Cuteness of the week

Not as exciting as make-up talk but just a few adorable finds of the week. Cute random things always make up for full fledged product reviews no?

iPhone cover from Funky Pigeon. It's not mine as unfortunately I don't own the super cool device and am stuck with a HTC. Whoever owns a HTC in this world besides me! But I found it for the sister hence included. 

Anything starting with 'Keep Calm' and we have to have it! Just an obsession you see. 

Oh and I wanted a diary that would fit in my handbag since ages. Of course in an ideal life I would want a Filofax metropol organiser but couldn't justify spending almost £30 on it. Aaah well maybe next time.

For now I have in possession an uber cute lilac Laura Ashley diary with gorgeous black pattern on it. It is so beautiful to look at and right up my street.

Perfect for jotting down things here and there if just like me you despise those ugly post-it notes!

Who likes Spongebob? *both hands up*

Isn't it uber cute? I had to immediately attach it to my office key to brighten up my day :)

The Soap & Glory 'Mist you badly' body mist is a latest find and am in love with it already. It's subtly floral and has a natural sweet scent to it.

Also, like all other body mists out there, it doesn't disappear quickly and is quite a good alternative for a perfume which I quite like. It's going to be a staple in the handbag for parched skin during the day.

Plus the pearlescent peachy-pink bottle always helps!

I have my eye on the other scents Soap & Glory have. It's truly a brand to look out for.

Keep your eyes peeled for Best of 2011 Hair & Skin Care posts to come :)


Best of 2011: Make Up







Lip Colour

Lip Gloss

Black EyeLiner

Coloured EyeLiner


Eye Brush

Face Brush

Hope the picture-heavy post was more concise and to the point. Do you want a similar one on Skin Care and Hair?


Wordless Wednesday

Cherry Cheese Cake - A Nigella Lawson recipe :)


My take on the House of Rush

You must have heard of Rush salons nationwide if you are in the UK. Recently, they opened a place packed of grandeur and all things screaming 'pamper' and named it 'The House of Rush'. 

Currently, this is the one of its kind in London as far as I know and I am out of words to describe how absolutely gorgeous the place is from the inside. 

How is this different from other salons? Well they not only have hair services but also provide beauty services, a spa, body contouring, tanning, brows, lashes, mani & pedi, hair removal and even some spa and massage services for the men! 

Now you can't beat that can you? 

A lot of high-end skin care and hair care brands are available to purchase in the waiting area of the salon which I thought was quite a clever idea considering that one is very likely to ponder upon them whilst waiting. 

Brands like Rodial, Elemis, Kerastase, Shu Uemura and Red Ken are really exciting brands to stock and quite appropriately housed in there as these are used in the services the House of Rush provides. 

Grandeur and the luxurious brands aside, they were trying their very best to provide an A-class service to us in every way possible. They had a bar tender and little bar area along with an extensive menu to choose from. He kept asking us for our order throughout the service, from us sitting in the waiting area to us getting our services done, which was quite hospitable of them in my opinion.

My sister opted for a Cut & Blow dry which is a reasonable £50, especially as she was getting a hair cut after almost a year. A senior stylist named Amanda attended her who was super chirpy and polite and of course very talented. 

It is almost unbearable for me personally when a hair stylist takes hours and forgets the poor customer sitting on the chair for ages. In this case however, Amanda was pretty quick and the cut & blow dry was finished in almost 40 minutes, which is commendable. 

Here's a little before after where she is transformed from 'blah' to 'whoa'. The sister is not going to be very pleased about this as she is overtly critical as to how she appears in pictures. I think she looks adorable! Any how, she opted for long layers, some volume around the crown, kept the length and opted for side swept fringe. 

You can't really tell the difference as the stylist incorporated some curls in the end. 

It wasn't all roses however as our appointments got mixed up and apparently we weren't booked at all. First of all there were two receptions, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. Funnily we were booked in on the ground floor reception who let us in but we weren't booked in on the first floor reception at all. 

The receptionist wasn't particularly friendly or helpful and had absolutely no idea about us coming in due to which we had to wait for 45 minutes. I was however offered a manicure during that waiting time to make up for it. 

Secondly, the layout of the furniture in the salon was a bit catastrophic with people clashing into each other as the chairs were laid out like a classroom, not to forget fixed on the floor so one couldn't move them, in the middle of the room, leaving little space for people to walk in the middle. 

According to my sister, whilst she was getting a haircut, her chair wasn't the kind whose height could be adjusted and the stylist had to ask her to get up to cut her hair initially, which I found a bit silly considering its quite a basic salon requirement to have adjustable chairs. 

In my opinion, they were trying really hard to make the place a huge success and it might even be but I felt they were trying to achieve a lot more than they physically could. If only they could inject some simplicity back, get the system connected and have the staff organised, our experience could have been much more enjoyable.

Just to let you know that I (well the sister!) was provided this service complimentary by the salon for review purposes on the blog. 

House of Rush has its share of good points like the beautiful design, providing every possible service at one place and some very talented stylists like Amada, however its not somewhere I would pay money and go again, simply due to personal preferences I would say as I know many other bloggers had a lovely experience there and I am no one to negate that.

I am someone who loves fantastic customer service, no pushy staff, brilliant organisation and overall a simple yet sweet experience. I will however admit that I am a difficult customer and I hardly every go back to places as I am never in head over heels over something. My last two experiences at a salon were at Tommy Guns in Soho and Gielly Green at Marylebone Street, both which I absolutely loved and would recommend.