New 'Holy Grail' Foundation

The period between which I switch foundations and give them the 'Holy Grail' status nowadays has become shorter than I'd imagine. For this I'd like to blame the increasingly fabulous formula's that are gradually being introduced by brands, fortunately for us of course.

Gone are the days when you had to choose between a 'less cakey' foundation and compromise. This is legally the year of fantabulous Foundations and this is the best time to buy one.

This one's in the BB cream, Waterbased foundation, light feel yet full coverage category. It's the Natural FX Foundation by Cover FX.

Now you may have heard of Cover FX as an American brand that provides full coverage foundations, concealers and powders that are good for the skin and recommended by Dermatologists. It is surprisingly available in the UK as well in Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser I believe.

If you have read my previous posts, you may have known I was in love with Clinique's Stay Matte Foundation lately. This however is just as good if not better.

It's a bit of an all rounder that way in that sense that it's suitable for all skin types yet is water based and is known to hydrate the skin when on. 

I was a bit sceptical as to weather it would suit my combination-oily skin type but although it's hydrating, its nicely hydrating in areas that need more moisture. It does not oxidise during the day or go more oily. The texture stays the same throughout and a touch of powder lasts all day, requiring no touch ups. 

I personally like to use it on days my skin's quite dull and dehydrated. The finish it provides is moderately dewy and mimics the texture of the skin. You really cannot detect it once its on the skin. Two pea sized amounts is literally what I need to cover my face and neck. 

You can compare it slightly to MAC Face & Body, besides that its thicker and provides more coverage. It's no where near as sticky as Face & Body though. 

I have the shade M50 which is somewhere in between a NC30 and NC35 hence absolutely perfect a colour for my skin tone. A gorgeous yellow-golden shade this is. 

I have been wearing it quite a lot recently and it has lasted me for an entire day with just one touch up if I wish to, without looking grossly oily, smudged or worn out at the end of the day, which is something that is very important when it comes to Foundations. Always judge them by how they wear out. 

It feels quite comfortable when on the skin and you don't feel like you're wearing anything more than a moisturiser. The texture is quite undetectable and blends like a dream - simply foolproof. 

It also doubles up as a concealer, contains SPF 15, is water resistant and is even suitable to use post-surgery! A big thumbs up for sensitive-skin peeps as it contains ingredients that help sooth such skin conditions. 

I have bragged about it enough to make it look like a sponsored post but actually its purely my ravings and that's it!

Not the best picture but I am wearing it above and just wanted to show you the finish and coverage although the bright daylight has slightly distorted that.

Have you tried out any Cover FX products before? Something that I have to try out?


Neom Sensous Hand & Body

Neom Organics has launched new Hand and Body products for the Spring/Summer. You know I absolutely love their Body Oil's and Candle's and not so many brands come out with fancy hand and body products so I found this quite exciting! Why ignore the poor, hard-working little hands.

The range contains a Body Wash, Body Lotion, Hand Wash and Hand Lotion.

I have the Hand Wash and Hand Lotion and I have to say the packaging is quite luxurious and they can make a lovely present on their own for someone who likes organic and delicious smelling Skincare.

The main ingredients in these two are Ylang Ylang, Frankincense & Patchouli

Ylang Ylang is quite an aromatic ingredient and one known for its freshly floral yet delicate scent. I believe the picture on the outer case is of the Ylang Ylang flower as well. It smells a bit like Jasmine. This is the primary scent that oozes out of both the products. 

Frankinsence is a type of a resin and the oil extracted from it is known to have a sweet scent to it, slightly lemon-y and in the line of incense sticks. I can surely sniff a hint of this! 

Patchouli contrary to both the scents above, is the one that adds a musky, slightly pungent and bitter orangey twist to these products. It compliments the slightly floral, mostly citrusy notes quite well and the overall result of these ingredients is quite relaxing and energising at the same time. 

It also contains a good dose of Vitamin A & E, Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Oil which helps in keeping skin supple and hydrated for longer.

The products are priced quite moderately in my opinion considering a Hand Lotion lasts me for months. If you are someone who suffers from tension and anxiety quite often, this particular range from Neom is something you should check out for sure.



