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Neom Tranquillity Bath Foam

It's something that is very likely to turn bath time into fun and if you're just a shower person, then to convert you to take a chill pill, lie down and relax and rewind in a hot tub with a good book (I recommend 'I Love' series by Lindlsey Kelk), music (from a Smartphone app of course!) and a scented candle (Neom 'Restore' is delicious). Without these added elements, there's simply no point of opting for a bath instead of a shower really. There have to be products that make you drag your lazy self into the bathroom to create a spa like environment for yourself after a never-ending, tiring week at work.

I believe this Bath Foam is free of nasty chemicals and contains 100% essential oils, with a good mix of natural and organic ingredients. On opening the luxurious, heavy glass bottle (which is not very travel friendly as it can leak) immediately dispenses notes of English Lavender and Sweet Basil. I can smell some citrusy, orangey notes too somehow. It's warm and citrusy yet nicely smoked out with prominent inclusion of Lavender and also bubbles up quite well leaving the gorgeous scent lingering in the bathroom for long. If you have ever used Neom products, you'd know they are known for their distinctive scents and this product lives up to the expectations of the brand and delivers an aromatic, sensory experience which none of my other bath and body products can beat.

The 200ml bottle is available from their website for £20. Quite worth it if you like your baths, especially as winter's arriving and baths and winter just go together don't they?




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