Clinique Stay Matte Oil-free Foundation

Is one of the newest Foundations by Clinique all set to be added to their versatile and ever expanding range in the month of April when it will hit shelves. 

This is obviously targeted towards Oily-Combination skin and contains ingredients that reduce shine and absorb oil, giving a prolonged matte coverage for the entire day, especially in humid and extremely hot climate. Think India and Dubai ladies! 

I have tested shade 9 and it's a neutral medium shade, not too pink nor overtly yellow which is quite nice overall giving a good indication of how the other 16 shades in the range will be. I however would have preferred a more yellow-beige shade if I would have purchased it myself. 

The formula is of a nice gel like consistency, much in the line of MAC Studio Sculpt but less heavier on the skin if you know what I mean. This is one of those new generation foundations which gives medium to buildable coverage but appear on the skin as if one is hardly wearing anything at all. 

If you zoom into the picture below you can see how it has provided coverage but you cannot see a traditional foundation like texture at all. It's almost invisible on the skin.

Also, because the formula is so blendable, its actually quite nice to apply it with fingers only on areas that need coverage. If you get the right shade, you can actually get away with applying it that way for a naturally flawless face, if you are someone who doesn't like heavy foundations.

I personally think its best applied with Clinique's Foundation brush. Now I am not a fan of flat synthetic foundation brushes at all. Frankly speaking, I have never used them to apply my foundation as they usually streak a lot and also absorb more product than usual.

The design of this brush however is such that it is flexible where it should be and provides resistance at the right places. Plus the synthetic hairs are very fine and firmly packed together which prevents it from streaking the foundation as they are no gaps. It's also thinner and flatter than drugstore foundation brushes hence does not absorb the foundation as much.

It's also perfect as a large concealer brush. If it can convert me into using it, you have to try it out for yourself, especially if you are a fan of such brushes but quite haven't found the right one yet. 

Overall, the Stay Matte Foundation lasts for 8 plus hours, has medium-buildable coverage, invisible matte finish and does not require powder to set it, unless you are really oily and would need a touch up at mid day.

Do you have any favourite Clinique foundations that you think I should try? Anyone excited for Stay Matte to release? 


Sponsored Video: Gets you back to you

Twinings have recently created a sequel to their highly popular television advertisement 'Gets you back to you'. The first one shows a women with a dinky little wooden boat rowing her way through gigantic waves. When I initially saw the advertisement on television, I really wanted to know where she is heading to. She finally reaches a beautiful island and hugs a girl that looks exactly like her, well because it is her! The moral of the video hence is to help you get back to you.

Now I would not have gotten the point of this advert a year ago when I was at University. You know how laid back one gets and there is nothing you don't have control over, except exams of course. But then starts the real test of life, WORK! Real life work, and to all of you at University or College right now, just suck up the 'stress' when it comes to cramming fat textbooks will you, because once you step into the big bad corporate world, that's when the real test of your capabilities begin.

Anyhow, back to the beautifully made video below, I love the fact that it places so much importance on a beverage and shows it has the power to hold a person together during rough times. I personally am someone who relies on hot beverages for comfort, with Coffee and Tea being my top favourites of course. I am note sure if they biologically do something substantial, although research during my dissertation paper did show that tea helps people calm down as opposed to coffee that gives you the jitters. Yes a Starbucks grande does help in kick-starting my day but nothing works better than tea to help me relax and think well.

I have tried Twinings tea before, as I love experimenting with different brands and adore their 'Earl Grey' and 'Everyday Teas'. No one does British tea better than Earl Grey in my opinion. They also do some delicious fruity teas if you are up for something flavoured and fun and unique blends like Cranberry and Sanguinello Orange, Rose Garden and Camomile and so on.

Coming back to the video itself, I absolutely love the animation, the emotions involved and its surreal interpretation of the obstacles we go through in our everyday lives, finally reaching a point of clarity and not to forget, the fantastic background score by American folk-rock artist Lissie.

Do you rely on beverages for comfort? Tell me I'm not alone!

*This post has been sponsored by Twinings, but all thoughts are my own. 


Origins GinZing

Oh how those who us who suffer from dark circles are constantly on the look for a new Eye Cream. 

Yes, me being a South Asian am also prone to hereditary dark circles and have tried loads, hopelessly. Yes I like them initially but don't love them enough to bother to apply them every single day and night. Some leave the skin too dry and some overtly oily. 

This particular one I have applied morning and night, every single freaking day since the past few weeks and if it can get a 20 something into the habit of applying eye cream regularly, the product has to be fantastic to use if not provide obvious results. 

Featuring Origins GinZing. It contains Caffeine and obviously Ginzing to reduce puffiness around the eyes and to increase blood flow. 

The product itself is a light reflecting shimmery beige-pink concoction which is so fluffy and light and a delight to apply which is its USP in my opinion.

The light reflecting 'optic natural brighteners' have a subtle brightening effect but obviously won't work exactly the same on extreme dark circles I suppose.

It absorbs really well into the skin leaving a moisturized and velvety effect and has not caused any bumps or whatsoever on my sensitive skin like other heavy eye creams have in the past.