Lily Cole collection by The Body Shop

I usually don't like promoting press releases however this one was so shockingly 'pink' that it caught my eye and had to be up on the blog in its full glory!

Besides the colour, the new make-up applicators and products intrigued me, such as the giant powder puff with the 'Puff on radiance' shimmer powder, the 'Pearl Radiance Primer' (it's a primer and its dewy - wonder how that would work!) and the ingenious 'Lip & Cheek Dome' of course.

After drooling for EOS balms for ages, finally we have a British replacement. At least I hope we do. The collection has been endorsed by the gorgeous Lily Cole and it bags on being cruelty-free yet glamorous and being a limited edition.

Feast your eyes ladies...

Is the girly-girl in your screaming out to get something from this collection?

Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream

Ahava is a Skincare brand well know for its innovative and effective use of Dead Sea Minerals in their products.

It has incorporated natural ingredients, botanicals and minerals from the Himalayas and Dead Sea, both from the highest and lowest points on Earth. Also sourced from the Dead Sea region is its Osomoter, which is unique blend of extract from the Dead Sea water that is known to hydrate, renew and replenish the skin like no other.

Red Micro Algae is another vital ingredient in this which is usually found on plants, helping them survive in extreme conditions and is hence incorporated in this eye cream, claiming to have similar effect of forming a shield around the eye area, protecting it from premature ageing.

Besides that, it contains the usual Vitamin A & E as well for reducing the appearance and depth of wrinkles and keeping the area plump and smooth.

The product itself comes housed in a huge pot, almost the size of a moisturizer and appears to be good value for money.

I literally use less than a pea sized amount for both the eyes as the consistency and texture of the cream is such that is spreads and hydrates more surface area with very little amount of product.

The eye area is left super smooth and hydrated, still looking and feeling natural and comfortable as opposed to greasy or overtly dry. It does work quite efficiently at blurring fine lines, keeping the area constantly hydrated and overall improving the appearance of crows feet and other imperfections.

I believe it would show a drastic effect on someone in their late 30's and 40's or above. If you are younger however and are constantly worried about developing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, this is something you have to try out for yourself!

Available at £38.50, it is a hefty investment in an Eye Cream I suppose but as I said above, the ingredients are of the highest quality that I have used till date and is worth every penny if you are Skincare addict like myself.



Stila 'in the light' Palette

Gives Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette a run for its money.

It uses a good mix of warm and cool shades to create a universally flattering palette of neutral, wearable subtle hues of shades that one cannot find fault with. Now that's what I call clever colour coordination.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Urban Decay Naked palette, the first one of course, but I don't seem to get much use of it as the shades although neutral, are simply too metallic and striking in texture and finish for my liking.

Stila 'in the light' on the other hand boasts of a similar shade palette but tends to keep the texture of the shades understated and airy, which makes it easy to pop it one regardless of the occasion. You know the ones you tend to hit pan on, yeah just that.

The textures are not typically metallic, shimmery or matte really. They have a good depth to them and vary individually. Only the highlighters are overtly striking, including the uber popular 'Kitten'.

Some of my favourite shades from the palette...

It comes along with a lookbook containing a few eye looks that can be done using the palette. I always find them a bit of a gimmick but the looks here seems stunning albeit photoshopped ever so heavily. 

This is the result I achieved following the instructions of the 'Basic Beauty' look.
Overall, it's a palette I shall get a lot more use out of as compared to the rest. 

Have you tried any Stila palettes before? Any favourites, do let me know!

Available from Stila UK website at £25. They also have free shipping at the moment. 


Updated Make-up Storage

I have moved my 'dresser' to the conservatory since quite a few months now and am delighted with the overall ambiance of the bright and sunny area, sunlight peeping through the roof and pastel walls. Daylight has helped tremendously in identifying foundation shades, applying less cake on to my face as less always seems more here.

It's almost like my den or a little play area and such a refreshing change from the dresser being in a gloomy bedroom before. Of course it's at a slightly awkward position, as the door from the kitchen opens rights opposite to it but hey ho at least there's a door eh?

