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Neom Harmonise - A butt kicker for sure!

There's no need to introduce these brilliant NEOM candles all over again. You all know these are made of natural, organic ingredients and how they don't release toxic fumes and are super healthy to inhale.

If you haven't experienced burning a NEOM candle before you must be unaware of how delicious they smell before and after burning. I simply opened the box and it filled my room with its relaxing scent in a few minutes. Burning the candle of course intensifies the fragrance much more and makes sure it lasts long in air, creating an aromatic, spa like environment.

More than a candle, with NEOM its more of a similar experience as that with perfumed skin care or a fragrance. Harmonise, the latest addition to its ever increasing range of candles contains pine, cedarwood and eucalyptus - so much like an enchanting forest. Regarding notes, I'd say its more woody and heady and geared towards enhancing concentration and focus abilities, helping one think clearly and creatively.

It has a sharp menthol like scent to it at its base that just cannot let you be sluggish and cosy and helps kick butts for sure, promoting clarity of thought! Back to University this Autumn? If you're going be writing December exams, you know how time flies and if I'd be you, this would make a sound investment from that student loan you'll be splurging around in Selfridges (We're all guilty, it's okay!).

From all the Neom candles I have tried till date, I'd say this one is distinctively unique and has a very strong scent to it. If you are not a fan of sharp, energising scents, you'd want to try out others from their range. I am more of a soft rose and vanilla kinda girl as well but surprisingly this fits my bill just fine for those dull days.

CherrySue said...

It sounds stunning, I love energising scents this sounds like it'd be perfect for the autumn evenings x

White Bazaar said...

I would love to try a neom candles, I'm addicted to candles!




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