Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation

This is slowly becoming a blog focused purely on my Foundation ramblings no?

I really can't help it. Achieving a flawless base is always top on my list and other make-up items follow. Just like many others out there, I still haven't found my HG and am surviving on mere favourites so here's another one, namely the underrated Burberry Foundation.

Underrated because brands like Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana just never stir up enough hype although their products are much superior in quality compared to Chanel, Guerlain and the rest.

The Foundation, without doubt, looks classy and elegant regarding packaging, just like Burberry's clothing range. It flaunts the the famous checked print and covers almost the entire bottle which I quite like. The bottle feels sturdy but not heavy or fragile at all.

We'll start with the shade first. I believe they have 9 shades in the range in total and No 05 is a perfect colour match to MAC NC30. It has clear yellow undertones but not so sallow to make skin tone appear dull. It's a beigey-yellow if that makes sense. 

Surprisingly a perfect shade match in a high-end Foundation when recently I haven't been able to find a spot-on one for myself in both Chanel and Lancome. *sigh*

Regarding the texture and finish, it feels like a hybrid of gel and cream when pumped out on the hand and a little goes a long way, which you can probably tell by how pigmented and opaque it appears on my hand.

It sets to a lovely satiny-dewy finish and lasts for around 6 hours after which it will need some touching up. I don't really need to use a lot of powder to set this one and it looks quite pretty on its own. If you are someone who hates the feeling of wet foundation, you'll love this one as it sets immediately and does not transfer. 
The only negative point I have to say about this Foundation is that it is not best for very dry skin types as it will cling to every dry patch and exaggerate very fine lines if you have any.

Otherwise, perfect as a light-medium coverage foundation for combination-oily skin types and you won't even feel like you're wearing anything on your face, it's that light and non-cloggy. It evens out skin tones and brightens it quite well but if you have acne, blemishes and pigmentation, a concealer is a must.

Oh and it's mildly scented as well which I love compared to paint-like foundations but not in an offensive manner that it might irritate skin.

It's considerably better than Chanel Perfection Lumiere is what I personally discovered, in both finish and coverage. Not quite as brilliant as Lancome Tient Idole however - just to give you a window between which it fits easily.

Available to purchase for £35, if it's good enough for Olivia Palermo, it's good enough to try ;-)


Father's Day gift ideas

If you're someone who goes hunting for Father's Day presents on the last minute and haven't still bought yours, here are some fun and funky options for the 'cool' dad's out there.

I love the bath & body range by Manatomicals. Not only do they look uber funky (which man doesn't like black and yellow?), they have some hilarious things written all over them which should be perfect for someone with a good sense of humour.

They are cheap and chirpy, easily accessible and do what they say on the tin. Plus, they'd look so fun on the bathroom shelf. That's all men want eh.

A similar brand named 'Groomed' also do great Male Grooming products and are available at Asda. If you feel it's too little a present, pop it into a goody bag with other things. Come on, Father's Day comes just once in a year.

The products here smell deliciously musky and lush for the price and are just as effective as high-end ones. The Post Shave Balm and Cream especially are great. 

You can't go wrong with Liz Earle's and Clinique's entire range of skin care dedicated to men, with sleek design and hassle-free products. These are on the pricier side however but men seriously won't ever purchase skin care for themselves so you'll do them the favour if you do. 

And if nothing works, a good fragrance is a no brainer and makes a perfect present. Now I have heard a tonne of people raving about Blue De Chanel and Chanel fragrances are always a hit so you can't go wrong with it.

I personally love Armani Code, Sexy 212 and CK Eternity. They're all equally amazing smelling. 

If you are looking for a present for someone extravagant however, Illamasqua Freak, the latest limited edition bottle will be just perfect. It is more concentrated compared to the original version and looks out of this world stunning. Yes it is unisex and after having smelt it, it clearly leans towards manly scents in my opinion.


New releases from Neom

You know I'm a huge fan of Neom and everyone is really, who's ever tried out something from them.

Recently they have released a new Body Cream and a Hand Cream. Of course they are Organic but what I love about them is their simple packaging, how hydrating they are and their uniquely delicious scents.

