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Complexion enhancers

Best yet underated complexion enhancers, Moisturiser. Exfoliator. Primer. Illuminator.

What do they do? Improve or better 'enhance' the appearance of the skins texture and colour. Great for bad skin days in particular. I find my skin kinda 'loses it' when moving between seasons and exactly that has been happening recently when it's dry, flaky, dehydrated and lustre lacking.

1. Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser for Dry Skin. It could have broke me out considering that I have combination skin but it didn't. I guess it's more to do with the time of the year when my skin's more normal/dry than the opposite. Regardless, I find Organic Surge's Moisturiser's are always toned down a little that what it says on the box. They always play it safe. For instance, it it's for very dry skin, it will still absorb straight into the skin without feeling heavy or looking tacky. It's a lush, cold cream like texture in a heavy glass jar and for the price, something I am likely to repurchase. Give it a try to balance out parched skin without overloading it with product.

2. Glamglow Exfoliating Mudmask. It is overpriced but it's surely not overhyped. It is a very abrasive yet effective exfoliator and you see it actually resurfacing the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells. That's half the work done when you have fresh skin that's radiant and glowing. The exfoliating particles it has in it are quite chunky and rough which I believe make sure they give a thorough cleanse to the skin. Containing volcanic ash, crushed green tea leaves and french sea clay, it is a stunner at leaving skin velvety soft and pores like they have been photoshopped. 

3. So once I have my skin all brand new and radiant after using the above two gems, I resort to my favourite primers of all times, Smashbox Photo Finish Light. This one's 60% water based and completely oil free meaning it's perfect for combination/oily skin types. Having said that, it doesn't leave my skin tight and absolutely matte is what I love about it. It leaves skin natural, like how it's meant to be, soft and supple just more smoothed out and blurring out imperfections. It's oil absorbers work beautifully as I don't see any shine peeping throughout the day. It's bizarrely hydrating at the right places and mattifying in the t-zone. I love the tube and it's perfect for travel with so much product squeezed into it. I did not believe in primers before trying this out to be honest and have my eyes on the hydrating primer from their range now. Must try!

4. MeMeMe Angels with Halos Skin Illuminator is my favourite skin highlighter recently. It's one of the very few liquid illuminators out there that glide on to the foundation without disturbing it at all. It's a champagne peach shade which is a refreshing and flattering change from the deep golden or the stark silver ones. The shade mimics the shade of my skin without looking fake. It hasn't got golden or silver iridescence to it, in fact a multi coloured one that changes based on how and where light hits it. It can be comfortably worn before foundation as well to give the complexion a kick and because it's nicely hydrating and easily blendable, I can get away with it without it turning out patchy. A huge tube for the price it retails at and another great product by MeMeMe. 

I'd love to know if you have any special products that save your complexion when moving between seasons. 

Karolina said...

I NEED to try the mememe highlighter! Looks amazing! xo

Sarah said...

Great reviews, the mememe illuminator looks great (may have to purchase) as does the smashbox primer!

Sarah x




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