A bit like Bioderma?

With so many people having trouble tracing and accessing a location to purchase Bioderma in the UK, I thought this was quite a good alternative. Many have raved about this before so it might not be new to some but it sure is a discovery for me and that too a damn good one!

It's the Etat Pur Micellar Cleansing Water.

How is it different from other Cleansers? It respects sensitive skin, does not contain soap and is made up of ingredients that are in sync with the skin's natural components or ones that gel with it, as opposed to others that reach with the skin.

Plus it's just like plain water. It doesn't soap, doesn't foam and doesn't irritate the skin. I like to use it with a cotton pad and it removes almost everything from mascara, eye shadow to a full-on face of foundation. It's quite a refreshing change from the notion that oil based cleansers melt make-up better and all that jazz. This does the job just as good if not better.

Saving the best for the last however, it's from the makers of Bioderma, it's priced dirt cheap at £6.40 and is available to purchase from the Etat Pur website, with...wait for it...free delivery and free samples! 

Try it now if you're looking for a new make-up remover or cleanser that's suitable for sensitive skin and simply cleans the skin without any fuss. 


Inika Fairground Collection

Not many organic brands are as exciting as Inika hence Inika being one of my favourite have released a new collection to celebrate their launch at John Lewis.

The collection is full of pastel, candy floss shades to compliment a tan and the golden beaches this Spring/Summer. The colour combinations are fun and quirky yet wearable and subtle at the same time. 

The collection consists of a Lip Gloss, Blusher, Mineral Eye shadows, Eye Pencil and a Lip Gloss.

Starting with my favourite, the Eye Liner in Green Lagoon is like none other. Such a heavenly pastel, mint-green. It's luminescent as well so it doesn't appear full-on when applied. Just this all over the lids and a good two coats of mascara would look gorgeous for a day on the beach.

This looks gorgeous on the lower waterline as opposed to nude, fleshy shades.

Aah the Mineral Eye Shadows in Candy Mint and Peach Fetish are perfect for the season. Candy Mint is a limited edition and is pretty similar to the Eye Liner shade. Peach Fetish is a golden, sun kissed shade which can easily be worn all over the lid. This would work well with all skin types!

 I shall do a look with this soon :)
The Limited Edition Mineral Blush in Carousel is a dusky, pinkish-brown. It has very obvious glitter particles that reflect so beautifully in the light. I doubt it can be worn as a blusher unless you like NARS's Super Orgasm. It makes a gorgeous highlighter however!

I am thinking of pressing it in a compact form as I get more use out of it.
As for the Lip Whip in Melon, it's not the most unique colour really, just a very muted beigey-pink with a lovely sheen to it. Inika's Lip Whips however are gorgeous in texture and consistency if you like subtle and non-sticky glosses, so do give them a try.

Overall, a collection much more fun that recent MAC collections from an organic brand seems quite impressive. Do check it out at John Lewis if you're ever around it.


Liz Earle Make-up - Initial thoughts

With all the hoopla surrounding Liz Earle's entry into Make-up, I am sure there are quite a few opinions out there already. Here's mine any way!

I tried out their Cream Blusher and Sheer Lip Gloss. I have both of them in quite warm shades first of all which is why my review can be slightly skewed. I personally am not a fan of warm shades as they usually clash with my already warm skin tone and make me look washed out or... 'older', if that makes any sense!

Coming to the Cream Blush at first, I was quite excited to try this out as I don't get along with MAC and NARS cream blushers and was hoping this would break all boundaries and become an immediate favourite.

To be fair, the product's consistency is second to none. It's so soft, easy to blend and high in quality that it surpasses NARS's cream blushers as well. 

I just found it did not deliver enough pigmentation as I'd like. I tried to build it with fingers and with various brushes but the effect remained as subtle as it was when applied initially. But then again, that's what the brand is trying to achieve eh? Natural beauty. 

It is quite a moisturising formula so great for those with dry skin in particular as it won't accentuate any dry patches. Having said that, it won't break out those with Oily skin types as well as it's not sticky at all. 
As you can see the formula and texture is superb. The shade is quite a retro peachy pink on my hands but it turns into quite a warm terracotta on my cheeks. The shade is Nectar and although pretty, it's not my favourite

Yes I am keen to try out the cooler, blue toned shades so do give them a try if you're fussy like me. 

The Lip Gloss in Quince is a very warm, toffee shade - almost a burnt orange-teracotta. Again, something that I can't pull off quite easily so it's all about personal preferences.

Keeping the particular shade aside, the formula is a winner. The best I have tried till date if I dare. The formula puts all NARS and MAC lip glosses to shame. It's so pigmented, yet feels light on the lips, does not glide or move and is not sticky at all. I am not even sure how that's possible to achieve!

Coming from some one who is not much of a lip gloss lover, you HAVE to try a lip gloss from the Liz Earle range ladies. They have some gorgeous shades available.
Keeping my preferences regarding the warm shades aside, here's a picture of me wearing both the Cream blusher and the Lip gloss. 

