Favourite Spring Blushers

So we had a rocky Winter here in London, just like every damn year. It just could not decide if its coming to an end or beginning all over again.

But finally we see a stable climate and the days seem slightly brighter and longer. That of course means the bright and summery blushers get to see daylight from the bottom of the train case.

I have recently discovered two unusual ones, which have quickly become favourites and seem promising enough to take me through the whole of summer without complaining.

First is the Jemma Kidd Rosy Glow. It looks very much like Benetint at first glance however is not very similar you use it.

First of all, it comes in a retro roller ball applicator, which makes is much easier to apply the product on to the cheeks, after which you can either blend it with fingers or a synthetic brush. If you are applying it on someone else, dispense some amount on the back of your hand and then pick up the product with a brush.

It's a very deep berry shade with a rosy scent to it, inclining a a tiny bit towards a plummy undertone. 

It transfers so beautifully on to the skin and the application glides on like a dream. It's foolproof and requires absolutely no blending at all, regardless of whether you use fingers or a brush. It's much more thinner than other similar products in the market which is its USP in my opinion, which allows it to blend seamlessly. 

It lasts for about 6 hours after which it starts fading but still not so much that it would require a touch up.

It's become a quick staple in my everyday make-up as its not only convenient to apply but looks so natural and has a slight dewy finish to it which makes the skin glow. 

Oh and it looks great on the lips for a quick pop of colour!

Worth every penny that go into buying this baby for £20!

The second favourite is from Make Up Store and is called Lush

If you have used Make Up Store Blushers before, you would know they are of superior quality and blend in to the skin so well that all you can see is the colour pigment and absolutely no texture at all. 

This particular one is very pigmented and you need a very light hand with it unless you are going for a 70's look. The shade of this is what I am in love it. It's a pastel milky peach with no undertone of pink or brown, its simply peach and that's about it. 

It looks so doll like on the skin but still manages to make skin look fresh and bright. 

If you like warm blushers and want to try out something different, this will definitely help you transition from Winter to Spring. 

Make Up Store Blushers can be bought online for £14 or they also have a store in Whitecity Westfield. 


Moisture Effect Lipsticks by Miners

Miners Cosmetics have recently introduced a whole new range of lippies namely Moisture Effect. They are obviously different from their existing range colour wise but also as they contain Aloe Vera and Jojoba to moisturise the lips.

I quite like the purple packaging. Although quite reminiscent of the Rimmel Lippies, purple has always been a favourite of mine so I am not complaining!

They are available in a total of 4 shades namely Hush Hush, Moulin Rouge, English Rose and Kiss Me Quick

My two favourites from the lot are of course the universally flattering mid tone pink namely English Rose and a super bright, almost florescent orangy-red namely Kiss Me Quick that I am wearing below.

The other red is quite a cool red, with a slight hint of pink to it and is quite flattering as well. The nude beige-pink shade is pretty with a bit of sheen to it but its quite common and a bit drying.
Regarding their finish, as you can see above, they are quite lush and glossy but I wouldn't say particularly moisturising, especially if you suffer from dry lips. 

I however always wear them on top of my Rodial Glam Balm Lip and they glide on effortlessly. If you are looking for cheap-as-chips replacements for classic shades, then these babies for £3.99 would be a great bargain. 

If you however want to try out something new from the brand, I would recommend trying out Kiss Me Quick. It's such a on-trend bright orange and great to have in the collection for that price. 

Available to purchase from minerscosmetics.co.uk.


Sleek Blush by 3!

Is the only lethal contender that has got me actually, extremely excited about make-up in a long long time!

I love myself some colour. Plus I'm not a Lipstick person hence Eye Shadow and Blusher tend to be my absolutely favourite, with Blusher being a little more favourite than the former of course.

To solve the problem of women having to carry a tonne of blushers with them or to avoid making a choice, Sleek have created 5 sets of gorgeous blusher combinations, including the right amount of matte and shimmery textures in each.
Beware however as these are a limited edition item and you will have to go through a Superdrug stamped to get yourself one these, I am guessing 'Sugar' and 'Lace' in particular, taking into account their neutral, universally comforting appearance. 

My favourite however is Pink Sprint. Trust me, it looks scary but such cool pink colours give a striking pop of colour on the cheeks that no other shade can replicate. Be brave, dodge the conformists and give that a try will you?

I'm not sure which one I'll get because if I am correct, I guiltily own the entire Sleek Blusher collection. 

These currently retail at Superdrug stores for £9.99 each and are even pocket friendly.


A Nars Multiple dupe?

