MAC 109 - The ultimate dupe

This seems like such an old debate/discussion no?

Maybe one that the blogosphere was overcrowded with DECADES ago. No that's an example of over exaggeration that I usually tend to resort to on weekends. I am just moderately sarcastic on weekdays :)

So even I went through the phase of trying out the original MAC 109 when it first came out, loving it, then hating it, then selling it.

It was such an annoying experience that I had with the brush, when I couldn't figure out what to use it for - foundation, blush, bronzer or everything? Plus I simply couldn't justify paying over £20 for it at that time, simply to see it shed a tonne of hair.

Then came a gazillion companies trying to make dupes of the brush but simply couldn't achieve perfection. I think the closest any brand could get was Sigma but I has simply lost patience till then and found better alternatives.

Until I found Lauren Luke's Flat Contour Brush a while back and have been in love with it since then. It's exactly what MAC 109 should have been.

It has it's minor differences of course as MAC 109 is more fuller and dense and slightly more tapered from the edges. But I have to say it works just as well if not better and is of much better quality.

The quality of the brush handle and the ferulle is quite sturdy and the brush hairs are goat hair I believe and is considerably soft.

Of course there's Sigma F05 which is the more known dupe for the original however if you don't want to spend an atrocious amount on shipping from the US, this a great option for the British ladies out there.

The best part it, all her brushes retail for under £7, with this one priced ridiculously at £5.25! Talk about beating IMAT's prices eh?

The website offers international delivery as well but then if the point is to avoid atrocious shipping charges, it wouldn't be worth the purchase for those outside Europe in my opinion. 

It's maddening I tell you. I also have her foundation brush and tapered blending brush and plan to purchase the rest from the range too. 

If you've been able to find a better dupe, I'd love to know! 


Current Favourites - Aussie, Liz Earle, Chanel, Label M...

Nip + Fab is a brand that I don't rave much about as its quite simple and effective but I've always been fond of their products. I have used their Sheer Make-Up Fix in the past which is a great primer to mattify oily skin types and to avoid foundation from sliding. 

They recently introduced their Dry Hand Fix and for £9.95, I think it's a steal! It's consistency is great and its quiet long lasting on the skin, visibly increasing the moisture level in the skin and limits water loss. It also claims to help in the appearance of the surface of the skin which I am yet to notice, obviously will be more visible on more older consumers compared to me. 

I tend to wash my hair a lot in the winter for some reason as compared to summer, which in turn makes them ever drier and limpy. It's not always possibly to inject volume with volumising dusts on bad hair days which is when Aussie's Volume Shampoo comes to rescue.

It's very hydrating, still maintaining the right amount of moisture in the hair. Of course it helps that the bottle is humongous! (and has my name printed on it!)

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment has been introduced in January as the latest Hair Product in Liz Earle boutiques.

I personally love their Skincare and their Hair Care is very nourishing and thought after too, unlike generic shampoos in the market but I always have a huge complain with their quantity, which also applies to this particular treatment.

It comes in a squeezy tube with the front facing downwards due to which a lot of product is dispensed at one time. The product itself however is amazing hence in my favourites. It nourishes, hydrates and makes hair silky and tangle free. I reserve it for split ends and as a special treatment once a week.

This thing by Label M is gorgeous! Yes another hair product I know but I have been going through a bad hair phase where I am obsessively worried about it looking limpy and dry at the same time and this has again helped tremendously in mending any such issues.

I won't go into the details regarding its ingredients but its a thick serum like consistency and I use it as a leave-in conditioner. It's thick so its best applied on damp hair in my opinion but it gets rid of any frizziness and adds a dash of healthy shine to the lower ends of the hair, keeping any styling intact throughout the day.

Must try!

And lastly, Chanel Blusher in Rose Petale

Absolutely despised it when bought originally and it stayed at the bottom of my vanity unused for months. Suddenly rediscovered it the other day and have been religiously slapping it on since then.

What a gorgeously subtle dewy peachy-pink. Very work appropriate and would be great for pale skin tones. 

What have you been loving recently? 


Do it our way!

Is the new single by Alesha Dixon in collaboration with WeightWatchers. The video below features some of the Weight Watchers members who have successfully lost weight being a part of the programme and not so surprisingly look super fit!

Fun facts: The 3 minute long video was shot all in one go and the lyrics have been inspired by the stories of these women themselves. I personally love the 'I'm checking me out' bit.

I like the fact that the video features 'real' women of all shapes and sizes. You may notice how they are curvy as well but still toned at the same time which is what matters. I personally am a fan of the curvy-yet-toned shape much like most of the girls in the video as especially for me, that's much more easier to maintain than to drop a few dress sizes.

I really wish I could pull off those bright jeans worn by the lovely looking girls in the video though! Unfortunately I have always had a thigh 'problem', which according to me are greater in proportion to the rest of my body and no matter how much I workout or starve, they will. not. budge.

Coming back to the video, to add further glamour, of course there's stunning Alesha making a blink-or-miss appearance too. I have been in awe of her not only because she sings amazingly (and actually made me sing the song whilst I watched the video) but also after became the face of Avon a while ago and looks flawless in the promo images.

Any of you ever tried Weight Watchers and came out victoriously?

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