Will you be trying something from the Make-up range?



How do you define beauty? (Win 10 Cover FX Foundations!)

Want to win this scrumptious looking, high coverage Cream Foundation from Cover FX worth £36?

Simply answer the question 'How do you define individual beauty?' in the comments below with your email. The 10 best answers will win this gorgeous foundation.

It's ideal for all skin types, is rich in pigmentation and available in over 30 shades.

Don't forget to mention your shade in the comments as well so if you win we can make sure you receive a perfect fit for your skin colour. Click HERE to see what shades are available. You can also select your shade based on what colour match you are in MAC foundations which is great!

The Competition will end on Sunday 20 May and winners shall be announced here and will be emailed as well.

Go ahead and start commenting! 


Manuka Doctor - If it's good enough for celebs!

I quite like the name of the brand as I have always been a fan of Manuka Honey and it's benefits. This entire range is of course based on the primary product harvested by Bees i.e. the Bee Venom and all that good, naturally effective stuff.

Besides it's natural goodness, Bee Venom in Skincare has quite a celeb fanbase including Millie Mackintosh, Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and so on.

Manuka Doctor have quite a few ranges under the brand, suitable for different skin types such as troubled skin, dry skin, one for well being and one for restoration.

I myself suffer from combination-oily skin, mixed with a bit of dryness here and there hence I tried a good mix of products suitable for both needs.

The Cleanser is brilliant. It's very creamy and foams brilliantly, which makes it quite a luxurious treat. The results achieved from this are not parched and taut skin. It in fact leaves skin quite comfortable yet squeaky clean, delivering a nice, bright effect. 

You know how you usually have to rush to moisturise skin after washing it with a face wash? That doesn't happen with this product so I can lounge around for a good few hours without the need to moisturise. 

Aah the toner. Not many people are a fan of 'toners' in general. I am personally obsessed with the added 'essential' in my skincare regime. This toner in particular is less harsh than Clinique's but has still managed to keep my blemishes and spots under control quite significantly and has been a staple since then.

Again, feels like a dream to apply. Doesn't have any scent to it in particular and is suitable to use on the eyes and on sensitive skin. 

The Nourishing and Repair Cream is for dry and dehydrated skin and besides containing the bee venom and Manuka Honey, this has the added Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E for help restore the skin from damage and aid in cell generation. 

Yet another brilliant product from the range. The texture of this is quite like a gel and glides over the skin so smoothly leaving it velvety soft. It leaves skin significantly smoother and brighter compared to when I use other products. I would say it's suitable for all skin types as it's just perfect consistency and texture, hydrate and protect skin without breaking it out. 

Overall, quite a unique brand in my opinion. Why unique? Because it does more than what it says. It's like a milder version of Clinique. Lives up to the claims and is quite luxurious for a modest price. 

Available at Holland and Barrett, definitely check it out!


Favourite brushes of the week

They had to be Real Techniques ones eh?

I can't help it guys! I already had a few of the ones from the range but then I saw two new releases that seemed more unique than the ones I ever owned and that was a good enough reason to get both :)

Introducing the 'Expert Face Brush' and 'Setting Brush'.

As usual, the brush hairs are synthetic but I find these significantly more flexible and softer in quality compared to other synthetic brushes. They perform just as good as natural hair brushes to be honest. It's much like the new generation of synthetic brushes.

Quite a few people don't like the design of these brushes and I agree with them ever so slightly as the bottom of the brush, although aimed at making the brush stand, is completely destroyed and worn out once it's put along other brushes in a crowded brush holder. That's no good and Samantha Chapman might want to consider slimming down the bottom for those who want to store their brushes in holders.

Coming back to the latest addition to the Real Techniques brush range, we have the Expert Face Brush.

How's it different? Well it's a hybrid of a flat top buffing brush and a traditional foundation brush. It's pinched from the top so it can work to apply the foundation and then buff it in circular motions as well.

Do I like it? I felt it was a bit too stiff and short for my liking. The brush hairs were too short. So when I try to buff in the foundation, the stiffness kinda confuses me was to what motion to adopt. 

Having said that, its perfect for contouring, cream blushes and thick and difficult to blend foundations to buff them in properly. 

Coming to my absolute favourite, the 'Setting brush'. Now this is one of a kind you see. Perfect brush hair size and just the right amount of flexibility in the brush hairs to allow it be a multitasking genius.

It can be used for contouring, concealing, setting powder underneath the eyes. It has become my very favourite concealing brush however as its so huge that it covers the area in seconds.

In my opinion, I would have been better off buying the flat top buffing brush from their Core Collection as opposed to the Expert Face brush.

You have to get yourself the Setting Brush however. It's truly incomparable :)

I love collecting brushes! I think there more than a 100 in my brush holders now. Although I have to say it took 3 years, without sounding like I spend all my money on brushes hehe.