MeMeMe's take on Brow Gel

MeMeMe's latest take on Brow Gels is Arch Angel. Now being a browsessed (no its not a word!) person myself, anything related to brows, especially in the drug store part of the world gets me really excited. 

We all know where we can get expensive and good quality brow products but isn't it great when a high street brand takes so much time and effort to replicate something just as good in quality like its expensive counterparts but with a lower price tag. 

I don't know about you, but I quite like the challenge of discovering cheaper dupes. You can call it a hobby even.

The Arch Angel just like the MAC, Bobbi Brown and Benefit Brow Gels out there, comes with a gel that tints your brows. This one also comes with a highlighter to enhance the brow bone area. 

The consistency of the brow gel is quite dry and mousse like which is great as that way its easy to coat the brows with something of a drier consistency than the opposite.

It immediately adds a punch of colour, fills in any sparse areas and gives the brows more texture. It also sets them in place, making them slightly crisp, so they stay in place the entire day.

The product dries in a few seconds you don't have to worry about smearing or smudging of any sort. It also lasts for an entire day and even lasted me in the shower which is surprisingly long wearing from a product as such.

The highlighter is a pinky-sliver illuminating liquid and can easily be blended on the brow bone to accentuate the arch and make the area appear higher, brighter and neater.

It does not contain over-the-top shimmer for any of you who cringe at the thought of shimmering silver highlighter on the brow bone.

My brows are not in the prettiest of shapes at the moment so apologies for that but just to show how the product quickly tints the brows and makes them appear more groomed in a few seconds.

Opt for Brow Gels over Brow Pencils and Powders if

- You are not very good at or are hesitant of sketching your brows and are frequently haunted by a scousebrow
- You always do your brows in a hurry (think nanoseconds) 
- You have naturally very fine, thin or sparse brows and want more texture to them

Although I quite like this, I still primarily use something traditional like the Sleek Brow Kit which comes with a wax and a powder, as the entire regime of sketching the brows with a brush is very satisfactory and feminine in my opinion. 

Launching in the beginning of April, this will be available for £8.50 from Superdrug and MeMeMe website

*Sample provided for review purposes 


Ahava Facial Mud Exfoliator

I have been using this clay mask cum exfoliator since the past few days and absolutely love how it leaves skin so naturally radiant.

I feel it has helped quite effectively in clearing out any blemishes that I have been suffering from on my cheeks. It claims to renew dead skin cells, refine pores and accelerate skin cell renewal and it does exactly what it says as my skin looks so fresh after I use this to get rid of any make-up residue every evening. 

The granules in this product are very fine yet gentle hence are great at exfoliating and are not abrasive at all. The clay like liquid in which the minute granules are dispensed is apparently Dead Sea mud which is well known for its therapeutic effects worldwide. 

My skin feels quite comfortable after using this. Its actually doesn't feel parched or tight at all. Not overtly moisturised as well. Just squeaky clean and comfortable. 

Fortunately its every suitable for Oily/Combination-Sensitive skin types and does not contain any nasty chemicals. 

Currently I use this as a face wash/cleanser in my evening skincare regime and am planning to test it out as a face mask soon. 

What's not to like? A generous 100ml tube is available at Ahava.co.uk for £20. 


The next best thing after sliced bread

is finally here!

It's Rituals Nail Corrector Pen.

So apparently these pens have been in the market since long but I must have been hiding under a huge rock not to notice them earlier.

In my opinion, this is the best one you'll find out there for the price and the quantity you get.

I have shaky hands when it comes to applying Nail Paint or anything within a precise given border. No matter how careful I am, it's inevitable to get stubborn red nail paint all over the cuticle which isn't a very pretty sight you see.

This comes in pretty handy instead of dipping a cotton bud in the Nail Varnish Remover a million times. I initially thought the nib might dry out pretty soon but it has been going strong since a month. Plus it comes with a generous 3 extra refills.

You might want to keep a separate one for all your black, blue and red colour families.

It's ingenious. And doesn't bloat your tummy like sliced bread does.


Do you like Macadamia Oil?

