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Enrapture Heated Rollers - for that 70's look!

The result it a very 70's, Farrah Fawcett hair. You know the one that's just poofy and tousled, the curls are huge in diameter and wispy but you can easily run your fingers through them? Yeah, that kind. 

I still haven't figured out which direction to put the rollers in to ensure they curl the hair in a certain manner. I like to go with the flow and just put the rollers wherever I can, until the cover every single strand of hair. Regardless of whether I set the rollers strategically or not, the curls always come out so glamorous, that I cannot complain. 

I leave mine in for 20 minutes as I do find the rollers to be slightly flimsy and sometimes dropping down due to their weight. It can be my fault for not arranging them patiently though. Plus, the longer you leave them in, the more defined and tighter the curls are. I find 15-20 minutes to be the perfect time for me as my hair turns out quite short if I leave it in for longer.

I love how the curls stay in place conveniently for 2-3 days, dropping and loosening down eventually. Just like other Enrapture heated tools, this leaves hair super smooth and glossy somehow. 

I didn't have much luck with heated rollers in the past (hello Babyliss!) where I started to dislike them for their sheer inconvenience of use and futile results. I always wondered how people got their hair so gorgeously voluminous with these but I guess it's all on what product you use at the end of the day. 

You only have to heat them for 5 minutes until they are ready to go into your hair. The secure clips surely help as it removes the hassle of bobby pins and all that jazz. The rollers are obviously hot so handling them with caution is a must, although being the clumsy me I still didn't manage to get burnt even once. 

Reading this post, you might find them to be a tad bit daunting to use and I won't lie, they were difficult to a get a hang of the first time but that's it, all you need is one trial with it and you'll master the art in the next go. The results are hassle-free as compared to curling tongs, wands et al and I particularly found them fool-proof for occasions, where hair done with tongs usually falls down in an hour, quite unimpressively! 

Great for those who usually have 20 minutes in total (for hair + make-up) to get ready each morning. It's like having a personal hairdresser doing your hair, whilst you build up that mascara and sip your coffee. 

How has your experienced been with heated rollers? 

Unknown said...

Wow looks amazing!!! I need a solution my curls just fall out !!!!

Emma said...

Wow! Very Victoria's Secret :-)

Mollance said...

I want your hair. In a 'that's bloody gorgeous' kinda way, not 'I'm going to scalp you'.

Get Gawjus! said...

@Mollance - hehe! Thank you :)




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