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Walk in wardrobe: Body/Face Oils

I love myself some Body Oil. Used to hate the sticky, slippery feeling before but now it's more like aromatherapy, especially as we see these 'multitasking', essential oils these days which are superbly dry yet hydrating in consistency and can penetrate the skin better, dissolving the benefits of the oil in the blood stream. 

Below are my favourite ones that I usually am spoilt for choice to choose from when I feel like I need some self pampering. Plus most of them smell so energising, therapeutic and calming, creating a spa like atmosphere at home.

If you have always preferred Body and Face Creams to Oils, it's high time you try out some of the new ones in the market as their molecular structure is very small, making them absorb into the skin better. Try applying it after a hot shower when blood flow is increased and absorption at its optimum. It will feel great too, I promise!

The Nelson's Bath & Massage oil is cheap as chips yet manages to smell citrusy and woody. It is one of those sticky oils though designed for movement over the body during a massage so don't expect anything but slippery from this. Great if you indulge in at home DIY body massage. 

The Superdrug Restoring Skin Care Oil is pretty much like Bio Oil but cheaper and you get more product for your money's worth. It indeed is great if you indulge in a bit of exercise here and there, like to use body scrubs to get rid of cellulite as this works nicely in sync with all of that to promote toning, especially around the thigh and the hip area. 

I am slightly biased towards the Shiffa Energising Body Oil due to its zesty peppermint, warm black pepper and tingling ginger scent. If that's not enough to wake up your senses, there's an added dash of lemon and lime shot through it. It's like a whole new punch of energy packed in a bottle. I usually opt for this for a quick shoulder and back massage.
Enough of my oil talk for today. All this talking is making me want to soak in these gorgeous oils in a bath. Pure bliss. Off I go!

Sanjana said...

love this post! i love body oils too!


Sparklz and Shine said...

I love body oils! A few new ones in there I hadn't heard of, and will be on the look out for now. x




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