I am not going to bother to review this in great detail as it has been named a cult-favourite quite a few times already in the past few years.

I didn't feel like getting on the bandwagon then but recently I have been taking extra care of my hair and have been spending a bit on hair treatments, oils, masks and all that good stuff.

Of course, the big debate of what to try first, Moroccan or Macadamia Oil did surround me for quite a while but after reading that people found Moroccan oil a tad bit too heavy and that it contained silicone and all those artificial ingredients, I thought the clear winner was Macadamia. 

After searching through the web for quite a bit, I found ebay to be the cheapest option. A very tiny 30ml bottle retails for around a tenner which is quite ungenerous I have to say. 

I have been using it since quite a few weeks but for some reason it does not work in sync with my hair texture at all. Yes it imparts an artificial shine element to the hair but it does not feel 'healthy' if you know what I mean. It just looks superficially glossy and that's it.

Besides, it actually worsened the split ends in the sense that it separates every single hair which in turn causes them to appear frizzy, messy and extremely dry consequently exaggerating the damage quite a bit. 

I have naturally dry, slightly frizzy and wavy hair and if your hair is anything close to that, I would recommend you try out a 5ml sample size before making a purchase. 

For those of you who actually like this product, feel free to let me know how to use up 30ml of this damn product! 

Till date, Gielly Green Argan Rescue is the only oil treatment/leave in conditioner that has actually worked at making my hair tame, manageable and healthy. I am still in the hunt for similar products however. 

Next on the list to try out are...

Moroccan Oil - All that hype surely deserves a try!
Dead Sea Spa Magik Hair Serum - Has fantastic reviews online and has been recommended by a trusty colleague.

Let me know if you have any recommendations :)

I Love

Yes that is actually the name of this high street brand which makes super cute bath and body products. I have a few to show you today. 

I don't know why but I can't help relating the extremely fruity and colourful products to that of Body Shop. Don't you just adore the super cute and peppy packaging. Looking at it always cheers me up! 

So they have a tonne of flavors available on their website - you name it they have it. Apparently Strawberries & Milkshake is their most popular flavour and why wouldn't it be, it simply sounds so scrumptious. 

I have a mix of Blackberry & Raspberry, Mango & Papaya, Blueberry & Smoothie They also have a spanking new Blackcurrant flavour available. 

The Body Butters, compared to its counterparts in the market, are considerably soft in texture. Think flavoured Yogurt. I like the fact that I don't need to dig into the product or apply any pressure to get the product on the fingers.

Because its formulated in such a light and fluffy consistency, it absorbs into the skin quite well and leaves skin velvety and smelling all fruity.

I love how the colours of the product itself is so vibrant. As for the scent of these, it is exactly the same as what it says on the tub so there is no room for disappointment.

Some of The Body Shop ones I have tried before don't smell like they are supposed to which is always a bummer.

The hand cream has a become a desk favourite quite quickly. Firstly because of its super loud blue colour which has instantly pepped up my desk but also as the tube is easy to carry around, dispenses a light blue product and leaves hand super soft and nicely fragranced.

There is nothing to dislike in the hand cream. Plus they do a tonne of flavours in this. Definitely a must-try!

Now I am not usually a fan of the Blackcurrant flavour but its quite fun to use it as a Bubble Bath and Shower Cream. It foams up quite well and smells delicious but not too overpowering which I quite like, at least for this flavour.

I recently used it at a home pedicure session and it was quite relaxing to use it for that purpose.

Overall, I cannot really complain about these products when they are priced so modestly and available so easily in most Superdrug stores and online. 

Plus the funky packaging and the variety of flavours to choose from always get me excited! 


Gielly Green Salon

I was invited to the Gielly Green Salon sometime in December I believe for a Hair Cut and Blow Dry and my stylist was Shai Greenberg who was one of the founders of Gielly Green. It's at a very convenient location near Baker Street, London. 

The Salon itself looks extremely beautiful yet warm and cosy. It's not intimidating at all and has a very buzzing atmosphere. The staff were pretty welcoming and knew exactly what they were doing which is always pleasant. 

