money if you're a professional MUA but for a consumer who merely wants to organise drugstore blushers, it's not cost effective logically you see. MAC was definitely out of question as I wanted an empty palette without any dividers or preset shapes. 

Browsing through a few unique ideas floating on the web, I started hunting for a slim container that I could use for this DIY job and voila, a decade old pencil colour case was found. Out went the pencils and in came the blusher pans.

All you should need is a magnetic sheet or a double sided sticky tape.

I ordered a thin magnetic sheet from ebay, less than half mm, which came in a A5 form and was self adhesive conveniently. The rest of the cutting and sticking behind pans is self explanatory I believe.

Yes they are all Sleek blushers. Spot an obsession here don't we?

And me being myself could not see the pencil colour pattern peeping through the lid and covered it (albeit quite messily) in left over wall paper. 

I am aware that now it looks more like a teenage girls diary than a palette but we live and learn eh. 

Can you even spot it amongst my other palettes? *looks at you excitedly for approval* Just say you can't.

Let's just do with this temporary measure until I bring out an affordable, accessible and pretty magnetic palette line in the UK now shall we?

Better than me at this DIY job? Please share how in the comments below.


NATorigin Lipsticks

It's always nice to discover a new cosmetic brand, especially when it's made in France by a family run business. NATOrigin is a brand that has been introduced in the UK by a couple in Oxfordshire 2 years ago. In very little time they have managed to bag quite a few awards for their products which is great!

Their products have quite a few credentials to them such as being organic, hypoallergenic, paraben free, free of mineral oil & silicone and approved by Allergy UK. Phew, that's a mouthful eh but always great to know that what it contains is 97% naturally sourced ingredients.

Their award winning lipsticks are full of waxes, butters and oils such as beeswax, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and even orchid extract for that irresistibly smooth texture that you can see in the swatches below. 

The texture of these is extremely silky and they glide on the lips like a balm and coat the surface area quite nicely, demonstrating brilliant pigment quality. As you can probably tell from the picture below, they are considerably glossy in finish, with a gorgeous sheen to them. A lip gloss on top is surely not required. 

I personally cannot stand wearing Lipsticks on a daily basis as they dry out my lips and peel and crack during mid-day. However these feel more hydrating that a lip balm and besides their overtly creamy texture, don't feather, bleed or fade quickly. Although sealing it with a lip liner would ensure longevity

I have tried out two shades from their Lipstick range namely Lychee and Fig. Lychee is a gorgeous my-lips-but-better shade for me. A soft mid-toned pink with mauve-lilac undertones to it. Fig on the other hand is a pure terracotta shade. A brick red to be precise. 

Because of the easily wearable texture, I love both the shades, Lychee a tad bit more. It's impossible to dislike these or even find a fault with it honestly. 

Excuse the hay fever-ish eyes please. *sniff sniff* 
The only problem I found with the Lipsticks was that they because they are SO hydrating and deliciously soft, they tend to melt slightly in hotter climate. A few days ago when temperature went up to 28 degree celsius and because my dresser is in my conservatory, I noticed the Lipsticks were melting down. Of course a short trip to the fridge can solve the problem or better if you can store them unexposed from the sun. 

Besides that, I truly haven't tried more moisturising, non-drying lipsticks before and I know where to get myself lipsticks from in the future. We need many more shades in the range NATorigin if you're listening :)


Empties #1

Now that the 'Empties' tag is huge on YouTube and the blogosphere, here is my little stash to which I can only say RIP.

Gielly Green Repair Mask - This was a delight to use. It has an unusually thick, paste like consistency and is meant to be applied only to the ends of the hair. It worked so well at reviving my hair from colour damage and split ends. A humongous pot so it's likely to last a good few months if used twice a week. 

KeraStraight Protein Mask - I got this at the same time as the Gielly Green one but this one did not work wonders for me. It was simply okay. The extremely thin, liquid like consistency meant I couldn't really gauge how much product to use hence ended up finishing the entire pot in just a few washes. Thumbs down!

Gielly Green Argan Rescue - A pricey little gem yet a must-have for all girls who like taking care of their hair. I haven't found a better leave-in serum before and trust me, I am hair obsessed and have tried a tonne. Again, it's quite thick in consistency and one pea sized amount is enough. It's not sticky or greasy but hydrates hair wonderfully and repairs ends and damage like it never existed. 

Origins Youthopia Lift Firming Cream - This was a funny one as it is geared towards very dry skin types and is meant to firm and tighten, all the effects that I don't look for. For me, it hydrated very well, leaving skin supple and plump with a velvety effect and didn't break out my combination skin. Needs a repurchase as a good moisturiser is something I hardly come across but it's a tad bit pricey. 

Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream - I simply don't get the hype surrounding this. Yes it's okay but that's about it. It's a thick, white cream that smells like medicine, taking time to spread and absorb on the skin and once absorbed leaves skin feeling slightly congested, as if I am wearing make-up. Only recommend for winter if you suffer from extremely dry skin. Otherwise don't bother as there's better stuff out there. 

Keromask Finishing Powder - An underrated product when face powders are dominated by Chanel, Laura Mercier and MAC. I used every last bit there was left in the container, honestly and I have never done that before with something as boring as a Face Powder. It's very finely milled, is translucent but doesn't leave that white cast in fact a flattering soft-focus effect. Lasts ages and keeps oil at bay for a good few hours. 

Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer - I am sure this product was loved equally by everyone who bought it from The Body Shop's Honey Bronze collection. Available in various shades, mine's number 02, a warm, golden beige that's only a shade darker than my skin tone hence gives a subtle yet natural contour and warmth. It's texture was almost so creamy and left no streaks or tide marks what so ever. I need more. 

What have you emptied lately?