Sleek Eau La La Liners

Sleek Make-Up have recently come up with some wonderful Liners and have very funkily named them Eau La La, oh-so-typical of Sleek and their bold and loud theme.

They are available for £4 each in 20 shades and claim to be not only waterproof and highly pigmented in formulation but also for all over use on the face including lips, eyes and cheeks which is so convenient in my opinion as you get full value for money!

I have three basic primary shades in Moulin Rouge, White Noise and Cobalt Blue. I didn't feature them any earlier as I was figuring out how to use such basic bright and bold shades.

Without doubt, my two favourites are White Noise and Moulin Rouge. White Noise is a stark white but not a paper white, its a bit of a chalky white with some hint of blue in it if you know what I mean. 

Moulin Rouge is a warm toned, bright orange-y red which is always great to have in the collection as a girl cannot have enough shades of red ever. 

When I started using them as a liner, I knew they would work well as that's what they are designed for. The formulation of these remind of the Urban Decay 24/7 Liners, just not as soft that they smudge all over.

They are creamy enough not to drag on the lid but sturdy enough to set and stay put, without smudging. As for the pigmentation, I guess the pictures speak for them self. 

So I thought I'd create an artsy, creative look using all the three liners here. Of course I wouldn't wear this out but it was quite fun to play with. I am not a fan of Cobalt blue as its a milky, pastel, quite a retro blue which is difficult to pull off on its own. They have an indigo blue available in the range which you should check out!

I wanted to wear the coral red all over the lid, so I incorporated some thick black winged out liner, a warm taupe-y crease and the end result looked quite pretty on my warm skin in my opinion. 

They also don't crease on the lid as they are more waxy like a crayon than creamy like a cream eye shadow, so feel free to slap the colours all over the lid. 
And just to test out Sleek's claim of them being an all-round pencil, I slapped 'Moulin Rouge' all over the lips and it worked pretty well at giving a full on, opaque and matte red lip which I loved! You need this shade in your life. 

It felt a bit heavy on the lip as compared to when I wore it on the eye, leading me to assume that they are primarily meant for use on the eyes and not on the lips. But if you have a shade that can be used all over, like a pink or a red, it shouldn't be a problem.
It goes without saying that I am eyeing some plums, purples, pinks and browns from the range below. For £4 a pop, it's hardly going to affect the wallet eh? 

I'll let you know how I get on with the other shades. I'm really into Eye Liner these days, regardless of the colour so if you have any suggestions, especially for good liquid black liner, do let me know in the comments. 


Raspberry Hydrating DIY facial

I am not sure if you have heard of Dr Renaud's Skin Care before but its actually fabulously effective and does exactly (and much more!) than what it says on the kit.

This particular one is called the Raspberry Hydrating Cosmekit which contains sample/travel size products from the Hydrating Range, good enough sizes to try out before you make a full purchase.

All the products come in this travel like mug. But it's not without a purpose as one part of the kit is creating a mousse mask which foams up and needs to be shaken inside the mug before applying on the skin. How cool is that? I felt like a biology student for a bit trying out an experiment :)
The first step is to apply the Exfoliating/Cleansing gel which comes with minuscule exfoliating particles that cleanse and exfoliate the skin at the same time, leaving it squeaky clean yet hydrated and supple at the same time. This is a delight to use on its own in the evening and would work great for combination/dry skin types. 

The second step is to apply the Mask, which you are meant to mix with water and then shake up to create a soft foam which can then be applied quite easily to the face.

This again leaves the skin very radiant and complements the exfoliating cleanser that is used prior to this quite well. I leave it on for 10 minutes and it works wonders at quenching dry skin!

The last step is the Massage Cream which is extremely hydrating yet soft to move on the skin for a nice DIY at home facial. Once it sinks into the skin, it leaves it soft like never before and glowing obviously after the whole regime. I think I am tempted to buy a full size version of this as its so difficult to find a good massage cream that is hydrating and does not break out combination-oily skin.

The entire process took less than 20 minutes but the effect was simply gorgeous!

These kits are available for different skin types if the Raspberry Hydration one does not catch your fancy. These retail for £20 each which is great considering that full size products cost £30 a pop and you might want to have a good try before you invest in some. 

The kit did not get used up the first time and although I disposed off the foam mask as that was obviously not re-usable, the Massage Cream and the Exfoliator/Cleanser lasted me for one whole week.



Repair damaged hair with KeraStraight Protein Mask

Something I have been using since the past month or so. It went quite unnoticed since I received it in my goody bag after my visit at the Lisa Shepherd Salon.

But after I got my hair dip dyed and reversed it back to my usual colour in a span of two days, it caused a lot of damage, which is usually irreparable and can only be cured by a good hair cut/trim which I didn't quite want... I like to keep the length of my hair as it usually takes ages to grow and this is quite a good middle option if you are suffering from the same dilemma.

Now Kerastraight being primarily a Salon brand has quite fancy instructions of keeping it on towel dried hair, placing it under a hair dryer like that for 20 minutes before rinsing. I am yet to try this way of using it but as of yet I have very 'technically' used it as a conditioner for 10 minutes, just on the lower part of the hair, starting after the jawbone.