I absolutely was in love with the shampoo area as unlike other Salons, the leg rest area tilted upwards converting the chair into a spa like bed. This was not only relaxing and almost put me to sleep but also avoids the awkwardness of not having to look anywhere when you're getting your hair washed. 

My hair was treated using Gielly Greens Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, both of which I have previously used. All I can say is that they are quite lush, smell delicious and do a fantastic job at mending split ends. 

I am quite boring when it comes to making changes to my hair. It's not that I don't like short, experimental, choppy hair but I have opted for that in the past and due to the naturally wavy and frizzy texture of my hair, the style always ends up looking like a lion-king hair do on me. Not pretty!

Hence since the past two years, long layers and fringes, subtle feathers and a slight trim is all I opt for. I personally like to keep my hair long as the amount of styling options it provides is unreal hence I just opted for an inch and a half to be chopped off. 

Shai was a very good listener and gave me exactly what I wanted. Pretty no?

In my opinion, a good hair cut is always judged best once it grows out. Below is how my hair has grown out after two months of having the hair cut and they are longer and grew faster, still manageable and have substantially less split ends.

Of course a majority of credit would also go to Gielly Green's Argan Rescue, which I simply cannot live without and will repurchase for the rest of my life. No Moroccan or Macadamia Oil can beat this stuff!

If you looking for a luxurious yet serene Salon experience where the stylists don't go crazy with their scissors but give you a flattering hair cut to suit your needs and face shape, then I would highly recommend you give this a try. 


Loving this week - Batiste, Senna, Liz Earle...

Yes Batiste is all set to include all the possible flavours and scents there can be in its increasing range of Dry Shampoos. Yes I know I have asserted my liking for the cult-favourite product many times but who can get enough of a product that can sneakily get you through a tedious hair wash when you're super tired after a long day at work and are sleep deprived eh?

The newest release is Cherry flavoured and has a very fresh and fruity, subtly sweet scent to it. It's not sickening sweet nor overtly fruity, just a soft and fresh mixture of both which is perfect! Don't you just love the retro inspired packaging. It totally livens up my dresser. 

Oh and for a chance to win yourself a pair of Louboutins, head over to the Batiste website to take part in the giveaway. 

Fade Out Anti-Shadow Brightening Eye Cream has been a favourite as well for brightening the under eye area with its light reflecting particles which in turn create a soft-focus effect and an illusion of reduced dark circles.

It slightly fills in very fine lines too helping concealer or any other products on the top glide on quite easily. All Fade Out products are clinically proven to brighten and lighten the skin. It contains Vitamin A for hydration and Collagen to tighten the area around the eyes.

Available for under £10 at Boots,
Senna Precision Brow Pencil in Light Taupe is great for filling in sparse eye brows without getting a Scouse brow effect. It very naturally fills in any gaps in the eye brows.

The colour itself is a light greyish brown which would be perfect for Brunettes and even some Blondes with naturally light brows.

The consistency of the product is quite hard, which means it gives greater control and stays put throughout the day as compared to quite waxy and soft brow products.

Available in 4 shades for $18, I feel its quite a bargain considering that Senna Cosmetics always do great quality products.
If you haven't been living under a rock then you must have heard of Liz Earle as a brand. Of course their Skin Care if fabulous but their Bath & Products are underrated in my opinion and surely deserve more love.

If you're looking to try something new from the brand, do try out something from their Energizing range. What I have been loving recently however is their Botanical Body Cream and Body Wash. The Sweet Orange Oil, Lavender and Geranium in these products make them smell divine. They almost work as aromatherapy in the shower and are quite uplifting.

The Body Wash foams up really well in the shower and cleanses the skin without leaving it tight and dry. The scent of the Body Cream lingers on for long and they hydrate and tone the skin quite well. The texture of the cream is quite amazing if you suffer from dry, bumpy skin, as its a hybrid between a gel and a lotion and absorbs in quickly without leaving any greasy residue.

Be it Winter or Summer, Liz Earle bath & body products never fail to impress.

What have you been loving this week?