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Peptalash - It really does work!

Now I know many of  you who haven't tried this product are sceptical about it and perceive it to be gimmicky whereas others who have tried it have found it to do almost nothing to their lashes hence doubting its effectiveness.

I did not write about it previously when my mum used up a bottle as I am sure there are many other great reviews out there but recently I received another one which reminded me about it. I am sure this one's going to get all scraped out as well as we hit the bottom.

Don't expect before/after pictures here because I just don't do that. Nah I am kidding. I just didn't bother clicking a before of mum's short and stubby, poker straight lashes months ago. She didn't have a problem with fuller lashes but more of a struggle with length and consequently the lift and curl. 

She applied it on her top lashes for about two weeks and spotted a difference. The lashes looked significantly longer and to test it out we tried applying Mascara which previously used to never catch lashes. This time it did with much ease and we could even curl the lashes due to the length of them.

Customer reviews on the Boots website suggest that the lashes get back to normal one you stop using PeptaLash. I doubt that was the case with mum at all. The lashes stayed the same after she stopped using the product however I can accept the fact that it wont grow even longer once you stop using it. Hence for continuous and substantial results, a few months trial is required.

It is pricey at £24.99 for 5ml but because you only need a tiny amount (think invisible eye liner!) its likely to last you a good few months until you'll need a repurchase. As usual, it is from Indeed Labs whose products I am a huge fan of any way.

I doubt this would work on already long lashes but if you have short, spiky and poker straight lashes that are a pain to curl or apply Mascara onto, then this is worth giving a try. It's cheaper than eye lash extensions as well!

Let me know if you have tried it out. I am sure we have conflicting opinions out there.
Gaby Fauchon said...

Oooooh interesting, I'm currently trialing this (just started though) so I'm happy that your mother had great results! Yeah!




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