Loving this week

Macaroons! Can you believe I hadn't tried it before? I have passed by them a zillion times but never thought of getting them.

Besides looking pretty enough not to eat, they are equally delicious and like a hybrid of a cake, biscuit and chocolate in my opinion, for those of you who haven't tried it yet.

These one's are from Marks & Spencers. Know where I can find great Macaroons from? Let me know.

John Frieda Volume Thickening Mousse

Does exactly what it says on the can. Instructions say its meant to be used on slightly damp hair and at the roots for volume. I however prefer to use it after I have done styling my hair and massaging some in at the roots and crunching some at the ends. 

It immediately adds a tonne of volume on the crown area and thickens any thin hair at the bottom. It keeps curls intact for quite a few hours, adds shine and is very light  - so there are no questions of limpy hair. 

Use if before of after styling, on damp or dry hair, it works just as well! 
Aah the Good Things Five Minute Facial Mask is bliss.

I have tried a few skincare bits from Good Things before but have never been a fan or gotten to finish what I had. This however is simply gorgeous to use. It really does moisturise, brighten and clear the clean from blemishes at one go.

So I would assume all skin types should be fine using this. It's main ingredients are Goji Berry and Avocado and it looks like a clay mask when squeezed out but surprisingly  it did not dry out my skin at all or make it feel tight or parched after washing off.

My skin was left supple and bright and I absolutely loved the fact that I could achieve that in simply 5 minutes. Great for night outs of occasions so for £5.99, everyone needs to get their hands on this.
What have you been loving this week?


Sleek Glo Highlighter revamped into Dior Amber Diamond!

The brand is literally fantastic at everything they do and it was high time they reformulated their highlighter. I have used Sleek Glo before as a part of their spot light kit but wasn't very impressed with how 'texturised' it was as compared to their bronzers if you know what I mean. 

The powder was very illuminating but sat on top of the skin hence enhanced pores and looked slightly tacky. The new one however looks quite neat. I am not sure if the packaging is different but I like how it's like a standard shimmer brick compact.  

The combination of shades in the brick is what makes the particular shade I have, 'Bronze Baby' superb. I have had a look at the other two shades but I doubt I would use it as one's too peachy and one's too bronze.

This hits the middle ground with its cool silvery-pink moonlight-like effect which is perfect. 

The consistency is not tacky at all now. It melts into the skin, blends well and no edges can be seen  which is exactly what you should look for in a highlighter in particular.

I couldn't get to swipe the entire brick so here's a little swatch of the lighter and the darker areas but it's best used swirled together. 

I personally use it every day after bronzer and blusher on the cheekbones and it catches light so beautifully. Oh and also, you really don't need a brush with this, just dab on a little with your fingers and you're good to go.

Kudos to Sleek for taking into consideration consumer and blogger comments and reformulating this baby as it really gives Dior Amber Diamond and Nars Albatross a run for their money. 

Get it here for £6.49. 


Pressed Powder for Spring

Is my pressed powder of choice for the Spring. I like full coverage, heavy duty powders during the winter as I can get away with that in the darker days but when its light and bright in the Spring, I like to opt for minimal powder coverage and one which even if I slap on a bit too much, it's easy to get away with.

Basically something foolproof like Clinique's Stay Matte Pressed Powder.
This is specifically made for combination skin types and it says that clearly on the packaging which is always so reassuring right? I’ve hardly seen powders mentioning it so explicitly so I quite liked it. 

It is apparently one of the full coverage powders they have in their range and despite being one, it claims not to break you out and that it did not on my combination-sensitive skin very well. 

The shade 02 is perfect for me. It actually looks dark in the pan but its pretty good match for NC30-35. It does provide some coverage so I like to use it on the chin and the t-zone in particular. 

If you have found MAC Studio Fix Powder a bit too heavy, you should surely give this a go! It only lasts for a couple of hours however so you would have to touch up or blot during mid-day which I don't mind and it’s almost become like a ritual now so oh well.

Have you got any favourite pressed powders for combination skin? 


Sponsored Video: Net-A-Porter this season

I absolutely love everything from this website. If you haven't heard of it before, you have officially been under a rock all this time ladies. It's an online portal for all things luxury such as bags, accessories, clothing, shoes, watches and so on.

Here are some of absolute favourites from their massive and droolworthy bag collection. These are expensive considering that I currently get my bags from Topshop but regardless of the price, I am someone who loves a bag for years or until its ripped into pieces so investing in one does not scare me.

On the right, the two are by my uber favourite brand Micheal Kors. Both are Leather Satchels with an Ostrich effect. I could not choose between the colours and would personally like to own both. The pink mini satchel however wins my heart!

Another great one that I found in their bag collection was the Mulberry Lizard Print on the bottom left. You have to check it out, especially if you are a Mulberry fan. It is such a refreshing change and adds so much character as opposed to the usual Mulberry classics in my opinion.  The huge YSL tote on the top left and the Marc Jacobs Rose Leather Evening bag in the middle are my favourite colour combinations and are something I haven't come across before. Mink and Pink together rock.

Oh and which make-up addict does not like make-up bags eh? I personally love funky ones and currently have one from RMK which I quite like. I just wish it doesn't get replaced soon by this Chloe Lizard Effect Leather case. Everything about it screams Summer from the pastel peach colour to the clear PVC. Pure love. 
They have this amazing section called 'Shop the Trend' where they have listed 25 unique trends that are 'in' this Summer, inspired from the runway. You can select what catches your fancy from the 25 and then it lets you shop the trend based on that criteria. How cool is that?

It's really not difficult to guess what I must have liked. Yes candy inspired sweet pastel shades namely Sugar Rush it was.

Now I quite like the creamy sorbet trend but being a medium skinned Asian they don't look natural on me. The best (and the safest!) way to experiment with the trend I feel is via shoes, denims and dresses as they are less in-your-face as compared to tops and blazers. 

What trends have you been into this season?

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GHD Oval Dressing Brush

GHD Oval Paddle brush is the best hair brush I have used till date! 

I cannot believe I am actually saying this as there is nothing like a favourite hair brush but this actually is so good that it makes me want to say that.

It has really short natural bristles compared to a normal brush, that at first look I thought it can no way penetrate through a pony tail, well not mine atleast.

You have to apply a little pressure when stroking this through the hair as that way it makes sure the depth of the hair is covered. 

It actually tames my split ends and instead of separating them and puts them in place. You know when you’d want to finish off a hair do, up-do or a slick ponytail; this is exactly what you need to tame the frizz people and set the hair so that it looks neat. 

Oh and not to forget how absolutely professional and sleek the design and feel of the brush is. It has a rubbery material to it for grip and has the perfect weight so it’s neither too heave or light.

It retails for around £20 which is a bummer but if you are looking to 'invest' in a good quality brush that will last you for years, this would be it!