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Hair saviours

Yes I know hair stuff is boring but if the end result it worth it, I thought why not!

To cut the long story short, I have naturally dry, slightly thick and wavy hair which I trim myself and have been through a traumatic dip-dye-gone-bad-hence-reversed experience. 

No I won't chop off 3 inches to reveal fresh, thick hair. Instead I shall continue trying to mend the already dead protein until one day it grows as long as Rumpenzel's and then I can probably take a few inches off. Coz that's how I do it you see.

In my never-ending hair saga, I have recently come across a few that have become my favourite. Plus they are cheap and cheerful :)

Normal Conditioner is useless. Period.

It just superficially and temporarily provides soft hair and accelerates my dry scalp issues. Hence I have shifted towards using hair masks and deep treatments as conditioner instead. It says recommended for use once in a week and a pea sized amount but I just pile it on whenever I wash my hair.

The above two are my favourite. 

Andrew Barton's The Frizz Tamer can be found at Asda for around a fiver and is huge pot of delicious food for the hair. This contains rice bran oil which is apparently used by the Japanese for their enviable poker straight, super smooth hair. It smooths the hair cuticles amazingly and leaves hair softer and much more manageable. 

Aussie's 3 minute miracle for coloured hair is even more fabulous that it's original version and is reformulated to be slightly less thicker and easier to work with. This is however still thicker than the above and consequently more 'stronger' hence I reserve this for the lower ends of the hair from the chin onwards. 

Once a week, I slather on both of them together and it's truly an unreplicable concoction. 

To finish any style and once hair is dry, the Spray Gloss by OCS is an all natural high-shine spray that I like to spray on generously as hair tools usually tend to take away hair's natural shine.This contains Calendula Oil and green tea extracts as anti-oxidants. It's surprisingly very light and I can hardly feel it on the hair however it very subtly separates tangles, makes hair soft and naturally healthy looking and glossy. 

I recently was trying out heated rollers by Enrapture and sprayed this all over the curls while they were still in the rollers and the curls came out to be so bouncy and shiny! 

Misseblog said...

I swear by Aussie conditioning treatments, that stuff is amazing! I'm the same, I slather it on all the time :) xx

Sami said...

Your hair is lovely! I'm guilty of never cutting my hair too.... Desperately trying to get it long and lush... Think I should start using deeper conditioners too x

La beauté obsession said...

The Spray Gloss sounds really good, as I find most sprays really heavy! I'm currently using Liz Earle hair care, which is amazing! x


White Bazaar said...

Love your hair, I can understand you don't want to cut it though! I've not cut mine in so long too! x




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