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Sleek Be Beautiful BB Cream - Review, swatches & FOTD

The much awaited BB Cream by Sleek is in my grubby little hands and here’s a post overloaded with pictures of myself wearing it throughout the day. Yes every single one was necessary, thanks for asking.

This is an excited, impulse review based on my first thoughts hence I’ll mainly comment on the texture, consistency, finish and all that jazz and let you guys be the judge of its longevity etc.

First thought on squeezing out the product from the tube is that it is pretty much in line with Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser. Yes, the thick cream does mimic the original eastern BB creams but the coverage is much fuller than that believe it or not. I shall let the photos do the talking. 

The shade 'Light' resembles MAC NC25 with mostly neutral and slightly yellow undertones in my opinion and 'Medium' is more in the line of NC/NW 45 with strong reddish undertones to it.

I can see people complaining about the lack of shades. Something in between 'light' and 'medium' would be great to see further down the line.

I applied it with a flat top Kabuki brush and saw it immediately covering my slightly uneven skin tone, redness and faded blemish marks. Impressive. I can actually walk out of the house wearing this and not feel ‘naked’.

Being the foundation geek I am, I piled on two layers to see how it works and it is considerably buildable increasing the coverage as you slap on more. The finish of this is fairly moisturising so I can see it being a big hit amongst you lot with dry skin types. I personally have combination skin and it did need blotting mid day, especially in the t-zone as it is a dewy finish. 

I am wearing just the BB cream in the pictures below. The variations in my skin tone is due to Britain's stupid day light, not photoshop. 

I also noticed how it very slightly oxidised during the day hence I’d suggest opting for a shade lighter than you would think you are to be on the safe side. Now I would think I am a ‘Medium’ but in fact ‘Light’ is more suitable for me as even if it oxidises, it turns to a NC35 maximum which  I don’t mind.

As you can probably tell, I am going to enjoy using this baby for now without getting into the hoopla about the 'authentic-BB-cream-or-not' as for me, it functions as a good moisturising, dewy finish, medium coverage, balm-like foundation and that's what matters. 

How it turns out in the long run is something I shall make sure to update here before it launches in Superdrug on 29th August.

Kerry said...

that is a big difference between light and medium!! geezzz!

Midnight Violets said...

I'm actually a big fan of the UK style BB creams, the 17 one being my favourite. But seeing as I'm so obsessed with Sleek, I'm going to have to get my hands on this once it's released!


Neeraj Navare said...

i liked how dewy ur skin looks like! i liked the shade difference as it would give a ray of hope to tanned complexions too!
Very nice product!

Leanne said...

Blimey, that really is a big difference between light and medium. I was going to try mine tomorrow but I'm not that into full coverage - we'll have to see how it goes! x

Get Gawjus! said...

@Neeraj - I completely agree! Plus they can be mixed in different proportions to create bespoke shades for tanned complexions as well.

Safiyah said...

I'm surprised there's such a big difference between the two shades!
I don't like when foundations and bb creams oxidise like this so I'll probably be giving this BB cream a miss and stick to their shadows! x

Anonymous said...

if it oxidizes like that, what about us girls who are the shade light?? i think i will need to pass on this. :(

Chococcuro said...

omg this looks amazing!! The coverage is impressive!


shabana MUA said...

That is a great jump between shades
I think it will be better to buy both to get the right shade for me.
I have been using the garnier BB cream but lately its been feeling kinda greasy to me, does this one feel greasy to you on the skin? x x

Get Gawjus! said...

@Shabana - No it actually dries pretty well without feeling tacky.

@Betty - You'd have to get the shade 'fair' then as that's the lightest in the range :)

Jennifer said...


justilou said...

I have found Asian bb creams settle in my pores and become dry and cakey. Do you think this would suit my dry/combo skin better?

justilou said...

I have found Asian bb creams go flakey and settle in my pores very quickly. Do you think this would suit my dry/combo skin better?

Anna A said...

So I was going to order this, and I was wondering: Do you know what the difference between "Medium" and "Medium 01" is??" Is one redder than the other???
Great post!! :)




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