Also the table I am using here is just a usual study desk from Ikea if I am correct and not a traditional dresser, which provides a greater surface area and must have been intended for a PC, Keyboard, Speakers and so on you see.

So I have my Skincare sitting all messily in that black case from TK Maxx. Followed by the uber popular and apparently the only type of acrylic storage available in Britain from Muji. Yes I have just added two more drawers bringing it to a total of 6. I wish to make a 10 storey tower of it, thanks for asking :)

Yes that is my current skin care, of course I don't use it all at a time but depending on how I am feeling and what 'treatment' my skin needs really. The Clinique and Neal Yard ones are reserved for treating spots and Origins, Elizabeth Arden and Weleda for when my skins dehydrated. It's nice to have it on the dresser and not in the bathroom as that way I never forget to moisturise my skin or cleanse it at the end of the day.

A very generic mug dedicated to all my Eye Liners, Eye pencils and so on.

Lavender flowers is NOT the type of pattern I prefer on mugs to be honest but it was a present and has my name printed on it hence it's still living here.

No this is not ALL the make-up I have. I truly wish this was it sometimes but I have a train case full of other bits and bobs and a tonne of eye shadows and palettes in particular that I will not use, unless occasionally. For obvious depth issues of this storage, they can't be fitted in such containers.

This is basically my daily make-up treasure. A collection of favourite blushers, highlighters, bronzers, concealers and eye shadows.

And of course, it's kind off boring to store everything in acrylic storage so here's a little stand designed for stationary storage that I mainly use to store current Foundations and Mascaras.

I really don't have a clue as to why I am currently using 8 Foundations and more 10 Mascaras at one time. *hides face*

Oh yes and it also does a great job of storing hair brushes and a MAC lipstick palette too.

Aah and the not so organised and super cluttered Lip box which is nothing more than a lottery system. It's really selection on the basis of what comes in my hand first. The digging in is quite fun too :) 

I don't even want to count how many lipsticks and lip glosses reside in there and what lies at the bottom. It was just that the increasing amount of lip products needed to be stored without taking up space and I couldn't find a better solution than dumping them in a box that Ikea must have precisely made for unorganised lipstick junkies in mind I believe. 

My two well loved brush holders these are. It's been more than two years since I have had the polka dot one. I just never get bored of its cup-kettle shape.

The other one has my blog header printed on it and was a present from the sister that I absolutely adore. Plus it keeps all those short handle brushes in place quite efficiently.

How do you store you make-up? Let me know below. If you have already done a post regarding it, leave a link so I can check it out!


Dreams Unlimited

We all love ourselves an occasional fragrance from The Body Shop don't we? They do those cute little, uniquely flavoured bottles of a heavenly scent, that's ever so affordable and never fail to cheer up the day.

I have always been a fan of their Amorito fragrance which has unfortunately been discontinued since a few years but I still try and find one now and there on Ebay. No luck however since the past few months. *sigh*

Anyhow, back to the cheerful Summer fragrances from the favourite high-street brand that we have seen being revamped lately, these are limited edition of course and priced very modestly around £15 each.

Love ETC Sun Kiss is sweet and summery with Jasmine and Nectarine notes. I haven't tried this yet but I can presume it to be flowery and fruity, sweet enough for those of you who like feminine sweet scents.

White Musk Sun Glow has a summery take on it with the inclusion of Peach and Peony notes and a dash of Lemon to lend it that summer punch.

Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh is the one I have actually tried out and it is definitely something that doesn't go unnoticed when worn. It surrounds me quite subtly and I can pleasantly smell it for quite a few hours after application which is great.

The bottle itself defines freshness in my opinion and its quite cool looking, even literally for that matter. The scent initially comes across as a burst of fruity freshness and quickly dries down to a mixture of fruity and sweet floral notes which I absolutely adore! 

The main notes here are of Watermelon and Neroli, which is a plant oil derived from bitter orange tree. It's quite an unusual combination but one that has 'summer days' and 'beach' written all over it. 

They are available to purchase in store now as well as on TheBodyShop website