MeMeMe Boho Balm

We always love some new releases from MeMeMe don't we? First the boxed blushers, then brow gel, the dew pot eye shadows and now the Boho Balm.

It's summer and as expected it's a multi-purpose, toss-it-in-your bag, creamy dreamy product.

They call it the Cheek & Lip Tint. I quite prefer calling it Boho Balm however. So chic! Check out the vintage inspired tin packaging. Brilliant is the word. Except that I have a slight problem opening it. Packaging blooper MeMeMe as I ended up digging my nails into the product. Not pretty.

Pink Rouge is your usual shade including a bubblegum pink and a reddish coral. You can't go wrong with it. Coral Taupe however is made for women of colour I suppose or those who despise the 'baby doll' look.  The shades in Coral Taupe are quite original and one of a kind as I haven't seen similar cream products in drugstores. 

Regarding texture, the closest I can compare them to is MAC's Cream Blushers. Exactly as sticky and pigmented. A bit more heavier on the cheeks if not just the same. It's not a bad thing necessarily as that means more longevity and that it won't slide off the skin. 

The texture of every single shade differs for some reason. Coral Taupe is more sheer as you can see and hardly shows up on my skin tone. Whereas Pink Rouge is heavily pigmented. The reddish coral shade in Pink Rouge is a dream to work it, both on lips and cheeks. Get it just because of that ladies. 

Best way to apply is surely not fingers. Use a stiff synthetic brush or a foundation brush for best results. They are a match made in heaven for lips. A love-hate relationship they share with the cheeks however.

My favourite? I'm still on the fence. Tell me yours!

£4.50 a pop currently from mememecosmetics.co.uk.


Who needs a Manicurist?

From Nail Wraps to Acrylic DIY's to a Press-on manicure - almost everything that a salon can do professionally in £20 plus is available for under a tenner in the high street these days. 

Who needs a manicurist then? Unless of course what they do is not replicable at home. Psstt. I highly doubt. 

Presenting the animal print manicure. Without the nasty gluing involved. 

imPRESS Nails have a range of Press-on Manicure Nail's that come already glued and all one needs to do is to peel the sticker and press them on the nails. Even a toddler can do that and so can all you clumsy ladies out there. 

They claim to last on the nails for up to a whopping week. For me, although they did not last more than 3-4 days, they pass the test with full marks because they stood up to all the daily chores and activities without budging or annoying the hell out of me as I previously expected with these. 

The only reason they had to come off was because leopard print is so NOT me. There... I said it. 

But there is a solution to that as these are available in quite a few designs. Honestly I am not a big fan of their 'patterns' at they are a bit too loud and gaudy for me. However the shades available in their 'solids' rage seems brilliant and right up my street!

Available from Boots, Superdrug, CVS, Walmart and almost every nook and corner in this world, they retail for a reasonable £7.99 which I feel is great value for money especially for occasional wear. It seriously saves tonnes of time and the mess involved. 


This week in pictures

Chow Chow. Spotted this adorable little thing at Oxford Street. So many people were taking pictures of it and why not, it's almost like a stuffed toy!

Barbican Lemon Malt. It's so warm yet refreshing for the summer. Such a delicious non-alcoholic festive alternative. 

Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino. Can you believe I used to have a warm drink every Summer since the past few years as I was literally addicted to their Mocha. Just recently I have been hooked to their Fraps, this and the new Cookie Crumble one. Yum. It's quite heavy though, full of calories so I like to replace this with a meal. Unhealthy yet true!

Chanel Perfection Lumiere. It is perfection in a bottle. So light on the skin, so easy to spread, yet provides a flawless complexion. Great for the summer. Full review coming soon with better pictures ;-)

What have you been loving this week?