Versace Yellow Diamond

For a limited amount of time, any purchase of Versace fragrance at Boots over £50 will give you a GWP of a chic Versace tote that you can sport on the beach or at a picnic at the park this season.

The fragrance is quite powdery and sweet. It’s surely something that you have smelt before and it might bring back memories depending on where and when you wore a similar fragrance. I can surely sniff a bit of pear, a bit of freesia and a hint of musk.

It is quite girly and feminine, for someone of a younger age group I suppose who don’t like experimenting with spicy, woody and edgy scents. It’s quite safe and long wearing and surely something that is uplifting yet comforting for a bright sunny day!

I would not say the scent is very unique but purchase it for the exquisite botttle and tote bag you get with it and it will be totally worth the money if you are vain just like me.

The bottle is a stunner, period. The way the cap of the bottle has been shaped to resemble the shape and the cut of a diamond is beautiful. It sparkles so prettily in daylight as I have my dresser in my conservatory (don’t ask!) and I cannot stop staring at it.

If you don’t like the sound of this one, there are quite a few others such as Crystal Noir, Bright Crystal, Vanitas, Pour Femme and Versense that Versace do as well if you want to get your hands on the tote without the hefty price tag. 


Straight on till morning liner

It's not a cliched title as you thought but actually the name of the Eye Liner by Pixi from their PixiGlow Tinker bell collection.

This is a gorgeous way to oomph up your daily boring eye liner, now that it’s finally Spring! 

It can of course be used on its own on the upper lash line or lower waterline but looks so pretty on top of a matte black liner. 

It has magical glittery particles that look stunning in daylight. The texture of this is very smooth, almost like kohl and glides on without tugging, hence great to mix and match over complimentary base colours or to apply all over the lid. 

It also stays put very well and does not crease or smudge. I definitely need to invest in more liners from Pixi. 



Inika Organic Liquid Foundation

Inika's classic Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation has recently been reformulated and will be available to purchase from the website as well as QVC from April 3rd.

The foundation is like a full coverage tinted moisturiser, much like the Laura Mercier kinds. It contains all Organic ingredients, anti oxidants and vitamins that are good for the skin and won’t make it break out or react in an unexpected manner. So heads up for those of you with sensitive skin out there!

It claims to stay on for long and not clog pores.

When I tried it out at first, I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by it to be honest as I am extremely picky with Foundations and knew that it either wouldn’t be my shade or I won’t like its coverage or texture.

So I pumped out a pea sized amount on the back of my hand and played around with the texture for a bit. It seemed slightly thick and with moderate coverage.

I took some of it on my fingers and plopped it on my chin immediately as that’s where I suffer from slight pigmentation. The first thing I noticed was how it spread so easily but quite like a moisturiser that needs to be melted in to the skin.

Much like MAC Face & Body, the more I rubbed it in circular motions, the better it absorbed into the skin and provided more coverage. Quite unusual no?

But then gradually, as it provided more coverage, its texture became almost nonexistent, transforming my skin from blotchy and dull to ‘just a very good skin day!’.

The shade 'beige' is a medium toned neutral shade with the right amount of yellow in it. Another big tick for me there as shades never seem to suit my NC35 skin tone EVER!

It dries to a semi-matte finish that looks just like skin and not artificial or made-up at all. For the first time in life (after Revlon Colourstay of course!), I did not have to set a Foundation with powder on my combination skin. 

Overall, its quite a good one if you are looking for a foundation with texture and consistency like a moisturiser but coverage like a foundation. 

Ditch the gimmicky BB creams I say and give this a try. 


A Manicure a day...

Keeps winter blues away. 

Jealous much

The ladies at Avon recently sent home the entire range of Avon Nailwear Pro ready to release this summer. I was ecstatic to see them waiting for me when I came home from work. Well who wouldn't be eh?

Just look at all those gorgeous shades. My immediate favourites at a glance were the coral, yellow and pastel green. These creamy sorbet shades are currently in-trend on the high street, on the runway and I imagine even in make-up now and I simply cannot get enough of them. 

But for some very bizarre reason, the girly girl in me chose purple to try on first and although I have tried similar shades before, this one is so beautiful! It has silver-violet light reflecting particles, an immensely glossy finish and is quite opaque to give full coverage in the first two coats.
Aah and the colour that won me over! I have lost the names for these as they were on the boxes but its distinctive enough for any one to recognise. 

It's a serene yet uplifting aqua blue, minty green or pastel blue, what ever you'd like to call it. Some of you might think such colours would only look good on walls, but I personally am a huge fan of such shades. Looking at them makes me so happy, its unbelievable! 