A 15ml tub retails at £21 which isn't cheap but it contains a lot more product that you'd get in a usual squeezy tube. Plus if you are someone who is very picky when it comes to eye creams then you'll love this I promise and will find it worth the price tag.

I also slather it all over the lids as I feel it they get a bit dry due to my allergies this time of the year and this helps quite well with that too. I am not sure if it has any obvious results on the skin but I personally love using it and it does leave tired eyes nicely refreshed and awake which does the job for me. 

I know Origins is quite popular in the blogosphere. I'm quite a Origin virgin that way so do let me know your must-haves from the range ladies and I shall give them a try. Anything for the sake of the beauty blogging community you see :) 


To Glossybox or to not to Glossybox

Is a decision I cannot make for you ladies!

It's basically what you expect out of £10, how much that sum matters to you, your expectations as to what will turn out in the box and what you intend to do with those products.

Featuring this months blogosphere culprit, The February Glossybox.

Frankly speaking, regarding quantity of products, it doesn't seem bad to me. Besides the fact that most of the brands in here are unheard of and that I absolutely don't know what do to with that pink and white bottle you see in the box below. I am not going to attempt to type down its one paragraph long name.

Yes I would be a very happy bunny if I'd get to try the Becca product like the others did. My only advice to the Glossybox team would be to keep cult-favourite or extremely hyped brands like Becca and NARS, consistent in all boxes and vary the rest of the content so that way no one feels left out more frankly jealous of the other's who received it.

A pot of black mineral eye shadow? A big no-no Glossybox. Not even if its a fashion edition box. 
But I am not going to rant my heart out here as first of all, other bloggers have done that for me already and Glossybox have got the point I suppose and secondly I really don't expect much out of £10 as I don't spend it very carefully otherwise as well (without sounding too boastful!) so it would be unfair if I'd do so now. 

This is much like a lottery box for me where even if once in two months I find a product that I absolutely love and will use till I hit pan, I guess the two month's £20 is covered right? The rest I usually give away to family and friends or keep it aside for travel.

Some feel-good discoveries from Glossybox over the past few months:
  • HD Brow Palette
  • Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle 
  • Nouveau Lashes Noir Mascara
  • Stila Smudge Stick
It's just how you perceive it ladies so make a judgement of subscribing or not based on what I said at the very beginning and not on what we rave or rant about here in the blogosphere.


Daniel Galvin Wedding Hair

Daniel Galvin have recently introduced 8 brand new Bridal packages including some skin pampering, Beauty session, hair cut and a hair-do of course for the wedding day.

One would think the packages would be expensive seeing that Daniel Galvin is an avant garde salon but surprisingly the packages start from £100 and go up to £500.

Some even include facials, eye lash and eye brow tint, mani & pedis, make-up and even a personal stylist at your own venue depending on how much your wallet allows you and the variety of treatments you want to include in your package.

No I am not thinking of getting married any time soon but in my opinion, a hair-do from their Wedding package is something I would opt for as that would be priced reasonably and of course as they primarily are experts when it comes to hair styling and up do's which I am especially not very good at.

Don't you just love the first two up do's on the top left?

Or you're not an up-do girl like me, there always a concoction of beachy, messy, loose curls that you can opt for. Much like Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf? Prettty much!

Do check out the packages Daniel Galvin offer here.


Loving this week - OPI, Weleda Skin Food, H&M Spring/Summer, Sonam Kapoor & Totes Amaze!

OPI Spring-Summer Holland Collection. Inspired from all things Dutch, it takes inspiration from everything  bright and beautiful from the country. I love the mix of bold and bright colours, keeping them understated and chic at the same time.

I personally have been loving OPI recently as its the only polish that actually lasts unchipped for a week with a coat of Seche Vite on top.

Sonam Kapoor at front row in Burberry Autumn/Winter at London Fashion Week. She is officially my current girl crush. Period.

I loved her top to bottom Burberry ensemble, especially the chiffon dress flatters her figure and height so well.  Also worth noticing is her naturally flushed make-up. Unlike other Bollywood actresses, she has kept is so well groomed and simple and very importantly, in sync with her natural skin colour.

Call me a biased Bollywood fan but she is the only glamorous one catching my eye from the girls sitting there.

The current Spring/Summer collection from H&M. Its literally droolworthy and there is nothing I would NOT wear from here.

Its chic yet playful yet feminine yet summery.

These are just some of my favourites. Can you spot my favourite colour? Yes it's blue for some odd reason.

And yes I'm ordering everything from their website now, thanks for asking :)

Weleda Skin Food is the Vaseline equivalent of this generation besides that its better.

I know this is used a lot of models for that healthy polished looking skin that glows. It contains all natural ingredients, smells scrumptiously citrusy and provides intense hydration to the face and body.

I ditched Elizabeth Ardens 8 Hour Skin Protectant for this baby. Give it a go. It retails for around or under a tenner I believe and is very concentrated so you literally need a pea sized portion or else it will break you out I promise.
'Totes Amaze' take on London Fashion Week of course!

If beards were in fashion, this is exactly how everyone should wear them ;)