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You've heard enough rambling about BB creams I am sure but it's summer you see and I like them during the season - so you will NOT be spared by my BB ramblings for now.

Do you remember I gave away one of these pre-release last week? It came to my mind that I had not reviewed it on the blog at all. 

First things first, it is the most pigmented BB Cream I have tried till date. Why is this so important? Because most of us are usually complaining how 'bare' the skin feels wearing such products. It's good for skin to feel bare but as most of us who don't have flawless skin  look for some coverage at least and this is what it provides. 

It is very hydrating as well, as it says on the tin. I am not sure about how it would work as a Primer though. Although it is hydrating, it syncs quite well with oily/combination skin types without sliding off or breaking out. 

Provides light to medium coverage and evens out skin tone as you can probably tell. I am only wearing the GOSH BB Cream in the picture below, without any concealer and I felt it does a pretty decent job with my uneven Asian skin tone with pigmentation. It's fairly buildable as well. As for the formula itself, it's a gel like consistency, not too thick neither too watery - just perfect.

I choose the second lightest shade, 02 Beige which is neutral with slightly rosy undertones. I feel it brightens my sallow complexion well. .

My favourite way to use it is to freshen up foundation. Trust me, you can carry this in your bag for touch ups and if you have dry skin, this is much better than a cakey powder and will add that luminous glow where needed without disrupting any make-up underneath. Make sure to blot any oily patches before!

Verdict? Currently the best BB cream in the drugstore in my opinion and at £9.99 a pop and 5 shades to choose from (that run darker than usual!), there is no reason not to give it a try.

p.s. lost pictures of the swatches somehow. Please forgive!
Amy said...

Hello :)

I wasn't aware that GOSH had a BB cream out. This is great as I will be looking for a replacement for my Garnier one as that isn't cruelty free whereas GOSH are.

I'll look out for this.

Great review,

Amy xx

Get Gawjus! said...

@Amy - Do try it out, you'll love it!

Ria said...

I've been waiting for a slightly heavier BB cream, definitely going to have a look at this one.

Ria x

Get Gawjus! said...

@Ria - Agreed! Not fond of the no coverage ones myself.

ninadollmakeup said...

I havent tried BB creams yet, i feel like im the only one i might give this one a try and see how it goes x

Mollance said...

Like the sound of this, I was waiting for the Sleek BB to come out, but may have to get in the meantime.

Get Gawjus! said...

@Mollance - Oh I cannot wait for the either! A sample's on its way so the review for it should be up soon :)




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