MeMeMe Summer Chic Nail Collection

Another gorgeous Spring/Summer Nail Collection and this time from high-street cult favourite MeMeMe. Their Benefit inspired Blushers and Illuminators have already invaded most of my vanity but for some reason their Nail Paints don't seem to be as popular.

I personally love their Nail Paints. I have a beautiful taupe and a forest green shade from them and they are the most opaque and long wearing polishes I have every come across for the price. They also have a unique flat brush which applies color without making much of a mess.

The shades are inspired from catwalk trends and are likely to be dupes for potential Chanel releases. I love the mix of shades from a bright lemon and sky blue to soft peach and creamy pink and brown.

There is not a single shade I personally wouldn't wear from this hence it gets a two thumbs up from my side! Also, they seem to be of a glossy/iridescent finish from the picture which is again something I am a big sucker for.

This is currently available to purchase for £14.99 at Argos.co.uk and will be soon available on the MeMeMe website as well.


Red is the new black

Well at least in February it is. 

Here's another post featuring superb items that would make great presents for Valentine's Day or even for Mother's Day for that matter. 

I personally love the massive Red Vanity Case from Sanctuary Spa. It's quite sturdy and the quality is too good to be true for the price. 

That's not it, it comes with three full sized Bath & Body products that are meant to assist you in creating a spa like atmosphere in the comfort of your home, if just like me you are spa shy too.

It comes with an Enriching Body Wash, Nourishing Bath Soak and Cocooning Body Butter.

I can't really put a name to the scent these products contain but they are not floral or fruity at all. They smell quite relaxing and grown up if that makes any sense.

I was applying the Cocooning Body Butter the other day and even forced the sister to slather on a bit. She's not someone who likes Body Creams however she said it felt too luxurious to use every day and was shocked that the entire kit retails around £12!

That's dirt cheap right?

The best thing about the collection is that in real it looks much more expensive than its RRP. 

The super massive vanity case wins it full points as it can literally contain a tonne of Make-up plus its of really good quality and looks quite pretty. 

Sanctuary Spa do a variety of such cost effective yet luxurious gift sets at amazing prices. You can purchase them online or I have seen them retailing at larger Boots. 

Another brilliant product, staying in the red theme for Valentines is the Ila Body Balm. Ila Spa makes natural body care and this particular balm is for treating the senses with its relaxing aromatic experience and for feeding the skin via its naturally rich ingredients such as Argan Oil and Damascena Rose Otto.

I absolutely love Argan Oil for the hair and its the first time I am using it as a part of body care and I have to say it works just as well! The balm is quite solidified in texture and needs a lot of rubbing between fingers to warm it up however once on, its has a gorgeous warm rosey scent to it and a little goes a long way. 

It is slightly expensive at £39 for 200g of product however it would make a perfect present on its own for someone who loves their organic body care. The red and gold packaging is pretty and the clean white jar is heavy and luxurious. 


New Eye Liner Pens from Gosh

They are simply pure love!

Such gorgeous shades they are and are perfect for achieving that graphic eye liner look. I love that they come in a variety of unusual shades such as Purple, Green and Grey as coloured graphic eye liner is such a hit on the runway and can definitely be replicated every day, if worn with the rest of make-up kept understated. 

I have Blue, Green and Grey to try out. I have always been a huge fan of Gosh eye liners as I find their nib to be the easiest to use in the drug store market. So many people avoid using a liquid eye liner due to shaky hands however this is just like holding a felt tip pen hence making it easy to draw on a neat outline. 

The colour payoff is quite decent in my opinion. They are not overtly pigmented but do not fall on the sheer side too.

The consistency of the liquid is quite thin however and so tends to be runny if eyes get sensitive due to some reason. I believe these would not be waterproof which is slight bummer.

The colour transfers pretty bold and glossy but then dries down to being matte and quite low key which I prefer.

I would highly recommend buying the grey one if you like understated colours as it looks quite pretty for an everyday look. If you like darker colours and want to avoid blacks and browns, then the navy blue will be perfect. The green however is quite dark when it dries down, making it closer to brown or black and you really can't tell that one is wearing a green eye liner hence not a very unique shade in my opinion.

If you avoid the unruly and undone brows you can see what a lovely shade the blue transforms into when on the eyes. It's dark, neat and crisp yet mysterious.
Available from March in Superdrug stores and online in a total of 6 shades namely Purple, Green, Brown, Grey, Black and Blue for £6.49 each. 

*Press sample


Kyoku for Men - Fire Body Set

Kyoku for Men is a fairly new brand I believe and do some wonderful Skin Care and Bath & Body products for men. 

They are different in the sense that their range is divided in elements such as Wind, Water, Fire and Earth and each have unique ingredients and an aromatic experience that defines that particular element so well.

I have only tried out (well not me but the men I know!) the Fire Body Set and it contains South African Red Bush to treat any allergies or reactions. 

Overall, all the products have a gorgeous musky, spicy scent to them and it also contains ginger to give it that warm effect. 

Why would it make a perfect gift for men?

- Because anything in Red and Black packaging is automatically perceived as 'cool' by the guys regardless of their age
- The Body Scrub contains a tonne of minuscule red granules making it appear fun and quite different from other boring Bath & Body products
- It smells deliciously gingerly and spicy as opposed to generic and boring 

They also have some pretty cool stuff like the 'Lava Masque' and 'Lip Fuel' to name a few. 

The Body Scrub and the Body Lotion received the most raves for being excellent at exfoliation and leaving skin super smooth, so definitely give them a try! 

Available at Harrods, Lookfantastic.com, BeautyBay.com, House of Fraser and Mankind.co.uk. 


Green with envy or head over heels?

No there is no middle ground when it comes to people's perception towards Valentine's day. I fail to believe that one can simply be indifferent towards it. You either love it or hate it but its surely on your mind when its around!

I personally love everything related to it. The decorations in departmental stores, the abundance of balloons, hearts and flowers everywhere, the sugar-sweet rom-com movies, the array of gift sets available and the over use of the colour red almost everywhere.

It's funny how two groups of people perceive the day, where those who are currently seeing someone are beyond belief excited for the day and have everything planned out. Whereas the other group sulks their disappointment/grief/envy and almost making it an Anti-Valentine's day. There are so many hilarious cards available for the latter group in card shops!

Two very apt Nail Colours to express the two contrasting emotions that I came across.

The pinkish-red screams Parisian romance and the finely milled glitter particles call for a reason to celebrate. The mint green on the other hand is so sharp, crisp and bold. I absolutely love the marbellised effect it creates when initially applied.

Stargazer products can be bought from www.stargazer-products.com and they are also available at most Newlook stores.