A little haul

Repurchased a skin care favourite namely the No 7 Advanced Hydration Day Cream and tried two new products namely No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser and Good Karma Body Spritzer by Good Works

A lot has already been said about the No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser that apparently rivalled Liz Earle's Classic Cleanser. I have tried the Liz Earle one as well and that's substantially more thick and creamy and it's muslin cloth more soft on the skin. This being only a few pounds cheaper is more foamy and light but still lush to use compared to the generic face wash. I can see clear skin peeping through with it's use however so two thumbs up!

Aah. I have loved this product for years. If you have dry-normal-combination skin, this is great for when you need that instant burst of hydration. It leaves skin quite glowy without breaking it out and moisturises intensely. Great for dry skin occurring due to allergies and hay fever in the Summer. Avoid this if your skin leans towards the oily side though.
This is officially the year of body mists for me. I have tried a almost every one available in the market from The Body Shop, Soap & Glory and so on and this is a great addition to the ever growing family.

It's a gorgeous therapeutic warm, floral scent with a kick of woody notes to it. A great stress buster and for creating a calm atmosphere around you.

p.s. A little DIY over the week led to me create an at-home magnetic palette for storing blusher refills and pans. Post to follow :) 


Nanoblur. Then Hydraluron.

We know Hyaluronic acid is a protein found naturally in living organisms, most abundantly in the skin and one which depletes with increasing age leading to more dry, wrinkly skin. A tonne of capsules and other treatments as such are available in the market for consumption or direct injection into the body to increase it's level and to prevent premature ageing.

However a tube available in Boots for £24.99 that is less painful than injections, has fewer side effects than capsules and is more trustworthy from Indeed labs who have come up with great products such as Nanoblur and Peptalash previously, is surely more appealing and an accessible option right?

What the makers of this product say is that they use the highest quality of Hyaluronic acid that can penetrate in the skin easily, gradually lead to greater skin cells turnover and eventually lead to a skin texture that does not require as much hydration via moisturisers by being able to hold more water in the skin. I may be slightly wrong technically but that's what I interpreted from the skin's chemistry jibber jabber on the Boots website.

It's been only a few days since I have started using it and my skin's loving it. Not only is it drinking it up like I have never fed it any moisturiser ever, it's working quite well with my skin type as well not causing any breakouts of disruptions as such.

As expected and to all our relief, it is a gel formula which we all like to use. When applied if feels very light and airy and sinks into the skin in less than 10 seconds. Following that however, skin does not feel tight or parched but just 'normal'. Now I wanted to test it without applying any further moisturiser on top of it as recommended and that's what I have been doing. 

Yes it does leave skin more bouncy, supple and almost baby soft. I still have some dry areas around my eyes  and nose that I feel need more moisture. So if I'd be wearing make-up, I'd have to moisturise those areas otherwise foundation is likely to cake up there. 

As I said, I've only been using it since a few days now and loved it so had to let you guys know. I love it much more than Nanoblur as it's more geared towards my skin type that is combination-sensitive yet has dry patches - basically confused.

I can see it being immensely popular amidst ladies with mature, dry skin types. Having said that, I am still testing how it will improve my skins natural hydration level over the next couple of weeks and will do an updated post so keep your eyes peeled.

Do you think you'll be picking this up on your trip to Boots?



Smart cherry

Don't you just love the name? It's so catchy.

What I love more is the reddish-pink heavenly colour of this Rituals Nails Varnish. Who'd have thought Rituals made such beautiful shades and formulas. I am usually clouded by OPI, Essie and China Glaze when it comes to nails.

Now now, I have a tonne of nail varnishes in the red-pink family but this one's truly unique. It's an understated red, a grown up bright cherry shade that makes me feel elegant and polished.

And that's just one coat! I am not even kidding.

It dries to a creamy, glossy finish and does not chip for a good few days. Best of all, you know you hate applying nail paint because it takes an hour to dry and sometimes even smudges after a careful application session? That does not happen with this as I managed to apply and dry both hands within 15 minutes.



Beautifying Oil. If that's possible.

I am not sure if this is a new product or not but The Body Shop have come up with a 'Beautyfying Oil' that is an all rounder and can be slapped on to the face, body, hair and you get the drill...almost everywhere.

I have the 'Coconut' one and it smells so warm and delicious. I'd say definitely not a summer scent but not so inappropriate that one simply cannot wear it this season. It is however more apt for the Winter and so is the entire concept of using oil's you would argue.

However this particular one is not the sticky, greasy one that you are formulating in your mind. It's one of those oils that are less dense, leaning towards a light and airy texture and almost disappear when applied leaving a slight sheen. Hence even when the sun's out, this is a great companion for dry legs and arms, especially if you shave.

3 light weight oils it's made up of: Kukui, Sweet Almond and Community Fair Trade Marula Nut 
If works well on the face too, considering that I have combination skin that is very prone to breakouts, this hardly disrupted it at all if applied strictly as a pea-sized amount and left on as an overnight treatment.

It works best for dry, damaged, coloured hair and split ends however. Hair and oils are a match made in heaven considering how easily it absorbs in, feels like it's actually working and 'mending' split ends and when washed out, leaves a gorgeous shine.

Use it as a 20 minute mask before washing hair, leave it overnight or simply add some in after blow drying hair. No it doesn't weigh hair down as I know it must be a burning question amongst everybody. As the general rules of hair products apply, use it sparingly starting at the lower ends of the hair.

