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Charles Worthington 'Salon Secrets' at home

Can you see light bouncing off my hair? 

Well, that's exactly what these products have done to it. I am a convert! 

I have put to test two products from the newly launched Charles Worthington Salon at Home products namely the Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer and the Diamond Shine Gloss Treatment to test for the past two weeks and have been more than satisfied with the results achieved. 

Starting with my favourite of the two, the Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer which is an overnight, deep conditioning hair treatment that works at strengthening and reinforcing the structure of damaged hair and split ends and making them look all lush after a quick wash in the morning. What I loved about the product was how it was absolutely non sticky which not only helped keep the pillows stain free but also allowed me to keep the product in my hair for longer without it feeling all weighed down. 

The end result was drastically effective as after one use, the ends of my hair felt more 'alive' and reinforced instead of dead and just hanging down there without any bounce and structure. There was definitely more shine and strength in them, as if I had just had a hair cut. I love my thicker ends and shall surely be using this once weekly to see how the results are in a few months time. 

The Diamond Shine Gloss Treatment on the other hand I am not quite sure about to be honest. It's meant to replicate like one of those gloss treatments you have for £30 or so at the salon where they massage a 'secretive' product in your hair for a few minutes, dry it with a blow dryer so it penetrates the hair properly and then wash it off within 10-15 minutes. 

First of all, it felt slightly tacky when applied to the hair. Of course this shouldn't be a problem if applied in the shower but I guess I tried to apply it as a leave in conditioner and it made my hair a bit starchy. The end result as well wasn't significant enough in my opinion or perhaps the Overnight Hair Healer's brilliancy is clouding my judgement on this. Nonetheless, a decent product if you are looking to infuse back shine into lifeless, very dry hair and it's surely more affordable than a trip to the salon!

I'd highly recommend checking out other products from CW's salon at home 'Intensive' range as they are definitely high quality products living up to their claim. Available to view at the Charles Worthington website and can be purchased at Boots. 

Anonymous said...

im going to have to try that overnight product. id also recommend you try the l'oreal elvive overnight serum. realy softens my ends and no need to wash out! xx

Aaliya said...

woww.. ur looks soo healthy!! :d wish these were available in India.. *sigh*




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