10 Little Secrets

      1. What is one product that makes you feel like a million dollars? 
      Call me vain but it has to be a Foundation. Be it MAC Face & Body or Bourjois Healthy Mix. Nothing perks me up than a dewy, healthy looking face J

2. What is your skincare secret? / A passed down skin care tip

If you have combination/oily skin type, less is always more. I never use more than a pea sized amount when it comes to moisturisers, serums etc. I skipped overloading my face with products and noticed clear skin immediately.

3.  Share your hair care secret?

Only blow dry hair when in a hurry. I have been airdrying my hair naturally since years. Never liked the hot gust of air on my sensitive scalp any ways. Even if blow drying, use the cold shot as it seals cuticles and reduces frizz.

4. What is your biggest diet rule?

Hah! My so called ‘diet’ is all over the place at present but when I am stricter regarding what I gobble down, a ‘Bread ban’ rule is what I strictly abide by. It literally gets rid of inches off my waist in a week’s time, reducing that bloated tummy feel alongside.

5. Any workout tips?

Work smart, not hard. An intense and jam packed, 20-30 minute workout, 4-5 days a week beats running on the treadmill for hours any day. Make sure it has a good mix of abs, strength, cardio and interval training.

6. Which perfume is your secret weapon? 

Angel by Thierry Mugler. Actually makes me feel like one J

7. Show us a clothing item of yours which always turns heads

I don't have a particular one. But anything bright red surely does!

8. What is your most treasured piece of jewellery? 

My Micheal Kors Rose Gold watch.

9. Who is your style crush? 

Malaika Arora Khan. She can wear a rag and look like a million dollars. It’s in all that svelte body eh.  One day, I swear to god I shall look like her.

10. Tell us something we don't know about you 

Hmm may be that I was born in India, finished my schooling there and only moved to UK 8 years ago. Hence the funky hybrid accent you see. Stop asking me if I’m from ‘up north’, coz I’m not! 

I tag you, yes you right there :) 


Liz Earle Capsule Collection

Yes we all now by now that Liz Earle has finally brought out a Make-up range so here's what am I excited about...

Healthy Glow Cream Blush. In 7 shades. Matching to the powder colours. *faints*

Us Briton's don't have much of a choice when it comes to good Cream Blushers hence it's either MAC or NARS we'll rave about. I'm kinda sick of both the brands and have tried and disliked cream blushers from both hence am quite eager to see how this will react with my skin.

This is like UK's Tarte, Stila or Becca you know. Subtle hues, dream to blend and so on.

I have favourite shades already that I found quite unique. 'Peony' is officially drool-worthy. Do you have any idea how fab it would look on Olive/Asian skin tones!

What's next. Aah the Perfect Fix Concealer. It's a stick concealer but appears quite moist and hydrating from the look of it. That's not the news ladies. It's available in 7 shades. *faints again*. That means there is one that will suit me, my sister AND my mum. Now that does not happen everyday you see. 

And for those of you who liked Skin Tint, it's available in a 4th shade now, which is considerably darker. Besides suiting deeper skin tones, wouldn't this be a great way to fake tan without looking OTT? I think it would. I'm yellow-golden already so will leave the experiment to you fairer ladies out there :) 

Excited much? I have literally watched every 'How-to' video in the Make-up section on the website. You can have a look at them here


Sponsored Video: Summer Shoes from Next - My top 5 picks!

Summer is finally here. The flooding rain is almost disappearing. The winter chill is still here. Winter jackets and snoods are still on. But the sunshine and humid weather does make a guest appearance for a few hours during the noon and that is exactly the time to flaunt summer shoes ladies!

I just sit ready with my sandals and sunglasses waiting for the sun to peek-a-boo and literally rush out when I see some light.

But seriously, oh my lord... have a look at these summer shoe collection by Next. It's like I am am in a tropical shoe paradise. Now I am not a shoe addict and don't own a shoe wardrobe but if they were usually made so colourful and eye-candy like, I bet a collection is on its way. 

It's literally drool worthy right?

Here are my top 5 picks from the latest collection.

1. The colourful trim sandals have won my heart on first glance! They are such a refreshing take on the traditional black gladiators don't you think? Plus these would be such a great fit for wide feet ladies like me as the material seems soft enough not to cause friction on the feet. I think they would make the perfect casual yet funky beach accessory. 

2. It doesn't matter to me if the colour block trend came and went. Like skinny jeans, I believe it's classic and will never go out of trend. I like how the peach and the nude pink contrast ever so slightly with the hint of black. The wedge just makes you forget that it's a 6 inch heel and would look effortless chic, even on a hot summer day.

3. Now that you know wedges are my favourite for summer, ankle ties are too! The orange and hot pink combination here gives it such a retro feel. It shows much more skin compared to the rest but the gorgeous bright shades would compliment all skin tones in my opinion and make feet look prettier.

4. A night out in the humid weather would love these sky high platform sandals. I quite like the aztec/zigzag print and blue being a primary colour would go with almost any outfit. Also, if you're 5 feet 1 inch tall like me, these babies can tower you up to glamorous 5 feet 6 inches, so yay for that!

5. These tan swede sandals have quite a unique appeal to them. I love tan shoes in particular due to their versatility and these would look fabulous on a sun-kissed complexion. With a moderate 3 inch heel, they look quite comfy yet have a sexy element to them. 

These are just my top picks but you have to visit the Next website to see so many other of these beauties. The collection they have come out with has so much variety, its unbelievable!

*Article sponsored by Next


April Glossybox - My thoughts

I honestly thought this was a well thought-out box compared to many previous months where so many of us moaned and complained as to how the coordination of products did not excite us.

It has a lovely Body Cream by Monu, a Philip B Straitening Serum, a Caudalie Face Serum - something many of us would have been ecstatic to find in the box as their skincare is simply delicious, an Inika Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Sapphire and a all-purpose balm. 

Oh and above all, this was their 'green' box so all products are of course natural, organic, free of nasty chemicals and all that good stuff. 
What I personally found exciting was this gorgeous Inika Eye Pencil in Sapphire. It's a gorgeous ink blue colour, almost like a stain and looks absolutely brilliant on the lids. I haven't come across a shade as such before really. 
The Figs & Rouge Organic Balm is a lovely product in a dinky pot. First of all, the vintage design of the tin is uber cute. The product can be used anywhere on the face and body and makes a lovely treat for any dry and chapped areas on the face, especially in this weird London weather.

Some lovely new discoveries in Glossybox this month. Also, Caudalie and Inika are fabulous brands so do check them out.


Urbanista - fancy funky beauty tools?

Is a new brand by Paul Murray's PLC. It's basically a tonne of beauty tools but with a twist!

They're all so colourful and cute. If you're sick of tired of that old rusty silver nail filer, they have a range of cute and chirpy ones available.

There's everything you can ask for really, from hair brushes, nail filers, tweezers, make-up brushes and so on. I quite like the mix of their colour palette used such as greens, pinks and yellows. There's something for everyone!

The products are also not bad in quality at all and quite effective at what they are meant to do. I quite like the nail filer and the tweezer, they’re adorable!

It's available to purchase at Paul Murray PLC at very reasonable prices so do check it out!