Sounds highly unlikely right

I seriously have always drooled at those gorgeous shimmery tubes of Nars gorgeousness for years but simply couldn't justify making a purchase, especially considering that I already have quite a few blushers and the £30 multiple wouldn't get much use. 

Thank God at least one brand decided to do something similar and cheekily I will call this new release from Miners, the poor man's Nars Multiple! 

I don't mean it in an offensive way however as I personally adore 'The Cheek of it' sticks. Not only are they baby pink from outside but they come in three basic shades namely a Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush.

The Highlighter is a slightly yellow-beige champagne shade that has a lovely sheen to it and none of those large glitter particles that make the pores appear larger.

The Bronzer is a matte, caramel brown which would be great for lighter skin tones and has a velvety finish to it.

The Blusher however is my absolute favourite as its a gorgeous mid-tone pink with very tiny yet flattering silver iridescence to it.

The beauty is that all of the shades regardless of having a different finish to them, are of the same texture and consistency, which is soft and easily blendable. 

It doesn't leave any unblended edges on its own and its quite fool proof which I like. It works on top of powder products as well without smudging them too much however they work best on top of cream or liquid products. 

I lazily apply them with my fingers however they work quite well with synthetic foundation brushes as well. Regarding staying power, the blusher lasted till noon on my cheeks which is not bad for a cream product as such to be honest. 

It's pretty dinky hence I like to pop the blusher in the bag with me to work in case I need to touch up in the evening. 

They might look slightly kiddish in packaging to some of us brand smugs out there but once you get over the packaging, the product is pretty good value for money.

For £3.99 each, there is seriously nothing to lose here folks!


Sleek Lash Out

Sleek have recently come out with a new Mascara called Lash Out. Now I am glad they have taken a break from releasing new palettes as there is only so many shades one can use.

I like the fact that they seem to be spreading their expertise to other types of make-up products. Now I have tried out a Mascara from them years back and I have no idea what it was called but it was double ended and had a lash primer as well. It was really goopy and runny and I detested it however this one is totally the opposite. 

I am in love with the hot pink, slightly retro-ish with a neon streak packaging. Period. 

In the current market of gigantic mascara wands that won't let you leave home without poking your eye a million times, this baby is thin and pretty long, giving you maximum control.

I like how the wand reaches almost lower lashes quite easily too.

At least two coats are needed to get that 'false lash' effect. Of course the definition of a false lash might differ for all but it basically means lifted, dark and volumised lashes for me. It's not clumpy at all unless you try to build on more after applying two good coats.

In my opinion, its a hybrid between L'Oreal Voluminous and Benefit They're Real. Classic eh

Apologies as one of my eyes is simply out of focus hence the lashes don't look as amplified as the one on the right. I need a new camera. *sigh*

It lasts until you take it out with a make-up wipe. Until then it holds up the curl and lift quite well. 

If you like dark, dramatic mascaras like the ones I mentioned above, then you'll love this. 

If you're some one who likes their Mascara's Au Naturale, then look for a clear Mascara my love or simply use lash curlers! 

Available for £7 at Sleekmakeup.com


Ojon Haircare

I have been using Ojon 'Dry Recovery' Hair Care since the past few weeks and I have to say I am impressed! I don't have any particular Shampoos or Conditioners that I am loyal to. It's usually L'oreal and I instead like to splurge on hair treatment products likes oils, leave-in serums, masks and so on.

However I found a huge difference in the overall texture and 'health' of my hair. It immediately felt softer and more manageable on using the shampoo and conditioner and then I didn't need to use many treatment products after all. 

I am however addicted to using extra nourishing products at least on the ends of my hair which I substituted with the Ojon 'Dry Recovery' Hair Mask. All the products are geared towards dry and dehydrated hair hence are obviously very nourishing however not overtly so they don't weigh down the hair or disrupt with its natural flow. 

The products smell very nice and coconuty and the texture of the shampoo and the conditioner is very silky and light and spreads very well, using up less amount of product even for long hair like mine. One would think the thin cylindrical bottles wouldn't last long however they in fact do which is a great plus! 

If you haven't heard of Ojon, all I can say is that its pretty much in line with Moroccan Oil and Macadamia hair care range, where they intensely hydrate damaged and dehydrated hair and are meant for treating split ends, which I highly suffer from. 

The Dry Recovery Mask is absolutely lush to use. Now it says on the tub that one is meant to use it instead of conditioner however I feel my hair is a bit thick and dry comparatively and can do with using the conditioner and the mask together for super soft hair. 

This is slightly pricey at £28 but I feel its completely worth the investment for special occasions at least. I feel I would repurchase this instead of the conditioner as its value for money consider how huge the tub is. 

The Ojon Shampoo and the Conditioner retail for under £20 which is reasonable in my opinion.