My personal favourite is the Complete Bliss Organic Hand Cream because it's my favourite scent from their range, the Moroccan Blush Rose. If you like sophisticated sweet fragrances, this one's a bit like almonds and roses, then this is a must-have for you to try out.

The Inspiration Body Cream on the other hand is flowery and woody. It's quite sharp yet summery and fresh at the same time. It's completely the opposite regarding scents to the Moroccan Rose one.

Again, this is deliciously whipped and spreads like a dream on the skin, leaving it so smooth. Although it's summer, I still like to slather it all over the body and it works as a moisturiser and body mist, both in one.

The products are priced steeply at £20 for the Hand Cream and £35 for the Body Cream but it's well worth it if you like high-end, organic skin care that smells heavenly and feels lush on the skin.



Summer survivors

Just two things.

1. Try YooMoo Frozen Yogurt if you haven't yet. It will take you a heck of a time to track it down in a hidden freezer in a supermarket but well worth the effort.

2. Try Lancome make-up. It's underrated in the blogosphere. Only Michelle Phan speaks about it!

Heat protectants, summery scents and body mists, hydrated lips, 'no-makeup' makeup using mostly Vichy Dermablend, brow gel and separating Mascara's have been a big hit with me recently as well.

If you find scents uplifting in the Summer, definitely try out something from The Body Shop as they have a delicious collection lately. Also, Sisley Soir De Lune has completely replaced Thierry Mugler's Angel.

Tell me your summer favourites!


Bronzers - Why, Where and When?

So it's summer and it's almost inevitable that we DON'T talk about Bronzers.

I am quite 'brown' in my opinion so looking more tanned is definitely not on my list. I feel I just look muddy with a deeper colour on my skin and not quite like a 'bronze goddess'.

Hence personally I prefer to use a Bronzer to add dimension to my face i.e. under the cheekbones, around the temples, accentuating the jawline and all that jazz.

In a similar manner, everyone has a purpose in mind when they buy or use a bronzer and if you identify that correctly, the application will automatically become easy peasy as well as choosing the right product.

Above are my all time favourite Bronzers. Now instead of reviewing them all individually, which will put you guys to sleep, we'll quickly go over the finish, undertones and purpose of these

There can only be three purposes to use a Bronzer

1. To contour and add dimension = matte bronzer with golden brown undertones
2. To add colour to the entire face = matte/illuminating bronzer with beigey-brown undertones
3. To enhance a tan = shimmery/illuminating bronzer with reddish-pink undertones

I use the Chanel Bronze Universal for instance to contour the face as the golden-brown undertone mimics the natural contours of the face quite well. Now because it is ever so slightly illuminating as well, it can also be used to add colour to the entire face to fake a tan. It's texture is undetectable, longevity is second to none and the matte golden brown shade will work to achieve both purpose 1 and 2.

As for the The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer and Liz Earle's Natural Glow Bronzer, they have a beigey-brown undertone to them which is not quite golden. These can be used to add colour to the entire face without looking over the top. Use a big fluffy brush and dust all over the face at protruding areas where the sun would hit. As they are very slightly illuminating (not shimmery!), they won't look flat all over the face and will attempt to look skin-like, making your face look naturally tanned.

To achieve the third purpose of enhancing a tan, the Stargazer and Lavera Mineral Sun Glow Powder would work best. Both have a reddish-pink undertone to them and and are more illuminating/shimmery to achieve purpose 3. They will definitely bring out a tan more beautifully compared to the rest and help achieve a truely bronzed, sunkissed look.

What do you use a Bronzer for? If you have a favourite one do let me know.

p.s None of these bronzers are overtly shimmery, orangey or muddy hence if you're looking to invest in a new one, do check out one of these.

p.p.s The Cover FX Foundation winners, your prizes have been dispatched just today by the PR company. Apologies for the delay :-(


Sh*t Beauty Gurus Say!

There's so many of these video's out there on YouTube but I absolutely love how innocently this particular girl pull's off the comic part, without overacting. That's the primary reason of course. Not that I love her American accent and am slightly biased towards those who have one.

Let me know if you have come across a funnier 'Shit Beauty Gurus Say' video and leave a link below :)