It has tremendously 'mended' my hair in the past few weeks from dry and straw like to chemical-damage- never-really-happened-here. It might sound like a bit of exaggeration and although some split ends are obviously still there but only those at the very end which can easily do with an inch worth of trim.

The pot itself is quite little, like that of a face moisturiser and has a runny, creamy white liquid inside which can literally be poured onto the hair due to its light consistency. This is a good thing as it gets absorbed into the hair strands well but on the other hand, its difficult to gauge how much of it will be used up in a short amount of time, not providing value for money.

The product is known for its nano technology, by that I mean the formula has minuscule particles that form a net around damaged hair and repair the structure by improving elasticity and hydration, consequently imparting shine and giving an illusion of 'healthy' hair all over again.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Moringa Olifiera Leaf Extract work for 48 hours after using the product and continue rebuilding hair.

An effective product that substantially improves the condition of chemically damaged/treated, relaxed or straightened hair, not only superficially but also makes it feel healthy and bouncy due to its light weight formula.

It's available for around £20 at various salon outlets and websites I believe for a 100ml pot. This along with Gielly Green's Repair Mask has worked wonders in bringing my hair back to normal.


Facelift without the needle!

This one's another of those make-up primers/fillers/serums that use before your moisturiser to tighten the wrinkles, tense the skin and prep it just in time for that wedding or special ocassion.

I have been using this since the past few months and the serum is pretty good for the price. This would be great for dry skin as it doesn't taut the skin like other similar products but hydrates it well enough, not to require moisturiser on top.

The consistency of the serum is creamy, leaves skin smooth and velvety, works on fine lines and wrinkles but not on deep expression lines or extreme wrinkles. It also works well at plumping the skin a little bit so it doesn't look dull and flat.  

Yes it tightens saggy skin a little, plumps it when its feeling drab and dehydrated, fades imperfections slightly as those fine lines are not exaggerated and all nicely filled in but its no Nanoblur or one of those instant working Rodial products in my opinion. 

Nip+Fab is Rodial's sister brand however and I trust that effective ingredients must have been used in its making but it's neither as effective or as expensive which is fair enough.

Overall a great product for radiant, younger looking skin for those under 30's who don't want to spend a fortune on anti-ageing products. A £19.95 price tag is quite affordable also in my opinion. 


Weekly Favourites: MAC, Clinique, L'Occitane...

Oilatum Natural Repail Face Cream: It's simply, effective, no frills moisturiser found at a reasonable price at Boots. Packaging seems more like a pharmaceutical brand and with zero promotion, it stays unhyped compared to other moisturisers. Claims and reviews say its targeted mainly towards extremely thirsty skin. I have combination/oily skin and it seems to work just fine without causing any breakout. The consistency is like a traditional, cold cream but in a tube so it will actually moisturise and repair skin. 

Clinique Stay Matte Oil-free Makeup: I have reviewed this before, check it out here. It has slowly become an ultimate favourite of mine, defeating Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum which required blotting every 2 hours as the hot weather arrived. This on the other hand only requires blotting once in a day. Even if it you do a lot of activity on a busy day or walking or travelling which requires your face to perspire, it will only ever become pleasantly dewy to the max and not reach the verge of cringe worthy 'oily', 'disco ball' ever. 

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer: Yes that's NW35 you see in the picture and its superbly dark isn't it? Apparently the concealer shades run dark in the Pro Longwear range. This however is my mum's shade. Now I usually do her make-up for occasions, weddings and so on and as she is 45 plus, suffers from dark brown under eye circles and pigmentation on cheeks, its usually a bit tedious to cover up her face using an assortment of concealers. Hence I took the plunge to try this out finally and I'm glad I did as half a pump of this is all I need to cover up her entire face, literally. It's actually not as thick as you'd image, is nice and dewy, dries up matte and lasts all day. Full review coming soon. 

Clinique Skincare: After hearing a lot of negative reviews on how harsh Clinique's Skin care is and how it makes people break out, I was a bit sceptical about trying it but surprisingly enough, its Liquid Facial Soap and Clarifying Lotion have become a staple in my skincare since a month. The Facial Soap is a foamy face wash and not harsh at all, in fact perfect for sensitive/combination skin type. The Clarifying Lotion which is a toner with exfoliating properties, although smells a bit too alcohol-y,  has helped my skin get rid of breakouts on regular use and has not dried out my skin or made it worse at all. You should try it out for the Summer! 

L'Occitane Pivoine Flora: I usually lose the motivation to wear any eye shadow in the summer. It's more of a winter thing don't you reckon? But the shades in here are so cheerful and pretty, just adding a dash of colour on the lids without looking too cakey or made-up. All the shades have gorgeous iridescent particles which reflect so well in the sunlight. 

And lastly, after I had my highlights done at Lisa Shepherd, I was lusting for my original black hair but I have been enjoying flaunting the sunkissed highlights in the Summery days lately and I hope they go lighter!