Face of the day + ramble

In case you forget how I look, here's a once in a blue moon FOTD.

I recently cut in some short layers to add a bit of volume around the crown area. Looks good no? I quite like it, it's so refreshing. I am not a trained hairdresser hence it usually takes me a week to get the layer perfect so it looks more obvious. It's still day 2, so it looks quite feathery and wispy.
A thinning scissor is what I used mainly to take off the weight of the hair in the middle so it feels more appropriate for the Summer. Every girl needs this tool in her vanity! Don't be scared to use it, it will not chop off hair but will rather thin it so it moves beautifully when the wind blows.

My hair ramble aside, this is what I wore today. I absolutely love how the Jemma Kidd Rosy Glow brings a natural flush to the cheeks in the summer and has an undetectable texture. Must have!

Cover Fx Natural Fx Foundation - M50
Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation - Nude
Sleek Brow Kit
Liz Earle Bronzer
Jemma Kidd Rosy Glow Lip & Cheek tint
Dolce & Gabanna Eye Shadow Quad - Nude
Avon SuperShock Max Mascara

Hope everyone's enjoying the gorgeous weather and are set for the long Jubilee weekend. I am not a person to squeeze in between crowds so instead of witnessing the pageant live on Thames, I'm off to Leicester to see family and will be happy seeing snippets of the extravaganza when aired.

P.s. I finally redeemed a Selfridges gift card I received on my birthday and purchased Lancome Teint Idole and Chanel Perfection Lumiere. *does a little happy dance*


The little black dress

Unfortunately for me, I still haven't found the 'perfect' little black dress as of  yet. The quest is an ongoing one but I have full hope I shall spot one this year.

Besides the odd and fussy ones like me, most of you have found your LBD and women have used it iconically since decades when all looks fail and nothing seems to work.

To celebrate the all time favourite and classic apparel, Guerlain have introduced a latest scent this summer namely La Petite Robe Noire and regardless of my pathetic knowledge of French, I believe it literally translates in to 'the little black dress'.

I believe they have bought out a similar fragrance last year but this particular one has been reformulated.

It starts off with fun and quirky floral and fruity notes, a bit like cherries and roses and dries down to a more relaxed and mature note - mostly musky and smoked out, in the line of vanilla and patchouli.

The overall scent is quite floral and slightly musky. It's feminine and sweet yet in a 'parisian chic' manner. I quite like the depth of the fragrance and it's gorgeous combination of ingredients that go together so well, without overpowering each other. Me likey!

Available exclusively at Selfridges starting from tomorrow, don't forget to give it a sniff.


New Summer additions to L'Occitane

A little treat for all the dry/normal skin girls this Summer. (If that skin type even exists!)

L'Occitane has included three brand new additions to their Angelica Skin care range. Consisting for a Exfoliating Gel, Hydration Mask and a Hydration Mist, these add a fresh boost of radiance to the skin making it appear supple and all set to glow.

I quite like the sound of the Hydration Mask. Wouldn't it be simply great to travel with and apply in a plane journey as demonstrated by Lisa Eldridge in her recent video to protect skin from the cabin air? Although it's meant to show results in only 3 minutes. I remember Lisa said there are hardly any clear hydrating masks available in the market, so I thought this would be a great alternative if you're looking for one.

My favourite however is the Hydrating Mist. This is simply gorgeous to apply after a workout or for a day on the beach to refresh skin. It's not overtly sticky or with an offensive alcohol smell like some I have tried previously. It's quite light and absorbs in to the skin pretty quickly leaving it supple and velvety soft. It smells pretty much like cucumbers to me, so think light and refreshing!

I simply cannot stop spraying it throughout the day especially in this weather. Do you have a favourite face mist for the Summer? Let me know.



Glossybox turns 1!

It is exciting how the little beauty-in-a-box phenomenon that took over the blogosphere by storm last Summer has finally turned one.

Yes I know we had had our peaks and downfalls with Glossybox but love it or hate it, it's something that doesn't fail to capture attention and stir controversy.

Of course the first box was spectacular, their seasonal boxes impressed and definitely made a cute present, plus there is always an occasional winner hidden randomly between months.

I have taken inspiration from the brand and love to recycle their boxes and fill it with goodies when giving presents. The anticipation of what's there in a mysterious box never fails. Not sure if the boxes to come in the future will be just as good or even better but I have to congratulate the company for making the concept popular in the UK.

Here's a little glimpse of their Anniversary box this month. The fancy tissue wrapping has left us all drooling.

Eldora lashes were my favourite years ago when I first tried them. They are cheap as chips and available in such beautiful variety that you have to check them out if you haven't. I know some of you have received the jewelled eye lashes and I totally agree that I wouldn't know what to do with them.

New things I discovered and liked were the Apivita Cucumber Face Mask and the Lolita Lempicka Fragrances. I am looking for a bargain for these on Cheapsmells whilst writing this post, so you see it always help me discover  more brands.

I do however feel that considering all the hype that the brand used to create around the Anniversary box, it could have had more full sized products and exciting brands.