Available for £9 in more than a dozen different scents, it's worth a try!



Charles Fox Marathon Masterclass

This weekend I was invited to the Charles Fox Marathon Masterclass where Make-up Artists from around the world were presenting their skills namely James Vincent, Lan Ngugyen, Liz Bylett and Stuart Bray to name a few.

The class included Drag Make-up, Body Painting, Celebrity/Hollywood Make-up, High Fashion, Prosthetics and so on.

I absolutely enjoyed High Fashion by Lan Nguyen and Hollywood by James Vincent. If you haven't checked Lan Nguyen's work, you have to check her out. She has the most incredible talent in creative unique, runway looks without making them appear drag.

James Vincent on the other hand told us about his experiences on working on shows such as America's Top Model, Sex in the City and celebs such as Lady Gaga and Kristen Stewart amongst other A listers.

Liz Bylett displayed her extraordinary body painting skills within the theme 'all things great about Britain' throughout the day and demonstrated how it takes 6 hours and an unbelievably patient model to complete a masterpiece. On being asked who her favourite client was, Richard Branson was her immediate answer.

Oh and a demonstration on Prosthetic make-up by Stuart Bray was jaw dropping as well. He has worked on some of the biggest films in the industry including the Gladiator and how much effort, precision and talent is required in achieving a 'realist looking zombie' is unimaginable. One of the toughest areas of make-up artistry clearly it was.

Without further ado, here are a truck load of eye candy pictures from the event. Quite shamelessly.


Personally staggering on a 2 inch heel myself, I couldn't resist taking photos of the models shoes. Their wardrobe as you can see was extravagant but gobsmackingly beautiful in real life. 

Almost all of the products used in the event were by Kryolan and I have to admit I am tempted to purchase quite a few of their palettes. It's amazing how pigmented and effective for the job these are when us mere consumers are happy flaunting our fancy Chanel-esque cases and compromising with a 'sheer' coverage in the name of designer brands.

I do have some Kryolan products that I received at the event and will be reviewing them in the days to come. Until then, if you have a favourite Kryolan product, let me know in the comments below so I can add it to my ever increasing wish-list.



Is a range of fragrances inspired by ever changing moods and diverse characteristics that us humans (especially the ladies) possess. I quite like their tag line 'fragrance with attitude' and completely believe in their ethos that a fragrance should reflect ones moods, as otherwise it totally defies the therapeutic purpose of it. 

I usually can relate fragrances to certain snapshots in life. For instance I used to wear a certain fragrance to gym a few years ago and when I wear it again, it brings back that same level of energy that I had back then. Thierry Muglar's Angel for instance is something I relate to comfort and the cozy winter and it never fails to calm me down and make me feel myself again. I can't however wear it in the Summer though as it injects back the laziness and makes me despise the sunshine.

Anyhow, coming back to So's range of Fragrance, superficially they immediately look designed for a slightly younger audience. Myself being in early 20's don't find it offensive at all, in fact I like how peppy it is for a change. Pink and purple have always been a favourite regarding colour hence the So Sinful and So Enticing range are right up my street!

Regardless of the colour, both variations smell delicious too. So Sinful as the name suggests is seductive with its sweet, warm chocolatey notes. I can definitely sniff some vanilla and jasmine and it has a particularly delightful dry down without being sickening sweet. It manages to smell creamy without making one smell like a bakery, that most of us dread with chocolate and vanilla based fragrances. 

Sophistication aside, if you're someone who likes street art, you'll love how chic and funky the So Enticing bottle is. This one's mostly fruity with a hint of floral to it. It avoids being a fruit cocktail with some rose and sandalwood injected in its dry down. It's perfect for the long summer days and is quite uplifting and energetic. 

I can't tell much of a difference between the EDT and the Body Fragrance besides longevity. If you want to try out the fragrance before purchasing the EDT, I'd say give couple of flavours a try as for £2 a pop, they really won't break the bank. I highly recommend these two as they are completely the opposite and make lovely handbag staples for the hot and humid season (that is yet to come in London!).


Festival survivor kit - do you have one?

This is the one that Revlon has come up with as they have teamed up with the Isle of Wight Festival and are officially doing make-up for them backstage. This includes Revlon Photoready 3D Mascara and Photoready Cream Blush, both of which I had no idea were out in the UK!
Festival make-up should be clean and minimalistic, with a pop of colour injected on the nails, lips and cheeks so it doesn't appear bland. Of course longevity is important as well hence most of the products should be long wearing and waterproof, without requiring touch-ups. 

Inspired from Revlon's Capsule collection, here is mine.

Models Own Prussian Blue
OPI Lunch at the Delhi
Teosyal Covering Repair
MeMeMe Eye Sweep
NYC Lip Stain
Avon SuperShock Max Waterproof
Topshop Cream Blush in Pinch
Seche Vite

Instead of the Revlon Photoready Concealer, I have my trusty Teosyal Cover Repair quad. It's a little compact that comes with four shades, including yellow, beige, salmon and peach, which is moist enough to use as a foundation and pigmented enough to conceal blemishes, dark circles and all that jazz. 

Topshop Cream Blusher's are truly the best. Much better than NARS and MAC. I need the entire collection really. Oh and those NYC Lip Stains are textureless, pure pigment and last all day. 

Do you have a festival survivor kit? If yet then do post about it on your blog and share it with us or let me know your cult-favourites in the comments below.

I feel I should do a similar post for Skincare and Hair as well.