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Neom Sensuous Reed Diffuser

I love the recent trend of diffusers that have overtaken brands since a while. I never use to care about them before and preferred my trusty Neom scented candle or room mists but these Reed Diffusers by Neom are gorgeous when you have kids around, want to avoid mishaps or just want something scenting the room continuously and naturally without worrying about it at all.

Especially for places like a office, work station at home or a spacious bathroom, these are the perfect alternative to other fragrance diffusers that need constant refilling. If you have ever wondered how these work without igniting them is because reed is a porous substance with many other straw like sticks between every single stick, absorbing liquid through their numerous nodes from the bottom to the top and then releasing it gradually in the room.

What's particularly great is that the essential oils in Neom's Reed Diffusers are of the highest quality and all natural hence absorbing better into the sticks and last much longer than synthetic fragrances. This particular one namely 'Sensuous' is quite a rich and warm blend, comfortably apt for the Autumn/Winter, relaxing and romantic at the same time, without being too overpowering.

It goes without saying that the beautiful glass bottle makes a nice home decor item on its own, killing two birds with one stone! I have tried placing a few of these reed sticks in my wardrobe as well and the scent there is delicious as it stays closed for longer.

EllieAlice said...

bet it smells lovely xx





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