Pixi Glow 'Fairy Face' Palette

This is the star of the Tinkerbell aka the PixiGlow collection by Pixi.

The box looks like one of those pop-up story books I had as a child and some sort of a story would reveal once I open it.

I like how the palette uses Tinkerbell's character as an inspiration and converts it into a modern day, elegant version of the Disney character. There are no bright greens and pinks, instead the shades are quite muted, subtle and elegant.

Isn't that blusher brick so beautiful? The shades in that create a lovely dimension on the face. I couldn't get to swatch it for you guys however as its too sheer and does not picture very well.

The lip shades are also on the sheer side and act a subtle tint so I am guessing I'll get much more use out of these than regular lipsticks.

As for the eye shadows, there are a mix of gorgeous Spring-y shades, easy to wear, bright and shimmery for that iridescent look.

For £32, it's something you don't want to miss out on if you like cute packaging, shimmery shades and an overall low-key and subtle look.

Also, the products in the palette blend effortlessly hence if you're someone who's not so great with eye-makeup, this would be a foolproof option as you'll simply need to slap it on your lids with fingers.

Available to purchase at Boots.com.


Hate water? Try Sassy water!

Pardon the commercial like title but I am in no way going to advertise some sort of branded water here as that's just not me. I'd have a low- fat Latte instead of spending that money on carbonated sweetened water.

I am not sure how new or old the concept is but it's new for me as I recently read about it and had to let you guys know about it as I know people in Britain have trouble drinking plain water to the extent that some hate it and don't have it at all for days. 

It's called Sassy Water. Why? I think someone with the surname 'Sass' formulated the recipe for it hence. Now if you look over the web, its primarily for a 'flat belly' and not to improve your drinking habits. What I used it for is the latter and if the former comes along, its a bonus right?

Now I love water any way but nothing beats a jug full of water with colourful ingredients in it, especially Lemons and cucumber cheer me up and suddenly make me want to have water more. Call me silly but it even tastes delicious and refreshing than usual!

It apparently helps flush the body, fastens your metabolism and helps you digest better. Tummy bloating also seemed to reduce when I had this for two weeks or so. 

Below is the recipe I follow:

2 litres water (about 8 ½ cups)
1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
1 medium cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced
1 medium lemon, thinly sliced
12 small spearmint leaves (I use mint leaves instead!)

Beware. If you have never tried it before, every glass is followed by visit to the loo in just 15 minutes. Try it on the weekend first!


Clinique Even Better Foundation

Everyone's been raving about the Clinique 'Even Better' Foundation these days and here's my two cents on it.

Semi-matte finish. I select a foundation primarily by how it's finish is. If its so matte that it glues to the skin like a mask or so 'dewy' that it literally glides of the face, I would not bother purchasing it. This feels quite comfortable to wear. It dries to a velvety, semi-matte finish which only requires powdering in the t-zone.

It is one those new generation foundations which has no texture at all and melts into the skin. Perfect for those who despise cakey looking foundations. With this you can definitely achieve the 'no-makeup' make-up look and feel like you're wearing nothing on your skin in the summer.

Skins into the skin and adapts to skin tone. I say this as it looks like its a NC35 shade when I wear it and adapts to my mums NW40 skin tone just as well. Now that's genius(and cost effective!) right?

Doesn't transfer as much as usual foundations. This is a big no-no with me as I cannot stand make-up staining my clothes. This although slightly dewy in finish, sets into skin so well that it does not transfer any colour to clothes hence I would call it transfer resistant.

Makes skin appear like its just had a facial and that too an expensive one! Me and my mum are obsessed about this Foundation in particular as it makes our skin glow. Now keep in mind that I have combination-sensitive skin and she has a normal to dry skin type and it has the same effect on both somehow.

Oil free formula and contains an SPF of 15. Yes I definitely need an oil-free formula as no matter how 'normal' I may like to think my skin is, it has more oily areas that I'd know of.

Does not oxidise. I have a very deep, caramel shade namely 06 Honey for this. Well when I went for my skin consultation at the Clinique counter, I was quite reluctant to get this shade as it was too deep for my liking(exactly as my skin colour to be precise lol) and I am used to wearing slightly lighter foundations as they tend to oxidise on Asian skin tones at least (Yes, that's my lame reason to get lighter shades). This one does not turn darker or orange after a few hours fortunately, which leads me to conclude that MA's on counters definitely are more knowledgeable than me.

Now my skin's not in the best condition at present but it still manages to even the skin tone, looking natural at the same time.
Provides light to medium coverage which can be built on to create fuller coverage. My mum has serious hyperpigmentation on her cheeks, yes like the ones they show on the egg in the Even Better Foundations commercial. I had no hope this would cover that but two layers managed to conceal it by 70% leaving me to do only a little concealing. It starts off with a light-medium coverage however.

