Dragon's blood for great skin?

It's not just a fancy made-up name by Rodial to draw attention in case you were wondering. Dragon's Blood is a tree found in the Amazon and the latex from the tree sap looks like blood hence the surreal name.

The Dragon's Blood Skin Care range by Rodial has hit stores in March and contains quite a few products like a face gel, eye gel, toner, cleanser and so on.

Coming back to the characteristics of Dragon's blood, it's actually known for treating the skin and healing wounds, acting as a 'second skin' barrier since years.

Along with the natural characteristics of the ingredient, Rodial has other ingredients included in the concoction such as Hyaluronic Acid, known for its effective use especially in French skin care, which aids in plumping and sculpting the skin.

The packaging as with most Rodial products is savvy and neat, with a pump dispenser for hygienic reasons and it also makes sure you only use what's needed as compared to a screw top pot.

The product itself is a gel like consistency which dries to a velvety, matte finish when spread all over the skin. It acts like a primer, filler or as a lifting and plumping treatment for the skin.

Yes it actually does work on reducing any fine lines, saggy skin around the eyes and making concealer glide on much better.

I would say it's more suitable for those 35 plus for its effective properties and price tag however if you are willing to splurge £40 on an eye cream which will last you not more than 2 months, age is no barrier.

Rumour has it that Lady Gaga is a big fan of the range and why wouldn't she, I am sure the eccentric name and the inclusion of 'blood' in it must have drawn her towards it immediately!



Models Own Bottleshop

Is located at a prime location at Westfield Shepherds Bush, London from today onwards. The unique bottle like retail shop will feature more than 200 nail varnishes and is actually like a nail polish addicts MAC store isn't it?

I can't imagine myself coming out with less than 10 nail paints from there hence I'll just avoid visiting for now as I literally have no nail varnish space left in my house :)

I have however tried a Top Coat from Models Own and a few of their polishes and they are second to none. Quite creamy, lush to apply and opaque in just one coat. Definitely get your hands on a few as they are quite a bargain for the price, especially their Beetlejuice range.

I absolutely adore their lates Hedkandi collection.

Their cult-favourite Beetlejuice range.
 and the oh-so-scrumptious pastel shades perfect for the season!


Sunny Side Up (Not so much in Britain!)

Miners Cosmetics have yet again released a fantastic Spring/Summer Nail Collection and here it is in its full glory. Yes I know the sunshine has abruptly been replaced with snow in the UK but if summer-esque nails can help in elevating the mood, why not!

Jezebel and Marshmallow (right) are ones I have tried before but the first three on the left namely Sunny Side Up, Mango Tango and Keeping it Teal are brand new shades. At first glance, I wasn't too impressed with these as the shades are too inclined towards basic primary colours, giving them a retro feel, instead of having modern hues of shades or alteration in depth or intensity.

After trying them out however, 'Sunny Side Up' is a cheap and cheerful shade for £2.99, if you are looking for a yellow without investing too much. It's a bit thin in consistency but two coats give a good opaque colour.

'Keeping it Teal' is not a bad shade either. It's not unique of course, but I don't own a teal in my collection so it's also good as an addition. Plus, compared to the other polishes in the range, this one's pretty good on first application.

Aaah and my absolute favourite 'Marshmallow'. Yes its a very pale, in-trend, pastel pink and although it doesn't suit my already tanned skin very well, I still love how doll-like it looks on the nails. A must-have from the range and will exaggerate a tan quite well.



Sleek Blush by 3 - Sugar

I know you guys already have heard so much about the Sleek Blush by 3 but here's a heads up in case you needed a final push to give into purchasing it.

From the very many sets of trio's available, I have the one in Sugar which I believe is a 'neutral' one amongst the rest, alongside Lace.

The girls at Sleek could not have coordinated the shades in a more beautiful manner. It has been well thought of regarding tones, intensity and textures.

It has a satiny plummy red on the very left, a shimmery dusky rose gold and finally a matte peach. Hence a warm colour, a cool colour and an illuminating shade. Perfect!

My favourite however is the plummy red. The texture of the matte shades in here is gorgeous. The powder is so finely milled that it transfers as mere pigment on the cheeks - almost foolproof.

In my opinion, this particular trio would suit yellow toned Asian skin tone's the best, especially in the Spring/Summer we have here in London. If you are well behaved, this might be the only blush trio you'll 'need' this season.