Loving this week - Sanctuary Spa, Aussie, Orly...

An authentic BB cream that I have come across after ages! This one feels thick in consistency but disappears to almost nothing on the face, with the slightest of coverage and the most beautiful post-facial glow that I have ever seen. It contains an SPF of 15 and would be great for mature or dry skin types that need a boost of hydration in the Summer and are blessed with good skin. Due to its illuminating nature, I like to use it as a Primer underneath Foundation for that extra glow 'from within'. The only complaint I have of this is the lack of shades it's available in and that the shades run darker than usual.

Aussie's Summer collection. They have redesigned their bottles to reflect the season and I am in love with the Limited Edition 3 minute miracle. No exaggeration but it leaves my hair like silk. To me, it looks like they have reformulated their formula's as well as I have never been a die hard fan of the 3 minute miracle. The Colour Insurance Leave-in Conditioner is also a life saver. I cannot tell you how many times I spray it in my hair to protect it from heat tools and the sun and it has never felt sticky, only leaves hair super moisturised and deliciously scented.

Orly Decoded. I believe it's a part of their latest release Electronica Collection and has the most beautifully opaque consistency I have ever come across in their polishes before. Above is only one damn coat and that's how good it looks. The shade is a cloudy grey with a hint of taupe to it. Not sure why it appears greenish in the bottle as it doesn't transfer as such on the nails. It looks quite flattering on my skin tone and is not dreary or goth-like at all. It has a creamy finish to it and after 3 days, is still going strong on the nails. 

My phone case which has been truly saving it from a million times that I manage to drop it on the floor. Plus I love how it looks. It's from ebay by the way and I wish they were sold more accessibly in stores. Of course I am team Android any day and love my Samsung Galaxy to bits.


French Manicure DIY

I am not the best at DIY's. True story.

But after the hoopla surrounding the Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener, I had to give it a try myself. People in London must surely read a lot of blogs as it was out of stock at 3 locations and I finally was able to grab it as Liverpool Street Station.

What you need.

1. An opaque white nail polish with a fine brush for precision
2. A translucent pink polish. Basically one that lacks pigmentation and is glossy.
3. A clear nail paint to use as a top coat.

Don't forget to file your nails before attempting this so they are all in one shape. I like mine to have squarish shape but each to its own.

Oh and if you can find a correcter pen, like the Rituals one I have here, it will make your life a whole lot easier as if you make a mistake on the tip, its easy to erase it. 

I like to paint the white tip first so if I make a blooper, it can be corrected without disturbing anything underneath it. Once that's dry, I paint the pink polish just before the tip of the nails start and once that's dry, seal it with a top coat. 

Having the shakiest hands in the world, I think it turned out pretty decent :)

I quite like how healthy it makes my nails appear. If you have any favourites for at-home French Mani, do let me know.


Bargain of the day: Barbara Daly High Impact Mascara

Or shall we call it BOTD instead? Perhaps they even do in the blogosphere. I unfortunately don't get as much time to have a good read around hence the ignorance.

So I watched Fleur's video the other day - from Fleur De Force of course, her £20 make-up challenge and excitedly thought to myself that I should post a similar blog post. After just 15 minutes, I returned back to my room with my head hanging in shame as I couldn't, just couldn't find products for a full face that were under £20.

Even £30 would suffice but £20, even if I use multi-purpose products it was just impossible. It sounds clich├ęd due to the number of times you must have heard this line but it is true that make-up in the UK is considerably more expensive than US, Canada and India. I am planning a trip to Superdrug soon to hunt down some bargains though.

Whilst hunting for products for my £20 make-up challenge, I noticed Mascara's in particular were so expensive, most above the £10 mark. Just then I found one by Barbary Daly which retails for £6 and I was ecstatic and had to share.

It's a considerably good black shade for the daytime. As you can see, it has clearly tinted my 'greyish' lashes quite well. It also lengthens and separates nicely. So it's not a volumising mascara hence not a clumpy texture at all.

The wand is a clever one with the bristles/spikes getting shorter towards the ends where the lashes are shorter so you don't end up with mascara blobs all over the lid. The bristles overall are comparably shorter than other mascara wands but still quite close together for separation.

