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Sheet Masks by Masker Aide

This is the ultimate season for sheet masks I tell you. At first when I used to see some You Tube gurus wearing it in their videos, I seriously thought they looked freaky and it was an impractical idea. I am still adamant on it looking freaky part when on but impractical, I highly disagree. 

They are absolutely a life saviour if you're on a holiday, had a bad day at work, have been crying, need to prep your skin for an event, haven't had enough sleep and the list of it's situational uses are endless. I particularly love the Beauty Restore and the Weather Warrior one as they are intensely hydrating and leave the skin dramatically better looking and radiant. 

Masker Aide Sheet Masks claim to be paraben free and eco-friendly. How I found them different from the usual masks that come in a bottle is that you are likely to keep these on for longer as they are so relaxing, you almost fall asleep. Somehow it also has a cooling effect on the skin, regardless of which type of mask you're using hence enhancing the DIY at home spa like experience. 

Also, the product that comes along in one sheet mask is quite a lot for one time use which means you get to massage the remaining product as a serum into the skin after washing it off. It's full value for money considering it retails at $4.99 per mask.

To make a purchase or to check availability near you, visit www.maskeraide.com.

Unknown said...

I love the packaging!! I'd never seen them before but I'm going to check out the website for sure. Thanks for sharing!

The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

Sheefa F said...

The packaging is brilliant isn't it :)

Oreleona said...

love the packaging!!




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