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*New* Clinique Chubby Stick 'Intense' - Plushest Punch

As of mid November, the cult-favourite lip staple in every other girl's wardrobe shall be available in 8 new 'Intense' shades. Quite a clever move considering that people tend to opt for more pigmented shades in the colder months as it's easier to get away in the dark than the glaring sunlight!

Plus the festive season definitely calls for new lip shades every day and with these easy to smack on range of colours, it makes the task a tad bit easier. I can also see them being very appropriate for the office as although the shade range leans a bit towards deeper pinks and rich reds, they are much more comfortable to wear than regular lipsticks, smudging less and requiring fewer touch ups.

I have 'Plushest Punch' in my grubby little hands which I feel is not that much of a unique colour. Quite been there done that shade of a warm yet bright pink with a slight hint of red shot through it. I like the fact that for a change it does not have blue under tones to it as I was kind of sick of sporting them. 

It's easy to wear, quite feminine and festive yet prominent on the lips. I however have my eyes on a deep dusky rose and a caramely shade from these new formulations. They look so beautiful, you have to check them out!

As expected, the intense formulation calls for more pigmentation. It's actually more pigmented than I expected really and one can get away with just a tint of it on the lips during daytime or a full on application from the bullet for the evening. 

The formula glides on dreamily, feels lush on the lips and has a nice glossy finish to it. Not in your face glossy but as if your lips are thoroughly hydrated.

Retailing for the same price tag of £16 as the original Chubby Sticks, I'd recommend investing in these if you want more value for money. Having said that, liking my lips to look understated, I'd still prefer the original Chubby Sticks for their sheer finish and the super fun shades that you just cannot go wrong with. 

Michelle said...

I know the colour isn't totally original, but this is gorgeous!! I have 5 of the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains and love them (also because of the stain aspect) but I'll look into these because there are a few gaps in the Revlon colour selection. I should probably look into the original chubby sticks too! xx

Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

very pretty!

Unknown said...

There's something about a pencil application that I just find more appealing honestly. I also have one of the Revlon Kissable Stains and I wasn't really in love with it because I didn't feel that it was very pigmented so this Clinique one is intriguing!

Sami said...

Gorgeous colour! Love the intensity of it xx




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