If you can compromise with a dull black tube that isn't Chanel-esque from any angle, this one's just as good as my high-end Mascaras if not better.

Do check it out at your local Tesco.

Sleek 2012 Collection - Glory i-Divine

I'm not really sure what the palette is actually called. 2012? Glory? Hence everything included in the title.

So this one's for the Brits to get you all pumped up for the Olympics to come. The 2012 limited collection will come with a i-Divine, a Blush and a Pout Polish.

The palette is a good mix of gloomy neutrals, much like the British weather all year round and vibrant bright shades taking inspiration from the Olympic rings as well as the famous British underground train lines.

Can you easily spot District and Central? I hate both! Not the shades, the train lines I mean. It's Overground for me all the way.

Surprisingly all shades, regardless of the matte red, bright shimmery yellow and moss green, are all superbly pigmented. No disappointments with even a single shade this time around. The shimmery and matte neutrals are particularly very good quality and the star of the palette in my opinion. 

There's a matte bluish-grey in here which I absolutely love. Don't have a similar one in my collection and it looks so pretty on all eye colours.

Available from 4th of July for a limited time only, do you think you'll have your hands all over the palette or will give it a miss?

p.s. Why have Sleek shrunk their logo on the palette to the centre? It looked superb all over the palette!


Summery runway inspired EOTD

I absolutely love runway looks, especially those that seem roughly sketched and don't have their edges blended. They're almost like a subtle cut crease, have a winged out shape on the outer corner of the eye are neat and crisp.

Quite a refreshing change from our over blended, brow-bone covering eye shadow looks. Plus, it's much more easier to pull off bold colours in such a look as they don't go over your natural crease hence don't show up as much. Great for summer weddings!

I used two Barbara Daly Satin Swirl Eye Shadows for this look. These are gorgeous by the way. If you haven't tried them out yet, I recommend rushing to your nearest Tesco now.

This is what I had in mind...

And this is what I came up with.

It's quite simple compared to other EOTD's I have done in the past. But simplicity is its beauty here. Ditch the overdone eye this summer and opt for something simple like this in other colour combinations or just one block of colour perhaps.

I love how it ends just under the crease of the lid.

Oh the falsies applied on the outer corner are Superdrug's own brand. Cheaper than chips :)


Sponsored Video: Clinique Chubby Sticks

I’m not sure how true it is but apparently the Clinique Chubby stick craze has spread like wild fire globally, leading to one Chubby Stick being sold every 15 seconds! I have heard similar crazy things about YSL’s Touche Eclat and it’s amazing how this has caught on the same trend, considering that Clinique is considered pretty ‘high-street’ compared to the luxe YSL.

I have only tried Pudgy Peony till date, which is a cool toned, fuchsia pink. I personally feel this one’s the most flattering pink they have for the Summer, as it’s cool toned so it will not only brighten the teeth and sallow complexion but it’s much easier to pull off compared to other shades of pink and looks very much ‘in-trend’ due to its fun and chirpy colour.
Plus, if you’re planning to invest in one of these best-selling Clinique lippys, why not invest in a bold, vibrant shade that you would otherwise not wear if in the form of a full-on lipstick. Now that it’s summer and it’s perfect to experiment with brighter shades than usual, I have my eyes on two namely ‘Voluptuous Violet’ and ‘Heaping Hazelnut’. Both are a part of the brand new shades that have just joined the Chubby Stick army.

From swatches and reviews in the blogosphere, Voluptuous Violet seems like a wearable purple, edgy enough but not quite as vampy as the shade usually is in traditional lipsticks. Heaping Hazelnut on the other hand appears to be a sumptuous tawny brown that won’t make me appear like a corpse.

Regardless of who you ask, they are nicely hydrating, quite glossy and juicy looking on the lips, with a decent colour payoff that is buildable. For girls who cannot stand the feeling of lipsticks on the lips (no they do exist *both hands up*), this is a go-to product for all seasons, especially due to the variety of shades available.

*Sponsored post