Again, two coats and a slap of Seche Vite on top and I am good to go for a week. It transfers pretty exact as it looks in the bottle too in my opinion.
Besides these, there is a milky-nude pink and a creamy yellow that I have my eyes glued on. They shall be up on the blog soon as the season's just perfect to sport such chirpy colours and it gives me a reason to flaunt different manicures every two days week .

Overall, the Nailwear Pro range by Avon has pretty good shade range divided perfectly between trendy,classics and neutrals, a considerably better coverage compared to high-street brands and an apt colour payoff. I still feel they wouldn't last more than two days without a top coat so do invest in a good one. 

If I am correct, these are up for release in May so a long time till you can get your hands on it but at least there's something to look forward to eh?


Clinique Airbrush Concealer

I have been wanting to try this out since quite a while really, especially after seeing Lisa Eldrige use it in most of her videos and it being one of her favourite under eye concealer. 

It's also been in the market for long, so here are my two cents on the product.

I quite like the packaging, sleek and compact. No chunky tubes or compacts, just a slim pen like design. Also, this does not squirt out too much or too little product fortunately, its just the perfect amount enough to cover one eye. 

The shade 02 is a light-medium toned concealer with a lovely salmon tone to it which helps in neutralising the purple-blue shadow that people usually suffer from.

It's not too thin as you'd expect. It's actually moderately thick to provide decent coverage.

The only problem I had with this is that I don't find it  moisturising enough, no matter how much eye cream I slather on prior to applying it. Just for this reason, I would use it for areas around the mouth for brightening and for scars and blemishes on the face where it works quite well.

If you don't suffer from extremely dry under eye area, you might actually get away with using this there as it is nice, light formula that covers moderate darkness quite well.

If you are like me who does not like using thick, creamy products to cover scars, acne marks and blemishes, then this would be a perfect option for all over face concealing, if not the under eye as it sets nicely without the need of powder. 

I also think I could have gotten away with a darker shade for the under eyes, perhaps a 04 (NW35). Overall, not bad at all for £16 but make sure to see how it looks in store and in daylight. 

What are your favourite Clinique concealers? 


The Harrods Glossybox

I frankly was quite excited for this one as who doesn't love Harrod's eh and secondly because of the niche  high-end brands available there, it was likely to contain some amazing goodies.

Did it?

Besides the Burberry Lipstick and the Narciso Redriguez perfume sample, the rest did not appeal to me to be honest and the brands included could have been more exclusive than Clarins and Molton Brown for instance. 

Again, not bad for £10 as the stuff would cause approximately £30 in total and I am unlikely to go to counters for free samples so this is something I totally enjoy trying out at home and then deciding if I would like to purchase a full size.

I am just looking up the price for the Narciso Rodriguez for her while I type this and its something so sweet and floral yet tempting, that I simply cannot stop sniffing myself! It's definitely going to be a purchase :)

This little miniature baby by Burberry is also quite adorable I have to admit and the star of the box. Glossybox always finds a little gem to include in the box that lets us forget all the other 'mistakes' they have made in my opinion.

Yes its utterly difficult to control the little thing from breaking or slipping from my hands but the packaging is simply so lush, I cannot let it apart from me.

Also, how can the shade Rosewood be so universally flattering? Yes it has a slight sheen to it which I don't like but the shade is a beigey-rose or a dusky pink with a hint of brown in it, something no one can dislike to be precise.
Overall, it's am above average box, nothing that I can cringe about but I personally would have been thrilled to see some Harrods exclusives. 

25% Discount at the Lisa Shepherd Salon

Just to let you guys know that the lovely people at Lisa Shepherd London have provided a 25% discount for Get Gawjus! readers.

All you have to do is to quote the blog when you make an appointment. Plus you will receive a complementary Shampoo & Conditioner. I am pretty sure they stock high-end salon brands there so you are likely to receive something very specific to your hair type and that you cannot easily can get hold off in drugstores.

Their Salon in London has Hair Cut's starting from £35, Highlights starting from £80 and Hair treatments starting from only £20!

As we are just transitioning into Spring, this would be the perfect time to get rid of those split ends, get that weight off your hair or simply add in some sun kissed highlights even?

It is a very pretty yet trendy salon overall, the staff is experienced enough and it's a comforting environment overall. My full review on my experience at the salon is to follow soon.

You can have a look at the prices and salon timings here. Do let me know if you plan to visit the salon or book an appointment :)