Barefoot Botanicals - Rosa Fina Creamy Face Wash

Face washes are so common in every house hold let alone in every beauty bloggers vanity and as innovative formula's come and go, promising to buff and polish your skin like never before, it's only truly some that actually work for the purpose.

My Face Wash of choice has been the Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Creamy Face Wash. The brands name 'Barfoot Botanicals' has been inspired by ancient Chinese traditions where doctors would travel to places barefoot, passing on their wisdom and remedies. Quite original eh?

My favourite before this was the Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser by Superdrug but I have been favouring the Rosa Fina one over the past few months as its creamy and hydrating and suits my skin better in these chilly months. 

'The secret of our Rosa Fina range is the rare and highly therapeutic rosa mosqueta oil pressed from the seeds of a wild Chilean rose. This precious ingredient is clinically proven to dramatically reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and scar tissue, leaving skin smooth, firm & radiant'

The beauty of the product is how it foams so well and still manages to remove any make-up or impurities from the skin without stripping it off the moisture.

If you have a look at the Barefoot Botanicals website, the brand caters for troubled skin like those suffering from Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Urticaria and sensitive skin in general.

Of course the consistency is just a matter of choice but I personally have never used a creamy face wash before. This has been the first time and I have to say I like how it spreads on the skin so well and gives me time to massage the product it creating lather and foam.

On second thoughts, I have never really tried foam-mousse like face washes too as I would enjoy using them I suppose. *makes a mental note*
It's been a while and I don't remember it's exact price but this was somewhere around £16 and available from mypure.co.uk.


Chocomania by The Body Shop - good enough to eat?

I think so!

Especially the Body Butter as every pot contains 12 community fair trade ingredients, making it the richest body butter in their range till date. 

Ingredients such as Soya beans, Brazil Nut, Sugar Cane, Cocoa beans, Coconut, Olive, Shea nuts and so on. Yum is THE word. 

Their Body Butter's are thickly formulated, last longer on the skin and have a delicious scent to them hence people prefer them more in the winter compared to other formulations. This particular one claims to provide 48 hours of intensive hydration.

I usually find some of Body Shop's Body Butter's quite hard in their formulation and need to be scraped out of the tub however the Chocomania Body Butter is quite soft in its consistency and melts into the skin so well.

I also have their Body Lotion which is its lighter option, which I believe would act as a good top up when you don't want to dig into the tub for application or simply for convenience sake as it contains a pump dispenser. 

In the winter, this would suffice for moisturising the arms and hands. 

In my opinion, this smells exactly the same as the Body Butter. I however have to say I prefer the lotion like consistency much more than its counterpart, however that's just my personal opinion as I have always felt so.

It's also more reasonably priced at £8 for 250ml.  

That's not it, there's more to the range than this. Isn't it simply scrumptious and perfect for release in February for Valentines. 

I have tried a lot of different ranges from The Body Shop and although I have some favourites such as Brazil Nut, Shea Butter and White Musk, this I have to say is the best they have come up with so far.

I love how they have revamped the collections and they seem so thought over and fool proof. This being Chocolate flavoured, will surely be a big hit be it Valentine's or not as it smells and looks good enough to eat!

*Press sample


Best of 2011: Hair

Dry Shampoo - One Batiste for every day of the week eh? Well with the cheap-as-chips price tag they retail at, one NEEDS to own almost every single piece from their range. 

Mousse - And you thought Body Shop only did skin care...
Heat Protectant - Will repurchase for life!
Volumiser - I am obsessed with volumising powders..salts..dusts, whatever they call them. This one's the best however after Osis.
Argan Oil/Luxury treatment - Great at mending split ends and avoiding haircuts. Non sticky and seriously shiny!
Leave-In Conditioner - Label M has been a hair care favourite for me this year with some innovative products but this one's my favorite for detangling and hydrating.
Shampoo/Conditioner - Nothing beats L'Oreal when it comes to basic hair care. I have been using almost all the shampoos from their Elvive range since years and have never been let down. 

Had a lot more favorites than this but instead of overcrowding the post, I thought I should let you know of things I cannot do without. 

Any of your favorites that I NEED in my  life hair routine? 


MeMeMe Dew Pots - Next in line to Paintpots?

That's what the hype is about. 

In my opinion, they are quite different to MAC Paintpot's in formulation. 

These have more of a gel liner consistency to them. They are soft and slippery whereas MAC Paintpot's drag on the skin and stay put. These on the other hand will crease quite a bit. 

I have tried similar ones from Illamasqua before as well. Their Molten Metal creases a lot as it has the same problem as the dew pots. Illamasqua's Cream Pigment on the other hand is in fact quite similar to MAC Paintpot in consistency and effect and stays put. 

I like the shades Dew Pots come in however. I have two, Silent Storm and Hollow Haze. 

Silent storm is a very gorgeous forest green and Hollow Haze is a pretty champagne shade.

I love the shades to be honest, just not the slippery consistency as although they apply quite well if layered and applied on top of an eye shadow for that extra dimension and shimmer, they crease a lot and don't apply as pigmented as they should if worn alone on a naked lid.

One fantastic use I found for them is as a gel liner. They are a dream to apply and stay put as well. Plus the forest green looks gorgeous as a pop of colour.

Also, the champagne shades makes a lovely creamy cheek and brow highlighter. Will feature some pictures showing their alternative uses soon.

Have you found any dupes for MAC Paintpot?