The bigger, the better?

Not always but at least when it comes to Skin care and Make-up, it sure is for those obsessed like us eh?

I know there are a lot of Righteous Butter fans out there so I thought you'd like to know that Soap & Glory will be releasing a limited edition 1 litre tub from the 1st of February.

It will also contain some extra shimmer and glimmer, just in time for Valentine's.

I have the original Righteous Butter and if you want that expensive, classy smelling body butter, then this will definitely be your cup of tea. It's not overtly fruity like The Body Shop ones, neither as atrociously expensive as the Laura Mercier ones.

The formula is quite thick and sumptuous to apply but its perfect for terribly dry and itchy skin like mine. It does smell perfumed however still manages to work quite well in sync with sensitive skin.

As for the scent, its subtly floral and sweet - quite chic and feminine and almost works like a fragrance on its own, leaving skin baby soft. It has to be the Aloe Vera and Shea Butter in here working wonders!

To me it smells very similar to the Soap & Glory's Mist You Madly Body Mist. You have to try their Body Mists if you haven't yet. They're such a bargain compared to overpriced perfumes!

The original 300ml tub retails for a reasonable £10. As for this limited edition baby below, the 1 litre tub will retail for £25 so keep you eyes peeled whenever you're in Boots! I know I sure will ;)


Phil Smith Hair - Xtreme Style

Just thought I'd give a shout out to the Xtreme Style range by Phil Smith that I've been using since a good few weeks now and completely forgot to mention. 

I have a Hair Spray, a Thickening Cream and a Sea Salt Spray from them. Can I firstly make an appeal to all the brands out there to make their packaging hot pink. Doesn't it simply make life much more glamorous?

I am so addicted to Sea Salts and texturising powders that its just weird to use it in a spray form. I even have a few texturising powders tossed into my hand bag! Guilty much? 

Anyhow, this is a genius product to add texture and style to the bottom part of the hair where the powders usually cannot be used or don't work as well. I use this on damp hair when I want to opt for a scrunchy, air dried look and this works quite well to define curls in naturally wavy hair. 

Of course it would work much better in conjunction with heat tools but I usually opt for this when I want to stay heat-free. 

The Xpanding Thickening Cream is like a mousse but in a cream form. I generally take a blob of it and apply it at the roots of damp hair and massage it in. It gives a lot of volume to the hair if blowdryed after. It just shouldn't be used on dry hair and not more than a pea sized amount. 

The Xtravagant Hair Spray is much effective than the generic L'Oreal ones in my opinion. I have never really got L'Oreal to work for me to be honest. I mean I am aware of the fact that their Elnett range has been dominating the hair spray market since decades but it simply just doesn't do anything for my hair.

This on the other hand provides a much effective hold without any crispiness to it. Get it!

The range is available at Sainsbury's so definitely look out for it when you're around. 


Rodial Glamtox Peel - the 10 minute face lift?

So I am not someone who regularly uses Face Masks hence this is quite a rare feature here but that does not in any way suggest that I don't like using them. Just like the rest of us, a 9-5, commuting in the Hammersmith & City line, blogging & 30 day shred take up most of my time to use a skin treatment as such! 

However I did get a chance to try this out recently and thought I'd let you guys know about it. 

First of all, unlike other masks out there that harden on the skin and peel, this ones quite creamy and is more of a wash-off mask which I much prefer. Unlike it's name, its not of a 'peel' texture at all and the consistency inclines more towards face bleach. 

I apply a generous amount and keep it on for 10 minutes before washing it off with luke warm water and there is absolutely no difficulty in taking it off. 

Although the description states that it's a thick clay mask, I don't see a trace of clay in it compared to the clay masks I have used from other brands. In fact it's a good thing in my opinion as it doesn't strip off the moisture it's injected when it's on the skin that way. 

It claims to lift the skin, decongest it, reduce fine lines and age spots. 

Does it work? It adds a gorgeous post-facial glow and does a good job at temporarily lifting the skin and fading fine lines if you are looking for a quick fix before a special occasion or a night out. I find this especially useful when my face is feeling bloated and congested. 

Not quite sure if it works on fading age spots however. My mum who's in her 40's has also tried it out and loves it for the reasons above but again did not see any difference in hyperpigmentation. 

Must try out once for £19.95! 


Sponsored Video: A bit about Merino Wool

Did you know Merino wool is known to be one of the softest and best quality wool in the world due to its unique soft fibres that make it different to other artificial fabrics in the market.

It traps body heat unlike many other fabrics that let body warmth escape, still keeping in mind that the wearer does not get overheated. This is the main reason why the fabric is used in the manufacturing of workout clothing and sportswear as it automatically adjusts the moisture levels in the body.

Now this is the main problem I mainly suffer from cheap quality wool available in high-street. It makes me extremely warm, even in the winter, that I am left with absolutely no option other than sweating or itching, if wearing it in a well heated room.

Plus, most of the wooly dresses that I currently own from the high-street retailers loose shape so quickly and their fluff is flying all around the room, after coating my outerwear!

I haven't tried wearing Merino wool but it seems of superb quality and feels so light and comfortable, gliding on the skin effortlessly. It almost looks like silk... but warmer.

Did you know this is what most Fashion Designers use because of how versatile it is and its unique ability of draping the skin, without feeling like wool? It's also natural and renewable, so in an artificial era as of today, you don't always have to feel guilty of ruining the environment for once.

Giorgio Armani has also used Australian Merino wool in his recent creations which have been featured in International Vogue magazines.

Don't you just absolutely love these stunning visuals? When I usually think wool, attributes like 'ticklish' and 'boring' come to my mind but looking at these visuals, it is apparent how different types of wool make an immense difference in the way they look and feel.

I love the way the fabric drapes the model's body and is so figure flattering! The checkered beige print would make such a chic coat or a formal dress no?

Have you guys tried Merino Wool before? Would love to know your thoughts.

*Sponsored post


Ole Henriksen Nurture Me

Is my moisturiser of choice lately and its such a dream to use, I had to let you guys know about it. Now not many people know about the brand but Ole Henriksen is a celebrity Skin Cosmetician and Television Personality, alongside being a model in his early years. He currently owns a Skin Care line and a Salon & Spa in Hollywood. 

I like the fact that he has divided his Skin Care by skin concern such as Hyperpigmentation, Dark Circles, Visible Pores and so on. I have something from his Sensitive range namely the Nurture Me Creme

It doesn't specify it is a day cream or a night cream but judging from its light and fluffy consistency, I am assuming it is more suitable to use during day time.

It's applies like whipped cream, smells like fruit custard and looks like yogurt. What's not to like in it? Unless of course you don't like your Desserts! 

I have been using it since a while now and I am pleased to report it hasn't broken me out yet so it's perfect for those of you with a combination-sensitive skin type. 

My skin literally drinks this up on application and it leaves a nice plump effect which is great as a make-up base, as I usually tend to use it in the day time before applying Foundation. 

It claims to protect skin from environmental damage and contains soothing and calming ingredients that prevent any kind of inflammation, redness and sensitivity. 

Main ingredients consist of Evening Primrose Oil, Chamomile Extract, Wheat Germ Oil and Rosa Mosquetta Oil from Rosehips. 

It is priced slightly higher at £31 a pop for a 50ml tub. However aren't moisturisers usually priced around the £20 tag any way? 

I wouldn't mind paying this price considering its a huge tub and is likely to last a good few months as it glides on the skin with ease hence doesn't get used up as much.