Glossybox are giving away tonnes of goodies on their Facebook page this month to celebrate the occasion so don't forget to 'like' and participate.

How to treat a breakout

These products are foolproof and something I have tried and tested that always work's effectively at treating and suppressing a breakout, acne or blemish within one to two days time. Now that we are into Summer *finally*, the humid weather and all that extra oil on the face is likely to cause skin eruptions more frequently and this surely does act as a saviour, especially if you are like me and overreact and panic at spots. 

These are the 5 products I immediately use when I detect a 'live' spot in the order in which they are listed. 5 simple steps and skin is back to normal in less than 5 days!

1.Oxy's Face Wash has Seaweed as a base which is known to fight and reduce acne, blackhead and spot causing bacteria but in a gentle manner without stripping the skin off any moisture. 

Although it's quite gentle, it leaves skin refreshed as if revealing a new layer. It contains jojoba microbeads for exfoliation and contains no alcohol hence the result is fresh and supple hydrated skin, something quite rare during a bad skin day!

2. From Clinique's basic 3 step skin care, the Clarifying Lotion is my absolute favourite and a staple. It contains Salicylic Acid which apparently peels the top layer of the skin to get rid of blocked pores and aids at shedding dead skin cells. 

It has a strong alcohol smell to it but it's bearable as it does what it says quite effectively. It dries out the breakouts and helps them disappear along side keeping skin looking glowing and fresh. It's a big no-no however to use it anywhere around the eye area so I'd be careful if I were you.

I generously cleanse the affected area with this on some cotton wool a few times a day. 

 3. A very exciting, dermatologist approved gadget is Oxy's Clearlight which uses blue light therapy to scan through layers of skin and kill the root cause bacteria P. acnes, that causes breakouts, acne and blemishes.

It's not UV rays or heat if you're sceptical, it's simply a beam of light that I place on the spot for 3 minutes a day, after cleansing and it significantly prevents the spot from developing at all and that too in a day or two. A must-have in every girls vanity!

 4. Before this I used to be always confused as to what moisturiser to opt for, if any, during breakouts. However the Seaweed Deep Calm Balm truly is a 'calming balm' as its name suggests.

It doesn't interrupt with the skin's problematic condition and hydrates the areas that need moisture to keep skin glowing despite blemishes. It's oil free and it's true balm like texture is a treat to apply liberally throughout the day.

5. Once I have moisturised the skin thoroughly with the above moisturiser and let it sink in, I will apply a Cleansing Mask, usually a clay based mask on the affected areas only as a spot treatment. It's best to apply this on weekends or at night time so it calms and dries the spot for a long period.

The mask is coloured of course hence you'd have to wear this when you are indoors. I have used the Liz Earle one since a year and it always helps in drying out the spot and preventing it from developing any further.

Phew, are you still awake?

I am aware this is long but hopefully helpful to damsels in breakout distress.


Illamasqua Naked Strangers - *hint hint, it's wearable!*

If you are a registered user on the Illamasqua website you can possible see a little preview of the Nail Varnishes from their latest 'Naked Strangers' Collection. I believe you can pre-order them as well. If you haven't registered on their website yet, you have to as the collection is the most wearable and gorgeous collection they have bought out till date in my opinion.

The name is so apt for a summer collection. It gives a hint that the shades will be muted and toned down for the sunny season along with injecting the eccentricity of the brand and keeping that undisturbed.

I want all the Nail Paints from the collection to be precise besides the milky pink one. Aren't the other two so heavenly metallic for the season? Besides that, the collection features two blushers, a cream and a powder and two nude/shimmer lip glosses. It couldn't have been more perfect in my opinion.
I have the Powder Blusher in Naked Rose and a Lip Gloss in Intimacy to show you guys which I am quite excited about. If you have read my previous posts, you know I am not a huge Illamasqua fan only because their products are gorgeously pigmented but not often wearable on a daily basis. This however, breaks that conception one has associated with the brand. 

'Naked Rose' is a hybrid of MAC Well Dressed and Gingerly blushers if that makes any sense. It has that light but bright effect that 'Well Dressed' has on the cheeks and the muted warmth that 'Gingerly' imparts.

It is a tad bit powdery I have to admit but the texture is very finely milled like a face powder, as if it's intended to be used all over the face for that brightening effect on sallow skin. 

The wear on the cheeks for this product is hence restricted and it doesn't stay on for long and requires reapplication. Regardless, this particular dusky beigey-pink shade is simply to.die.for.

The consistency and texture of the Lip Gloss in 'Intimacy' is however exceptional. It has amazing staying power hence there is not sliding off the lips or smudging. Having said that, it still manages to be non-sticky and goopy unlike MAC glosses.

The shade is more warmer than the blusher but in the same shade family more or less. It's a nude brown with a slight hint of pink dashed in and iridescent silver glitter which is very finely milled, solely there to give a fuller lip effect and reflect back better in light.

Will you be picking up anything from this collection?