If you have acne or substantial pigmentation, you will need some concealing done however this will make sure your skin looks the best it can regardless of how dry, parched, blemish-prone, oily or dull it is.

A 30ml tube is available for £22, with 20 shades available to choose from and I highly recommend it.



Sponsored Video: Britain's answer to Justin Bieber?

I am sure most of you already know about the upcoming R&B teenage star Conor Maynard. He has taken over YouTube since a while with millions of views on his videos and fans going gaga commenting over them.

And why wouldn't they, this is Britain's own answer to Justin Bieber. Say's who? Well everyone who's seen his videos have been saying that and I am no one to disagree. Although I do feel I like Conor's voice much better. He looks pretty grown up for 19 eh and it's less embarrassing for the ladies to have a crush on someone who is going to hit 20 as opposed to the 'beliebers' I suppose. I am not judging however.

Coming to the video, it's been shot in East London and still manages to look glamorous and suitable for MTV somehow. It's surprisingly not cheesy at all as compared to all the pop teenage videos I have seen till date. Yes I am not a huge fan of the lyrics which apparently Conor writes himself but I do like his gripping angelic voice and presence and I did end up listening to the song three times which does give it an 'addictive' status, for me at least.

Being his first solo single, it is not irritating or made-up at all which is what I like. It has quite an effortless and relaxed feel to it and there's nothing to deny that his just-out-of-bed ungroomed look works for him pretty well.

He's a YouTube find from Brighton and started off by apparently uploading web cam videos whilst at school which subsequently attracted a lot of attention hence the single now. A big shout out to all the fabulous YouTube talent out there! I have seen a few of his earlier videous and my favourite is him singing Justin Timberlake's 'Senorita'. It's funny to see the transition over time as Conor was so shy in those early videos and such a pro in 'Can't Say No'.

With him already being all over the TV and Top 20 Charts quite a few weeks before his release, it won't be a shock if he becomes a rage once the single is released this Spring/Summer.

So will Conor be Britain's answer to the cocky Canadians? I hope so :)

*Sponsored article

Wahanda Spa £50 Voucher Winner

The WINNER of the Wahanda Spa £50 Giveaway is Miss Chris. Congratulations girl :) Emailing you now. Hope both your and your mum enjoy this treat on Mother's Day.

I would love to win! My mum has helped me alot over the last few years and she will be spending her birthday this year in hospital with me. FUN! miss.chris@live.co.uk


Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism

This collection, I am truly a fan of. 

Everything in the blogger event from the the creative directors vision behind the collection, their perception of different types of people around the world was simply fabulous and inspiring. 

The collection is for the non-conformists in make-up and for you to find your own niche or style statement when it comes to self expression and breaking the moulds of superficially 'pretty' norms of facial make-up. 

Now I am not the bravest of people on the world when it comes to experimenting with my hair or make-up but I can wear absolutely any colour on my nails and have always loved experimenting with coloured contacts and that's exactly the kind of little different things you do that sets you apart and what the collection celebrates. 

I am in love with the caramel skintones and rich, bright hues in the promo images. 

My favourite things from the collections are the Skin Base Foundation in AU which is limited edition I believe and Eye Shadow in Burst.

The Eye Shadow in Burst is a worn out, played with, slept in teal which has warm undertones to it so although its bright, it quite wearable all over the lid, in the crease or as an eye liner which is my favourite way to wear it, in combination with a sealing gel.

The Skin Base Foundation in AU is a universal caramel colour that immediately adds colour to the skin, giving it that summer warmth but has very tiny specks of gold glitter that once buffed in, simply give out a radiant effect. This can also be mixed with your regular foundation to create a custom blended foundation for the summer or can be used as a liquid bronzer!

Eye shadow in Burst. I am in love with it and even wore it to work without looking OTT. Simply brilliant and a must-have from the collection.
Aah the Skin Base in AU is like a ray of hope in this gloomy London weather. It gives me hope that summer is on its way and if not then I can surely feel chirpy, applying this all over my cheeks! Yes it even manages to contour beautifully.
There were quite a few ladies at the event who pulled off the warm teal lipstick or a bight white liner and looked 'pretty' just liked one would wearing a red statement lip or a black liner.

I am no where near buying the Lipstick in Apocalips as of yet. I will get there one day for sure! But the Precision Ink Liner in Scribe which is a pure white, surely does catch my fancy :) 

What will your statement of self expression be? A flicked out white eye liner or a perfectly drawn teal lip? If not, what's your reason for not wearing any of that? 

The collection is available to pre-order here