Happy Women's Day

In case you haven't already heard it on Michelle Phan's YouTube, here it is once again. I believe in the lyrics whole heartedly <3

To all the 'little girls' out there, remember the whole wide world can be in your arms whenever YOU want :) So don't quit or think any thing is impossible, because you're a women and nothing's impossible for you.


Pixi Tinker Bell Collection

If you are one of those Disney obsessed adult girls who likes muted neutrals, baby pinks, shimmery greens and golden nudes, then this collection would be right up your street! You'd have to get all of it to be precise.

As for me personally, it has my name written all over it. Look at that adorable pastel green packaging! That's in trend now but Pixi has always been that unique vintage-y colour.

The collection consists of a Fairy Face Palette, Catching Shadows Crayon, Fairy Dust, Straight On Till Morning Liner, Magic Tint Tint and Pixiglow Nail Colour. I have all of it below besides the Nail Colour which I am planning to give away.

This is just a teaser guys. I will be featuring all of the above products some time soon but this post is dedicated to Magic Tint Tint which is a sheer translucent lip gloss in a crayon format which applies clear to begin with and then turns into a colour of pink that will flatter your lips the most. 

It apparently reacts with the pH level giving you that 'perfect' pink which is unique to you. 

It is very moisturising, glides on effortlessly and shows colour after a good few minutes. It came out as a deep pink on my sister and a bright fuchsia pink on my lips which was quite a cool experiment to be honest.

Regardless of how magic-y it is, being a non-lipstick wearer, I find this superb to pop on to the lips without it being too glossy and goopy like a gloss and too full-on and drying like a Lipstick. 

I actually cannot find a fault in it. 

This has certainly tempted me try these Tinted Brilliance Balms which are a part of their permanent line. These are meant to tint the lips with a flattering shade once they fade. 
Link to the collection. 


Sisley Soir De Lune

The first thing that comes to my mind regarding this fragrance is how it would make such a perfect Mother's Day present. It's in two weeks time ladies!

Soir De Lune by Sisley starts off with a fairy tangy note, which is quite fresh and revitalising but leads one to think its one of those citrusy fragrances that cannot become a signature scent. It then surprises by releasing warm and woody heart notes with a dry down of vanilla and honey. By then, its impossible to tell there were any citrusy notes in the concoction at all as they completely disappear leaving a warm woody and slightly sweet scent.

It's not one of those expensive perfumes which are over hyped so you then go an immediately purchase it but then are bummed by the fact that although it smells amazing, it does not last for more than an hour. This one on the other hand is an underdog. It's one that you haven't heard of before but are pleasantly surprised by its unique and elegant blend and the fact that it lasts for over a day, sometimes even lingers on clothes and surrounds you wherever you go, without overwhelmingly catching attention.

I like how everything from the outer cardboard packaging to the bottle itself mean something. The box is a pretty white background with gold specks all over it representing a starry night as the Soir De Lune means 'evening moon' in French. 

The stunning bottle cap has been designed by a Polish Sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof. I feel after the fragrance it self, this is the second element that significantly makes it stand out from the crowd and adds a personality to it. Plus, who wouldn't want a stunning bottle as such on the dresser?

It's a royal, Victorian classic so if you are up for something different, this would surely be your cup of tea. It is definitely mine and I am planning to cherish it. 

Of course there is nothing in the fragrance that would make it unsuitable for the younger person however the overall classic yet simple bottle design and the choice of feminine and elegant notes would make it more loved by a mature consumer in my opinion. 

The 30ml bottle that I have retails at various places such as Selfridges, House of Fraser, SpaceNK and Harrods between £60 to £70 however the most affordable place to hunt a bargain would be ebay without doubt. 


Mother's Day Giveaway - Wahanda Spa £50 Voucher

Yes you hear me right ladies, for all you hard working mums out there or even you wonderful girls who want to treat your mum to a little something on Mothers Day on 18th March, here's a little treat which you can get your hands on if you're lucky enough to win it!

The £50 voucher can be used on any of the Wahanda Spa Days. Check them out here.

Be it a massage you are looking for, mani and pedi, or a facial. Most deals include use of all Spa facilities and lunch or afternoon tea. The best thing about them is that they start from as little at £30 and go up to as much you are willing to spend. Plus, there are so many 2 for 1 deals available under £50, so you can accompany your mum for a girlie day out or vice versa.

Wahanda vouchers are accepted at locations all over UK so all you have to do is to choose the location most convenient for you on the website and redeem the voucher on arrival and use it just like cash if you win.

How to enter:

- Leave your NAME and EMAIL in the comments below, with a line as to why you'd like to win it.
- Available for UK residents only
- Followers only please. No passerby's! 

I will be appreciative if you follow me on Twitter and Pinterest but its not compulsory.

The giveway will last for a week and the randomly chosen winner will be announced on 11th March.

Good luck! :)

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*The Wahanda voucher expires on 28th March 2012.