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Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream

I promise this is the last BB cream I feature on this blog. Okay I am lying already. I have another one that I am trying out waiting to be reviewed hah.

What I can however promise for sure is that this is the most authentic BB cream I have come across especially in the UK. It's quite like the original ones that started the trend in Asia a few years ago.

It's ridiculously pale to be a one size fit all but I like how it quite shamelessly does that without bringing out a few more shades to please the audience and compromising with its originality.

On my NC30 skin tone however, it's vampire pale shade when initially applied but give it a few seconds and it adapts to my skin colour pretty much, just making it look pleasantly fairer and bright. I can't guarantee if it would have the same effect on women of colour or those deeper than NC30 and I say that due to its grey undertone which can appear ashy at times.

What I do love about it is its super thin formula but high coverage and only a pea sized amount that covers the entire face, which means superb value for money. 

It's not thick, sticky or tacky feeling on the skin. Just nicely dewy from all angles, providing an ageless effect and enhancing the appearance of skin's suppleness and elasticity. 

I can see this being highly appropriate for paler skin ladies who have trouble finding a good everyday foundation. Forty plus ladies should enjoy it was well as it blurs fine lines and imperfections, giving the illusion of younger, healthy looking skin. 

It's an award winning product and I can see why as a number of factors work in its favour to make it the perfect concoction that would be universally liked. Keeping in mind it's very reasonable price tag, I shall surely be repurchasing it.

I can see it being a staple for the holidays when I want something with medium coverage, that lasts without touch ups, doesn't end up in a hot cakey mess and imparts radiance and this is exactly that low maintenance product.
EllieAlice said...

ool sounds nice xx


Nix said...

Every-time I see a post about this I just want it more and more. Now I just have to remember to buy it when I have the cash and not get blindsided by the million other pretty things I see.

Kerry! said...

I love this!! Finally someone has blogged about it as i think its not well known enough! Ive been using this for around 6 months and still in winter find myself reaching for it. Amazing coverage!




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